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Michael G: I have no idea what transistors have to do with this generator using an unconventional engine.

Alan Briggs: Great little set that is, I like it, the sound is almost like internal combustion, A.K.A. A petrol engine. But it sounds nice non the less.

Picobyte: You really have a piece of history there :D I would love to get my hands on one of those really great and compact rugged units.

Micheal Lamb: Stirling Engines are great If you want to get the Plans To Build your own Stirling Engine And Combine it with Solar Power - Go to Google and search for " Solar Stirling Info " Pick the first Result.

Sander Tel: Hi Barumman, wonderfull piece of kit you have there... I was amazed to see the Philips logo on it. I wasn't aware they build machines like this at Philips. Being i a town next door to Eindhoven (founding ground of Philips) I am very much amuzed to see this machien. Thanks. Regards, Sander.

William Readling: I want a stirling I can fuel with wood, and heat my home with the waste heat. 

FarSeeker8: " I have no idea what transistors have to do with this generator using an unconventional engine." When radios used tubes (before transistors) they needed more power than batteries could reliably supply for extended periods in areas without powerlines. Philips spent years to develope these generators to supply that power & started selling them just about the time transistors came along. FYI: a new market for these would be for "Prepers" who build fallout shelters. Stirlings can run on any hear source, gasoline generators can only use petrol (and methane).

Ray Ellam: wow...........thanks for sharing :-)

douro20: A pleasure craft was built in the mid-1960s as a Stirling power demonstrator by Philips engineers. It had a helium pressurized single-cylinder rhombic drive engine producing 30 horsepower and was fueled by kerosene.

douro20: This is a well engineered high-efficiency Stirling engine, and it has a special regenerator and pressurized cylinders.

barumman: @NOLIMIT69NOLIMIT2000 I will do some time, :)

Maichaye: Where is heat source for the engine ?

barumman: Hi Richard, I'm sorry I didn't mention that it was built by PHILIPS of HOLLAND ```````````````````````````````` It is of special interest to me also, being a television engineer for 50 years I have been working on their TV & Radio equipment all of my working life, I also have the Philips Radio to go with it as shown in C.M. Hargreaves book on the Philips Stirling Engine. . IBSN 0-444-88463-7 Elsevier Science Publishers Best wishes from the UK.

barumman: @TheBigfinn100 What are you on about ?

barumman: Hi, The Philips engine runs at approx 1500 RPM they had the benefit of specialist winding equipment to make the wire regenerator which has very low resistance to the airflow, also the heat input is quite high.

barumman: @sandokanelvaliente Hi, I intend making another video in the near future showing the starting sequence. Keep looking, Cyril :)

barumman: @WillLemax paraffin kerosene

Mattys2007: terrific! keep the stirling rolling

jkflipflop98: They're waiting for you Gordon. In the tesssst chhaammmbeerrrrrrr.

barumman: The air stored in the carrying handles is used to pressurize the engine and to work the fuel atomizer. Once the engine is running the air pump supplies the needs of the engine as well as replenishing the reservior for the next start. The engine will not run at all without pressure! Best wishes. :)

Mark Miles: How many kilowatts does this produce ? and what size displacement is the stroke bore ? thanks for the video

vincent7520: great ! Nice engine … what is the ratio (I mean watt-hour ?…) : we'll need more of these things in the close future I guess …

charliewilsonswar1: What a great video! Thanks for making it!

SWINGREGORY: EXACTELY / Power: about 0.3 kW Speed: 1500 r.p.m.

krishna mk: what is the r/p m of this PHILIPS STIRLING CYCLE GENERATOR pls give me ans ???????????????????

v1rtualguy: Very interesting device. I heard/read about those somewhere, they seemed to have way better fuel efficiency than the small 2-stroke generators you can get. Didn't know they produce only 100W though. On the other hand, it would be more than enough for light & a small laptop, and even a cooling box. The "blue-flame" cyclone burner was said to be the key to their efficiency, if I remember right. (Correct me if I'm wrong, it was a short article I read a few years ago... ;-)

TheMorbiousStone: @Reverseflush you must be slows

kheston: A rare find, truly. I'm envious! Thanks for sharing!

trudgechr: i have been told that the philips engine will produce 250 watts of power using about 4 litres an hour of keroseen ,my 2 stroke generator will produce 900watts on 4 litres an hour of keroseen. surley this is incorrect

jormot: This profissionally built engine seems to run at a much higher RPM than the amateur built models I've seen. Do you know what RPM? What makes this engine run at highr RPM?

silver760: I really wanted to see this being started,why did they go to all the trouble and effort of using a custom stirling engine when they could have used an off the shelf engine?

SWINGREGORY: PHILIPS MP1002 CA Beta configuration c'est un piece de musé maintenant... Très difficile à trouver car il n'a été fabriqué en Hollande (NL) qu'à 150 exemplaires ! dommage cordialement only 150 PHILIPS MP1002 CA Made in NL : 150 In the world best regards

barumman: @beckersway Hi, I have never run it for more than a couple of hours at a time . The hand book says approx 8 hours. :)

crazyhonda8: oh, sry haha

dajsinjo: I guess output is not so impressive compared to same size internal combustion engine

صدام السيد: رااع

Hueristic: Of course that doesn't matter when the cost and benefits still out way the more efficient engine.

Powdermonkey09: @cdgoddard Tech colleges and most all schools throw away or auction off old equipment to the public; due to their budget and income from tuition it's easy for them to obtain newer state of the art equipment. I didn't pay $5K a semester to use ancient outdated technology that I will never encounter. Personally I'd rather see it go to somebody who will take care of and use it than sit on a shelf and fall into disrepair or wind up in a scrap heap.

zoticus1: Fascinating! What is the build date?

RDELAPLAZA: The basic design of Stirling engines is more than a century old, but I' amazed by this Phillips stirlling, it seems like it was made by the original Phillips company in Holland, that's the logo they used in the '40's 50's... GREAT !

esnap: what is the fuel to watt-hour ration?

jorgedude888: GOOD TEACHER MAN

Peter S: you should run it at max temp every so often otherwise unburnt carbons can build up

barumman: @Axbent Sounds like hard work, no thanks, Cyril :)

barumman: That's for sure.

Johnny Anonyme: I'm as ignorant as can be about stirling engines, but a thought struck me when watching this. The really new commercial stirling engines are able to use parabolic mirrors to focus sunlight onto the compression cylinder. I wonder if this old Philips engine could be made to run that way, or if the parts it's made of are too heavy. I imagine something like a "solar stove" sort of arrangement might be able to heat it up. What do you think?

barumman: @trudgechr You forgot the decimal point Philips = point four litres per hour. Cyril :)

TheBigfinn100: Watch it. He May tell you to GET ORF HIS LAAAAAAAND!

trossachs2003: Thanks for that. At some point I would like to see more of the starting cycle - I'm sure some other nerds would as well.

Paxmax: ...still way cool!

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