My Red Eared Slider Turtle Tank Setup With DIY Raised Canopy (work In Progress)

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my Red eared slider turtle tank setup with DIY raised canopy (work in progress)
my Red eared slider turtle tank setup with DIY raised canopy (work in progress)
Feeding My Red eared slider Turtle
Feeding My Red eared slider Turtle
Red Eared Slider Turtle Feeding Time
Red Eared Slider Turtle Feeding Time
New Red Eared Sliders aquarium
New Red Eared Sliders aquarium
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tink turtle swimming in new tank / aquarium with diy basking area ramp
55 Gallon Turtle Tank / Community Tank / Cichlid Tank
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Matthew dimon: Why does everyone raise there lights like that if the turtle gets to hot hes gonna jump in the water 

MinJun Kim: Lol mine fight a lot

Jake Marez: It tanks dirty ad

bob dunkin: noooooooooooooooooooo nnnnnnnnnnnnooooobbbbbbbb tttttttttttttuuuuuuuuuuuuubbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hyperslider Z: theyre calling school off monday to let the kids trim the turtles nails in the wild no need to worry lol

ThatTurtleGuy79: Great video!!! love the beginning!!

SthlmFARSTASTRAND: your slider dont eat up fishes?

Evan Castillo: it's a red belly pacu i have had some

Gary Chui: Male one is a old red eared slider

hollie holston: Wtf wrong with yur turtle

m1ste2tea: they dont, I currently have a large oscar and a pleco, they've lived with the turtles for years with no nipping.

Erick Partida: Your turtle looks like wolverine with those nails xDD

brody12380: lol i thought ur username said suckmypotatoes

Sarah Marshall: how many gallons is it?

m1ste2tea: I bought him from the petshop like this, I think that he had his paw nipped by another turtle when he was a little tiny turtle, as theyre usually grown in masses in one tank.

m1ste2tea: I just updated the "latest update" caption in the beginning of this video, click on it to see the updated planters. they are basically a skeletal frame covered by the plastic mesh used for window screens. I used plexiglass for the frame, but u can use anything else, then glue it all together with crazy glue, and silicone it to the back of the tank.

Lomu10dh: It's calles Aquaponics, look it up. You can use plants to filter the water. You could put herbs our veggy's in them. to feed youre turle with. But sliders are more carnivors.

Argelis Rodriguez: FREDDY CRUGAR TURTLE..

TheMonsterTurtle: nice turtle tank

DavidAlvarezMusic: how much was the tank?

Brandon Ly: Cut his nails?? Lolol.

Asorban Towel: Nope. Something related to a parana, called a pacu...

bob dunkin: nnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooo

m1ste2tea: are you talking about the plants out of the tank? there are no real plants in the water itself.

m1ste2tea: @gangstaliam8876 a fully grown female is a lot larger than a male, some females can grow a big a foot. and they'd need a 75 gallon tank minimum. males are a lot smaller, maxing out at around 8 inches, they'd be fine in a 55, possibly even a 40 gallon breeder tank if it is overfiltered.

m1ste2tea: you are "allowed" but thats not what I did, the turtle was purchased this way, looks like some other bigger turtle chomped on his paw when he was a baby. Cutting the nails is most likely detrimental to the health of the turtle, as it uses them sometimes to help ease the larger chunks of food into its mouth. Dont worry about cutting the turtle's nails in other words.

tubbyfatty1: i have a red eared slider too he's pretty much the size of both hands i want to get him new stuff so i was wondering if you could tell me where u got your things? like everything you got please? thanks!

sammytheshark1: is a 55g good for adult RES?

m1ste2tea: It does, by removing nitrates, just like most plants, I have learned my lesson with mangroves, they need very high light, and mine just dont grow fast enough to do any significant water cleanup.

vmdacbmx19036: what happened to the ones rite foot

m1ste2tea: I bought it like that years ago, I assume another turtle snapped at it wherever they were bred. The turtle adjusted to it, perfers to use this paw to help itself get food into its mouth.

water6135: Wow ho ho mun i like it

m1ste2tea: Anytime, If you have any other questions feel free to send me a message.

gamera209: Ohh crap n he got a red belly pirana too

m1ste2tea: lol

Bryan Saw: Nice male red eared slider!

brody12380: i got one its a baby its in a 10 gallon is that ok

Alex A: nice video! i love the top paRT of your tank! i made a similiar video chk it out

Michael Gard: What happened to his claws?

m1ste2tea: if you have a male (long front claws) then a 40 gallon tank would be good for life. a female (same claws front and back) will need something bigger, at least a 75 gallon tank when it is fully grown. by "rock" im assuming you mean a basking area, It only needs to be big enough for the turtle to climb onto and dry off. For a 4 inch turtle a 4x6inch area would be good enough. I must stress, make sure you confirm your turtle's gender before commit to a tank. you can tell by the tail and claws.

Heartagram: Lol I bought feeder minnows for my turtles. They told me the fish will end up due to the turtles waste making the water poisonous for the fish.. After 2 weeks they are still alive and have gotten bigger :D.

DX zilla: Check my videos

Δημήτρης Κόλλιας: Nice. I tried to put a turtle at my aquarium and it atacked my goldfishes. Why? As i can see you have no problem.

ReptileHut: Hey dude really nice tank!!!! but how did you get your turtles to not pick on fish because I had to take my huge cichlid and put in my tiny Comm tank cause he was getting picked on by my side necked turtle

Ariaqu05: Hi, what heater and how many watts, do you use? I have a 55 gallon tank, but its not filled up all the way, my basking area is not above like yours.

mike dalton: Piranha! Cool, does it eat fish food or fruit?

99Lolnoob: dude. a piranha could kill all of ur fish and turtle

Juan Garduno: I recently up loaded a video of my red eared slider turtle tank so please suscribe And ill suscribe back watch thankz

Hyperslider Z: dnt listen to the 5th graders lol its natural for the male to have long nails ..

LuCe2: @m1ste2tea did one of your turtles break there nailson there right hand
my Red eared slider turtle tank setup with DIY raised canopy (work in progress) 4.4 out of 5

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my Red eared slider turtle tank setup with DIY raised canopy (work in progress)