5.56 Vs. 6.8 SPC Vs. 7.62

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bustin caps. and breakin it in
bustin caps. and breakin it in
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Camo Green Fast Mag - Gen IV

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American Patriot: all rifles have a place and purpose. as for shooting paper a damn 22lr marlin will do that so most arguments are nothing more than a pissing contest. everyone acts like they are taking these civilian rifles and going to fight Isis or something. hell I love all my guns can't complain about any or them they are pew when trigger is pulled .

Lawrence Spies: 6.8 for me.

Are 6.8mm rifles compatible with 7.62 and 5.56? (DUMB QUESTION I KNOW)

C-Bomb: 6.8 sucks. 300blk over it any day for many obvious reasons

Motoroil: Looks like 6.8 is the happy medium

Donnie: I have a 308 and I wound up putting a adjustable gas block on it..So far its firing with no problems...

anthony rawhouser: Probably one of the best reviews it's straight to the point. Thanks a million. As far as in the list of fouling is that 308 a DI? I'm looking at a POF 308 piston driven so should actually clear that up. Cheers

jesusaragorn: peaches , pears , apples ... all compared with each other ?

James Campbell: What about the sig sauer m400 enhanced nato? Any complaints

America 2.0: This is why I want a .308! :)

Steve&Kayla Vlogs: Quit calling it assault rifles. It's just a rifle.

HardcoreAmericanUSA: 5.56 for fun / tactical situations for low recoil and penetration. .308 for hunting because of knock down power and you only need one shot. I dont know much about the 6.8 SPC so i do not know when that would be good. Either way, a bullets a bullet. If you know what your doing they are all lethal and its just a personal preference. Cool vid.

Robert Bowen: Agreed, they are all fantastic weapons but I still vote for 5.56.  I love the way you can continually hit the target in such a small group.  They are the light, and my wife has a shoulder problem and can fire the 5.56 without hurting herself.  I would love to have all three if my retirement fixed income would allow though.

Danny Dingo: User preference? what about victims preference...I think victims choose the .223

R. Cameron Lovitt, III: For hunting purposes, and no shots beyond 300 yards, would you recommend the 6.8 or .308? I have been debating a 6.8 build, but I'm concerned about knock-down power. Also debated the .308, but concerned about weight. Any help would be appreciated. 

Southlander1000: All great platforms. I enjoyed watching this. It just reminds me that when I need real knockdown power (for elk and moose, etc), I go for my FN FAL. I used it on a deer with 165 gr. Hornady SST and it blew in one shoulder blade, through both lungs, and out the other shoulder blade at 125 yards. I decided I needed something with less over penetration value, so I ordered a DSArms ZM4 in .300 AAC Blackout. Can't wait to try it out -- with and without the can.

SmokeRingsPipeDreams: Someone found in K-Berg's house at  night, will be found there in the morning!

michael malkowski: Try the 5.56 with something other than an FMJ round. Something that expands will give a much better impact. That being said, the 7.62x51 has double the muzzle energy of the 5.56 and is only going 300 fps slower with a bullet 130% heavier than the 5.56.

kenny johnson: Each round was designed for a different purpose You really can't do a legitimate comparison. 

MrAristes: Thanks for the video! I have both a 5.56/.223 build and a 6.8 build near completion. I'm familiar with 5.56 but not 6.8. I can't wait to see what 6.8 is like. Entertaining video, really makes me want an AR-10 also. On a side note, I couldn't decide if your face reminds me more of Lou Ferrigno or Vitor Belfort so I've decided to think of you as Lou Belfort, friend of all 2A supporters:) Thanks!
5.56 vs. 6.8 SPC vs. 7.62 5 out of 5

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5.56 vs. 6.8 SPC vs. 7.62