5.56 Vs. 6.8 SPC Vs. 7.62

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7.62 at 500YDS
7.62 at 500YDS
bustin caps. and breakin it in
bustin caps. and breakin it in

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Lawrence Spies: 6.8 for me.

Are 6.8mm rifles compatible with 7.62 and 5.56? (DUMB QUESTION I KNOW)

C-Bomb: 6.8 sucks. 300blk over it any day for many obvious reasons

Motoroil: Looks like 6.8 is the happy medium

Donnie: I have a 308 and I wound up putting a adjustable gas block on it..So far its firing with no problems...

anthony rawhouser: Probably one of the best reviews it's straight to the point. Thanks a million. As far as in the list of fouling is that 308 a DI? I'm looking at a POF 308 piston driven so should actually clear that up. Cheers

_J.v.St._: 6.5Grendel is by far better and beats even 7.62x51 at 1000Meter, in energy, accuracy, less wind drift, better penetration shape.
And high end 5.56x45 have similar bc to 6.8 while beeing much lighter with less recoil, more magazin capacity, less bolt wear. Technically a 5.56 bullet have the capability of having 90 grain. 6,8mm with such a short bullet and TERRIBLE ogive is just useless compared to 6.5 and 5.56.

jesusaragorn: peaches , pears , apples ... all compared with each other ?

James Campbell: What about the sig sauer m400 enhanced nato? Any complaints

America 2.0: This is why I want a .308! :)

Steve&Kayla Vlogs: Quit calling it assault rifles. It's just a rifle.

HardcoreAmericanUSA: 5.56 for fun / tactical situations for low recoil and penetration. .308 for hunting because of knock down power and you only need one shot. I dont know much about the 6.8 SPC so i do not know when that would be good. Either way, a bullets a bullet. If you know what your doing they are all lethal and its just a personal preference. Cool vid.

Robert Bowen: Agreed, they are all fantastic weapons but I still vote for 5.56.  I love the way you can continually hit the target in such a small group.  They are the light, and my wife has a shoulder problem and can fire the 5.56 without hurting herself.  I would love to have all three if my retirement fixed income would allow though.

Danny Dingo: User preference? what about victims preference...I think victims choose the .223

R. Cameron Lovitt, III: For hunting purposes, and no shots beyond 300 yards, would you recommend the 6.8 or .308? I have been debating a 6.8 build, but I'm concerned about knock-down power. Also debated the .308, but concerned about weight. Any help would be appreciated. 

Southlander1000: All great platforms. I enjoyed watching this. It just reminds me that when I need real knockdown power (for elk and moose, etc), I go for my FN FAL. I used it on a deer with 165 gr. Hornady SST and it blew in one shoulder blade, through both lungs, and out the other shoulder blade at 125 yards. I decided I needed something with less over penetration value, so I ordered a DSArms ZM4 in .300 AAC Blackout. Can't wait to try it out -- with and without the can.

SmokeRingsPipeDreams: Someone found in K-Berg's house at  night, will be found there in the morning!

michael malkowski: Try the 5.56 with something other than an FMJ round. Something that expands will give a much better impact. That being said, the 7.62x51 has double the muzzle energy of the 5.56 and is only going 300 fps slower with a bullet 130% heavier than the 5.56.

kenny johnson: Each round was designed for a different purpose You really can't do a legitimate comparison. 

MrAristes: Thanks for the video! I have both a 5.56/.223 build and a 6.8 build near completion. I'm familiar with 5.56 but not 6.8. I can't wait to see what 6.8 is like. Entertaining video, really makes me want an AR-10 also. On a side note, I couldn't decide if your face reminds me more of Lou Ferrigno or Vitor Belfort so I've decided to think of you as Lou Belfort, friend of all 2A supporters:) Thanks!
5.56 vs. 6.8 SPC vs. 7.62 5 out of 5

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5.56 vs. 6.8 SPC vs. 7.62