GoodWill Outlet Haul-All Bags!

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Goodwill Outlet Haul
Goodwill Outlet Haul
GoodWill Outlet Haul-All Bags!
GoodWill Outlet Haul-All Bags!
♥♡♥ Goodwill Outlet Haul ♥♡♥
♥♡♥ Goodwill Outlet Haul ♥♡♥
GoodWill OutLet Haul
GoodWill OutLet Haul
Best Goodwill Outlet Haul Yet
Best Goodwill Outlet Haul Yet
Goodwill Outlet Haul
Goodwill Outlet Haul
New Thrift Haul
New Thrift Haul

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TJ TIA: sweet*

TJ TIA: i like all of thm xx and the random shoutout to ur mum hehe so sweer

monaiimonroe23: Becuz your stroke is awesome lml ....I love your hauls keep em coming!

ahsiek1118: @napzfaya lol Thanks Girl

ahsiek1118: @RobynLockett Aww Man Sorry Girl

Elle Iko: "shut up.... shut up.... shut up" haha you two are funny. my two fav bags are that colbalt one and the last little white clutch you showed

mzbonitap: Hey, where did you get the earring hangy thingy in the background...I bought something similar from Bed, Bath, and Beyond...But the pockets are too small for my earrings, especially the hoops.....Oh and your man are TOOO funny...LOL @ his stroke being awesome....tooo toooo funny :)

Danielle Alanna: I am planning to visit NYC this month. I'll be saying in Queens.. what is the address of the Goodwill Outlet? and any other good thrift stores you would recommend.

glamourdoll37: Girl your area is closing in on you from all the shopping you do lol! Love it!

ahsiek1118: @desariec Very Long Time Ago I Can't Remember..:(

Brownaturalady: Yall are hilarious. I love a lot of those bags :) ok I can't wait til your giveaway. Cause I loveeee hearts. I have two tattoos both hearts. So tht necklace means everything to me lol. If only you saw my face ahhhhh.

ahsiek1118: @NaturallyCreole Awesome Girl..

ahsiek1118: @shopjustwenty Awesome

ahsiek1118: @lovmylocs Thanks Boo

ieattofu68: Fierce necklace!!!! You look great in coral...I believe that is the color of that look so sweet and ladylike...great haul!!!

ahsiek1118: @Yolanda62767 Thanks Girl

ahsiek1118: @CandidAnn HOLLA!!!

kemistry36: I love the goodwill outlets the one I Ckd out hat clothes and accessories for a 1.35 a lb it was great...I got nice vintage clutches and tons of clothes.

iamsillywarm: I love when women are just as confident with or without make up. I make a point to go without and LOVING me both ways! Face!

misslyrikkal: love your style :)

ahsiek1118: @wasabie3 All The Time Thank You Very Much...

ahsiek1118: @MyBabyJax1 Thanks Girl i Don't even Know How i Do It Lol

ahsiek1118: @EssenseVibez HOLLA!!!!! EV

ahsiek1118: @myenmoni Thanks Girl

ljanel313: cute bags!! lol tell the boyfriend he's gotta make a guest appearance soon...

LeCEDEEZ: " Because your stroke is awesome "Lmaoo

Sexyshelly84: You went to Outlet and never said anything? youuuuuuu! i wanna go!

Summerbeeuty: That necklace is giving me life Sis. POW!

ahsiek1118: @Summerbeeuty POW!

ahsiek1118: @AnniemalsZoo I Can Only Go To Ones In NYC Thats Where I Live

mrscalvert918: me and my hubby rolling too!!!..

velizabeth100: Wow nice bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yolanda Robinson: so remind me of myself I enjoy shopping @thrift stores b/c you don't have 2 worry about seeing yourself coming & going. If I really knew how to edit videos on you tube I would post more but for now I will trust in God that he will teach me one day. Keep videos coming b/c I really enjoy them take care & God bless:~))

SWEETGA BROWNIN: yall are too the basic blk bag...

rere2410: On the floor rolling! your stoke is awesome...can't wait to say that.

ahsiek1118: @SweetGaBrownin Awesome Girl

SHAY PERRY: Ur boyfriend is the worst...i cant stop laughing his stroke anyways....wen u thrifting again so i can go ...seeing how my bday toorrow thats the gift to me!

bellanatural01: lol "cuz your stoke is awsome" DIED

ahsiek1118: @MakeupSista Oh Kool I Always Wanted To Go To Imats...Anyway Keep Me Posted When You Get Hear..:)

ahsiek1118: @tay299 lol

NaturallyCreole: Cute bags! Love the blue one and white one and heck, all of them, lol. The necklace and bracelet is cute too. If I don't make it home to N.O. for my birthday next month, I'm going to try real hard to come up your way and go to that GW.

youresoulbeautiful: "Cus your stroke is awesome" hahahaaaa omg! This is giving me my boyfriend and I !!!lol I love it!!! Subbed.

ahsiek1118: @misslyrikkal Thanks..:)

ahsiek1118: Thank you so much :)

ahsiek1118: @dadonaldson1 GoodWill OutLet: 47-47 Van Dam St Long Island City AKA Queens Nearest Transit: Take The 7 Train TO 33rd Street...Walk Down To 47-47 Van Dam Street...:)

ahsiek1118: @glamourdoll37 lol

kenyagirl2009: who is that in the background? i heard that voice before.

sweetiekase1: "Cause your stroke is awsome"...Still laughing!

SoulidGlow: "what are you an octopus. why you got so many darn bags?" ok dont mind him he mean =P who is that? reminds me of my partner and a reason why i cannot record a vlog around him.... octopus or not, treasure a woman's worth=) enjoyed your vids...

ChristinaTypeClassic: U copped some bangn bags! I absolutely love this haul!
GoodWill Outlet Haul-All Bags! 4.6 out of 5

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GoodWill Outlet Haul-All Bags!