Fixing A Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start Up

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Car Cranks But Will Not Start
Car Cranks But Will Not Start
Engine cranks but won't start
Engine cranks but won't start
Wont Start Diagnostics - Cranks But Won't Start
Wont Start Diagnostics - Cranks But Won't Start
My engine cranks but won't start what should I do
My engine cranks but won't start what should I do

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Color Smith: This guy is awesome and gets to the point. Excellent video!

qjuan white: I came across a no start issue where it just clicks but after hitting the gas and turning the key for a while it starts and runs perfect any idea what it could be

danko jones: Scotty you da man 👍

Xalataf: Man, I wonder how the neighbors will be like.
A: "What the hell? Why is he talking about car stuff to himself?"
B: "I don't know man, maybe it's for a viral video."
Celica starts and cuts off
C (who knows a bit about cars): "Man, he doesn't know anything about cars. It's lost fuel and the fuel pump is bad."
A: "Even I who doesn't know anything about cars knows that."
Scotty kicks the Chevy's bed open
A, B and C: "Alright, we're moving."

gavino torres: My car has had the starter changed,and battery. The lights turn in and everything but it won't turn at all. What is it????

Wendy&Nastu Dragneel: They way I test my spark plugs is i hold it on the engine or any metal part and have a buddy start it

Larisa Slesar: Awesome video and love the positive attitude .

Ramsey Lewis: hi thanks for the video i have a honda jazz car I am having problem starting my car when i put the ignition it illuminate the abs and my steering is a bit heavy i cant start it how do i fix it.

Rhea Vickery: What kind is this Toyota

Helena McClary: Hi Scotty I have a 2012 Hyundai sonata and my positive battery terminal was loose I was watching some of the videos and I saw one that said if their is a gab in between the terminal and the post that I could put a battery post shim in between the terminal and the post and that is what I did it still acts as if it doesn't want to crank sometimes I don't want to mess anything up so what do I do is it possible that I can convert the positive terminal to one that I can buy at Walmart or Auto Zone please help me. Was told that if I had it converted to the standard one that you can buy at the auto part store that it will be a pain to do. HELP!!!!!!!!!

SHON3Nknife: 1992 Corolla died while coming to a stop found the outside black distributor housing cracked.. tge starter is working, and good battery and alternator ... will update if distributor was or wasn't the issue...

SHON3Nknife: Love this guy!!!

leo Diaz: If anyone can help me. I have a 2005 Chevy aveo was driving fine. Then shut off while park. After about 10 min the car started again. On the way home the car shut off 2 times and started again. Also lost speed while my foot was pushing down on the gas once. Now the car won't start. I change the fuel pump already.

The Main Man Cave All Welcome: Liked & Subscriped you R a handyman to have in an Emergency!!! Cool 😎 Video very easy and CLEAR Instructions.. Thanks my new found Mechanic. ✌

Eternal U Burgess: Hello Scotty i have a 1995 Lincoln town car with 108.800 miles on engine i was driving down the high way and my car just shut off on me with no inter-cation on the dash i try jumping it but it did not start back up i had some check it out and they said the engine lock up my question to you is if the car trying to start but will not turn over id that sign of the engine lock up or something else?

charly: funny man

Anouar Driouach: straight to the point as usual . great video .

AN C: Thank you. Excellent video

Hart V: Please help!!!

Matthew Hunt: HELP Needed
Car was just on, came back to go to a less crowded cafe. Won't start. I thought was a connection issue on post, AutoZone right near by, bought new "connection clamp" and attached; nothing. At first I thought battery died maybe bad alternater, called AAA, battery was 12V told was good. I wasn't to sure (he was like 12)… I jumped it.
At first car was trying to start, now nothing. Fuel I thought used Starting fluid, nothing. I replaced the distributor cap and button 2 years ago. I also put a starter in 5 years ago.
Fixing A Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start Up 5 out of 5

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Fixing A Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start Up