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ATomRileyA: Thanks for posting this, what a great little engine.

dieselwalter: That is a beautiful piece.

davyboy282able: I wonder if it would be worthwhile reminding philips that this is in there back catalog?? I'd Love one! But being an Ozzy I'd solar power mine.. PLEASE PHILIPS PLEASE!!!!!

Gary C: er er er em em er er

HifiCentret: Would be nice if anyone made a modern version of this. Would be really nice to have a 1 kW (or whatever is feasible) portable generator which with no other danger that CO2 could be run indoors (ethanol fireplaces same deal - moisture and CO2). Normal gasoline you can't because exhaust is not pure CO2 but a complex mix of not fully broken down waste products.

Alan Briggs: Great little set that is, I like it, the sound is almost like internal combustion, A.K.A. A petrol engine. But it sounds nice non the less.

William Readling: I want a stirling I can fuel with wood, and heat my home with the waste heat.  

Sander Tel: Hi Barumman, wonderfull piece of kit you have there... I was amazed to see the Philips logo on it. I wasn't aware they build machines like this at Philips.
Being i a town next door to Eindhoven (founding ground of Philips) I am very much amuzed to see this machien. Thanks. Regards, Sander.

douro20: A pleasure craft was built in the mid-1960s as a Stirling power demonstrator by Philips engineers.  It had a helium pressurized single-cylinder rhombic drive engine producing 30 horsepower and was fueled by kerosene.

Picobyte: You really have a piece of history there :D I would love to get my hands on one of those really great and compact rugged units.

Ray Ellam: wow...........thanks for sharing :-)

FarSeeker8: " I have no idea what transistors have to do with this generator using an unconventional engine."
When radios used tubes (before transistors) they needed more power than batteries could reliably supply for extended periods in areas without powerlines. Philips spent years to develope these generators to supply that power & started selling them just about the time  transistors came along.
FYI: a new market for these would be for "Prepers" who build fallout shelters. Stirlings can run on any hear source, gasoline generators can only use petrol (and methane).

Michael G: I have no idea what transistors have to do with this generator using an unconventional engine.

Maichaye: Where is heat source for the engine ?

Виктор Первушин: Где такие генераторы сейчас ((

mikerjuk: What is the rated output of this generator?

rrusston2: What would one of these be worth today?

صدام السيد: رااع

heaven jhon: Very simple thing to do .... use parabolic mirror to make heat and make the string engine rotate just like it is explained in this website

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