Kohler Pro 25hp V-Twin Bench Test

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Kohler Pro 25hp V-Twin bench test
Kohler Pro 25hp V-Twin bench test
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The Craftsman GT5000's dead Kohler diagnosis
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Craftsman GT5000 Tractor (with it's new motor)
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Kohler 25HP imfamous bent push rods. breaking valve springs and more
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Charles Faust: How did you throw rods in a Command? Or is it a Courage series?

killer454: Whats the most powerfull you have?

powerbandthriller495: cool. what are you gonna put the motor on

LynolsOffice: Yeah, cool they are, affordable they are not. They're almost $1,000 over the cost of a carburetter equipped version of the same Kohler.

LynolsOffice: No. Besides there being no way to mount it horizontally, the carb is different for verticals.

MAG315: Do you think that loose bolt may have been the cause of the engine to lose oil and blow in the first place?

LynolsOffice: Yeah, lol. It's Dave's ringtone.

Bio Power: You probably found the fault by now, I have a Toro that had this fault when I bought it (so I got it cheap) it had no power to the solenoid on the bottom of the carby. When unplugged it measured 12 volts on the connector but when plugged in there was not enough current available, turned out to be a fault in the key switch.

themaritimeman: Sweet! That thing runs awesome with a good block! So, with this different block, will this engine still make 25 HP? Hehe, when Dave said that the muffler probably had gas in it, I prepared by turning the volume down. lol! No bang, though.

Zach Davis: @Nicko617 and the reliability!

Michael Luscher: those kohlers are quiet right, im looking at a roper gt 22 horse kohler with the 50'deck, advice?

LynolsOffice: I've seen those fuel injected ones online, totaly awesome. They're just like a car with a fuel injector for each cylinder!

adb140275: not to mention youll seize the pistons to the cylinders

biggray94: I like the test stand. Where did you get the frame?

Zach Brown: Ahh, you shoulda left the muffler off man, them things sound great with straight pipes!

gasman7777: nice job. runs nice and smooth. should be able to put down plenty of power for that craftsman.

LynolsOffice: Oh yeah we put it back in later that day in fact. We also got rid of that easy-drain oil plug which was only finger tight when we got the engine, blown, with no oil in it. I wonder why...

pnutsnz: lovely job well done guys

Nick'sGarageDoorService: Not trying to be a jerk here, but why do you guys always start these engines at full throttle? Revving a cold engine is never ever good for it... Look at it like this. How would you like to wake up in the morning, fly out Of bed and start running as fast as you can? lol I always try to start my tractors at idle, and usually if they won't then I'll use the choke, but as soon as it starts I flip it down to idle. And some I've just flat out installed separate choke controls.

douro20: Good thing you got that rebuilt; that's one expensive engine.

Garrett Jdbe: well it is a crapsman

condo630: That's what bench tests are for.

LynolsOffice: I guess that would be the Briggs & Stratton 26hp V-twin on the Wizard.

pat12047: its amazing how many of theese kohlers end up like that with thrown rods.

BMAN294: I have a Kohler Command 20 (horizontal shaft) and when it gets really hot it starts sputtering and eventually dies and will not run unless it sits for a while - do you know what would cause that

marbeer17: Where can I buy block like this?, mine is cracked so I need to replace it. It's just like this Kolker Pro 25 hp V twin. Thanks.

kyl75: what is the most powerful lawnmower you have?

Nicko617: i looove the sound of a kohler!!!

B04rD3r4LiFe: Would this work horizontally for a go kart?

ImKnotSane: Great video. I have the same engine in the same tractor. Bought it approx. 5 years ago and the motor started blowing oil. I have the motor out and i haven't pulled it apart yet but you video gives me hope that I can get it running again. I wish you had video'd the rebuild. Thanks though. I bought that motor because I understood that the Kohler was the way to go. Payed an extra $300 dollars to get the Kohler instead of the Briggs. I learned this Kohler has had problems.

wassahilden: kohler's are my favorite small engines, we have 2 and all i have personally done on either of them is clean the points on the one that was made in 1980-ish. The other is a fuel injected v-twin on a Dixie chopper

Tyler Huckaby: @LynolsOffice i guess its all prefrance but id rather have a 10 hp honda than a 15 hp briggs

Dax Marshall: slap a roots blower on that puppy

dangeroustoys56: Nice- the motor that used to be on my 85 craftsman(14.5HP OHV briggs) would smoke horrible- the valve cover gasket leaks and dripped all over the muffler. Good thing y caught the leak before it lost all its oil-

LynolsOffice: You can hear it idle at 4:40, it's pretty quiet at idle too.

Mark McGee: I dare someone to use a pull cord on that thing

deere3321: I love Kohler commands. Good video.

30GB: its another block so its not the blown one but they said that the guy did not put oil or maintain the oil level his engine so it blew

chainsawmurder1: Mine actually caught fire

Smallgasengine1: Please do the honda mower !!

1337bman: bye bye briggs hello Kohler!

DMJR13: Want this on my horse

Michael Luscher: @LynolsOffice the plastic casing around the engine kinda looks like one of a bmw, chunky black plastic and chrome stripes?

LynolsOffice: Yeah it's going back on the Craftsman GT5000

2000F350powerstroke: too bad its goin back in i would have bought it for my cube tractor if 1 i had enough money 2 if it wasnt going to get put into the crapsman

05fordgtx1: Briggs are the beat engines money can bay

BlueBirdTC2000RE: that song starting at 0:13 thats from sonic the hedgehog

Caneone420: I have a GT5000 that starts choke out but when I push the choke in it dies. I'm draining the gas and replacing the fuel filter today. Any advice will help

NRP1991: Wow that is kick ass! great rebuild! kohler huh...gotta mean tone to them as well...

LynolsOffice: Yeah, the block we bought is from the exact same model engine, and all the parts on it are off the original 25hp motor.
Kohler Pro 25hp V-Twin bench test 4.8 out of 5

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Kohler Pro 25hp V-Twin bench test