Nissan Sentra CVT Whine

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2008 Nissan sentra CVT noise
Nissan Sentra CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
Nissan Sentra CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
Nissan Sentra CVT whine
Nissan Sentra CVT whine
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2015 model nissan sentra s cvt
2011 Nissan Sentra 2.0 CVT - 0-100
2011 Nissan Sentra 2.0 CVT - 0-100

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RENA B: My 2012 sentra just started with this same problem. 98k miles. Dealership is saying not under warranty.

Jay c: What causes this noise?

Nevergiveup: The dealer just replaced my transmission at 80,000 miles

Nevergiveup: Fyi... Nissan has extended the warranty for this issue.. its 120k or 10yrs which ever come first...

Erik Krueger: Thank you for posting this. Ive got a 2009 Nissan Sentra FE+ and it's making exactly the same noise. I was puzzled for weeks.

For certain models, Nissan doubled the powertrain warranty. I plan to have the dealer swap out my noisy CVT near the 120,000 mark.

Marshall Street: My Bugatti Veyron has a CVT and I never had any problems.

Jeff Coursen: '08 Sentra SE-R.  CVT replaced at 60k mi for the whine.  The replacement is now whining after less than 20k mi when warm or on grades.  The dealer is consulting Nissan on what to do.

AesopRocks1: Mine just went at 59k. Getting a brand new one which is apparently improved and they have a factory warranty of 200k so that's not bad

Gator Bait: The CVT whining noise is common among all CVT's mine started doing that brand new on the highway and I have over 100k on it and it is still going strong. No need to be paranoid unless the car is not moving at all and or is jerking it is just normal for these type of transmissions. 

shavencarrot: Much the same problem as I have. I have a 2013 Suzuki Swift Sport. Car has 10000km on it.

Elvis E Jusino: I have a 2007 Nissan Sentra is making that same noise after they change the transmission going up the hill and the highway and just make that same noise 

ozzieksk: I can not believe this. I have the same car 2012 and it is making same noise. I know the tranny is under warranty but seriously? on 37K? Is this a joke?

Nathan Buddrius: What was the ultimate problem? My '07 is making this sound. Not all the time, and I only notice it during acceleration or higher rpm. 

TruAgape123: The problem is Renaukts "cost cutting" designed to fail Managment approach that Renault has brought to Nissan. Nissan's VQ engine was once darn near bulletproof. Now that Renaukt is in the picture, those engines now consume oil, have bad timing chained and guides, bad headgaskets. Renault has made crap cars for years. Remember that the next time jr inclined to buy a Nissan.

Hybridlancer2000: Well nissan does build good motors. But the cvt is questionable

rnorred1986: I did the same thing in my 07 Altima, whine was gone for 5k miles, but just came back today...

TruAgape1234: The Renault saga of unreliability lives on in Nissan. It's a shame. Lesson is don't buy Nissan. It's a Renault design to fail.

xSANTACRUZx831: your're lucky, I went to a place to get my 08 sentra serviced and they put the wrong transmision fluid in. Now I need to pay 4k for a new transmission

Hybridlancer2000: *UPDATE* I JUST hit 50k miles and did a flush and refill for my cvt transmission. Now when im on the highway my car doesn't whine anymore. Cvt fluid was brown and not clear with a hint of green. So changing the fluid did the trick for me.

Michael Cardona: I had the same issue and it turned out to be a cracked flywheel. After replacing it and the fluids, I no longer experience the issue. My family mechanic discovered the problem and fixed it.
Nissan Sentra CVT whine 5 out of 5

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Nissan Sentra CVT whine