Kohler Pro 25hp V-Twin Bench Test

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Kohler Pro 25hp V-Twin bench test
Kohler Pro 25hp V-Twin bench test
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My Kohler Pro 25 hp V Twin double rod blow up
Kohler Command Pro 25hp
Kohler Command Pro 25hp
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The Craftsman GT5000's dead Kohler diagnosis
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albertonex19: Like f you heard Emerald Hill

Charles Faust: How did you throw rods in a Command?  Or is it a Courage series?

Mark McGee: I dare someone to use a pull cord on that thing

deere3321: I love Kohler commands. Good video.

Walter Null: I always wanted to fit a big HP engine to a list mower too! :) Just to do it!

Dax Marshall: slap a roots blower on that puppy

Nick'sGarageDoorService: Not trying to be a jerk here, but why do you guys always start these engines at full throttle? Revving a cold engine is never ever good for it... Look at it like this. How would you like to wake up in the morning, fly out Of bed and start running as fast as you can? lol I always try to start my tractors at idle, and usually if they won't then I'll use the choke, but as soon as it starts I flip it down to idle. And some I've just flat out installed separate choke controls.

Bio Power: Did it originally have a low oil pressure warning light?

Bio Power: You probably found the fault by now, I have a Toro that had this fault when I bought it (so I got it cheap) it had no power to the solenoid on the bottom of the carby. When unplugged it measured 12 volts on the connector but when plugged in there was not enough current available, turned out to be a fault in the key switch.

chainsawmurder1: Mine actually caught fire

Caneone420: I have a GT5000 that starts choke out but when I push the choke in it dies. I'm draining the gas and replacing the fuel filter today. Any advice will help

Gatewayuser200: @lmr839 why?

pnutsnz: lovely job well done guys

DMJR13: Want this on my horse

Michael Luscher: @LynolsOffice the plastic casing around the engine kinda looks like one of a bmw, chunky black plastic and chrome stripes?

05fordgtx1: Briggs are the beat engines money can bay

Tyler Huckaby: @LynolsOffice i guess its all prefrance but id rather have a 10 hp honda than a 15 hp briggs

MrShawn305: @BMAN294 usually when the ignition coils go bad they will do that. When they get hot they start to sputter and eventually stall, let it sit for a while to cool off, then it starts up again and does the same thing.

tonychall3000: how much would yall charge for a motor??? i need one for my rideing mower

1337bman: bye bye briggs hello Kohler!
Kohler Pro 25hp V-Twin bench test 5 out of 5

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Kohler Pro 25hp V-Twin bench test