Cheap Natural Skincare Routine

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BEAUTY BASIC / Skin Care : Evening Routine
BEAUTY BASIC / Skin Care : Evening Routine
My Natural skincare routine  Amy maxine
My Natural skincare routine Amy maxine
My NATURAL Skincare Routine + HOW I CLEARED MY SKIN!   MaddyMcQ
My NATURAL Skincare Routine + HOW I CLEARED MY SKIN! MaddyMcQ
My Natural Skincare Routine
My Natural Skincare Routine

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Lana Owens: Vaseline isn't natural its actually really bad for your skin

Mosstress: Yw! And another idea also, if anyone's interested is a solution of raw apple cider vinegar and water. I go in between both every couple week.

Dani Ollie: Where do you get coconut oil? At the supermarket?

Dani Ollie: Has anybody tried using Lucas's on their face? (not just lips.)

Dani Ollie: Interesting! Thanks so much.

Dani Ollie: Bicarb of Soda is brilliant as a cleanser. Put it on a face washer with water, and gently clean your skin. Even better, use an inexpensive yet very effective cleanser like Cetaphil, add bicarb, and you have a cheap and effective cleanser/exfoliant. You can buy bicarb (also known as baking soda) from your supermarket. Bicarb in water is also an excellent shampoo - look it up!

Mosstress: Brew a strong cup of tea and let it cool. That makes a great toner. I like green tea the best, but black and others will do the job too.

Viola Elisabeth: @Leesh420 Absolut poison!

Leesh420: Vaseline aka petroleum jelly is not natural in fact far from it. It's a synthetic chemical and I never recommend people use it on their skin.

01publicopinion: I made a mix of coconut oil, milk and cucumber juice, and it takes my make up off like a dream!! give it a try!

Evelyn's Mama: use a cotton pad instead. its very gentle when using evoo

Liz Torres: I hate sunscreen. It makes my skin dull and awful. Also more often than not it breaks me out. I dont use any anymore. I just stay out of harsh sun light

Liz Torres: Rose water has some very beautiful properties thanks to the petals. Lots of nutrients and antiseptic properties.

Liz Torres: Nice video. I generally just cleanse with olive oil or jojoba/castor and moisturize with the same oils. Im particularly looking for a way to cleanse the eye area, because OCM can be harsh as I have to take the oils off with a towel. Also oil inside the eyes is very frustrating, painful and annoying.

ZennLa13: Castor oil i even better for eyelash growth (and you can use it to remove makeup too:)

Samantha: Finally a UK version with products I've actually heard of and can get hold of easily!!! I love you American make-up and skincare junkies too, but sometimes is hard to get hold of your products!!! :)

GreyBillie: thank you very much!

mondju: great tips! thnx!! :) ou, instead of vaseline, i use coconut oil for removing my makeup. works great too! :)

Eliza M: wow this is exactly what I was looking for!

clairabellg: Wooh!!! Thank you Alissa! :-)
Cheap Natural Skincare Routine 5 out of 5

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Cheap Natural Skincare Routine