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Stirling Cycle Engine:
Stirling Cycle Engine: "The Stirling Engine: A Wave of the Future" 1992 NASA
Stirling burner generator
Stirling burner generator
Stirling Cooler Stirling engine 12v DC power source FPSC Mechanical refrigerant free refrigeration
Stirling Cooler Stirling engine 12v DC power source FPSC Mechanical refrigerant free refrigeration
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Stirling Engine, Free Piston Generator
#22 Stirling 2 - Watch it cycle!
#22 Stirling 2 - Watch it cycle!

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Delicious DeBlair: Lovely device!

Joseph Brendel: Medicinal liquid paraffin, also known as paraffinum liquidum, is a very highly refined mineral oil LOVE IT LOVE I LOVE IT TOO BAD THEY DONT HAVE MORE!!! AND IMPROVE THE AIR, OLS ONE LEGGED JOSEPH T.

Naushad Alam: from where we can buy it what are the site

Anvilshock: Lovely thing. One of the few Stirlings that are actually doing something useful rather than just spinning a flywheel against bearing friction on a shelf! Keep it dear!

squatter: Just talking to dad - he rebuilt this he thinks in about 1970 and gave it to one of the directors of Philips (Frank pickleson)as a gift, he in turn donated it to a engineering museum. he thinks about 12 were made

Bub_ Lite_63: That was awesome! I've seen pictures of these generator sets, but never saw one operating. Thank you for running this rare engine.

zahir naseem: thanks for a lovely overview

Василий Пупкин: перевод в студию.


Jay O: im jellous, i want a stirling engine but they are too expensive for me to buy at the moment

Dale Kramicz: Why don't you blueprint this and sell the plans? Any rights Phillips had are long expired.

Marconey111: One could only imagine what would come if in our more modern and computer designed world would come up with if we gave something like the Philips another go.

Marconey111: your a very lucky man to get your hands on one of these.

Danroxye01: Thank you for this video.

eva silva salgado: hola me podrias vender un modelo igual, Hello Could you sell me like Model

ATomRileyA: Thanks for posting this, what a great little engine.

dieselwalter: That is a beautiful piece.

davyboy282able: I wonder if it would be worthwhile reminding philips that this is in there back catalog?? I'd Love one! But being an Ozzy I'd solar power mine.. PLEASE PHILIPS PLEASE!!!!!

Gary C: er er er em em er er

HifiCentret: Would be nice if anyone made a modern version of this. Would be really nice to have a 1 kW (or whatever is feasible) portable generator which with no other danger that CO2 could be run indoors (ethanol fireplaces same deal - moisture and CO2). Normal gasoline you can't because exhaust is not pure CO2 but a complex mix of not fully broken down waste products.

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