Fixing A Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start Up

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Car Cranks But Will Not Start
Car Cranks But Will Not Start
Engine cranks but won't start
Engine cranks but won't start
Wont Start Diagnostics - Cranks But Won't Start
Wont Start Diagnostics - Cranks But Won't Start
My engine cranks but won't start what should I do
My engine cranks but won't start what should I do

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S B: Been wrenching for many years - Scotty is a joy to watch, but he's truly a pure journeyman and can teach many this time honored trade - thanks for all the free advise Sir!

Dink Woodham: i got a 87 chevy celebrity 2.8 motor and its work just fine but when i got out of car and then back in and try to crank it and nothing but it turned over thats yet i got gas and spark but no crank

R James: what to do next?

R James: battery is good but no battery light on dash

Farhan Khan: hi I have a starting problem some time it won't start then I have to wait 4 5 6 hour then start but I chevy express truck 2500 4.8 v8 2010 start then I finish my work then I turn off between the day if I turn off then I am sure it gonna be start please help me

Shofi Uddin: how can i fix the vw golf 2003 car it didnt been start for 4 month what i can do i start to charge with other car but not successful start it turn light and eletronical window but to engine what can be the problem

fastestbutcherever: check your fuse

wut wat: Hi, Scotty. I checked my spark plugs after watching this video but I got sparks for all four spark plugs but they looked all thin and yellow and weak not like those sparks in this video. Does that mean I have ignition problems? I am having a engine cranking but no start problem. Tomorrow I will do the starting fluid test but I pulled out all four spark plugs but they all looked and smelled like soaked with gasoline and black. Does that mean I have no fuel problem to those spark plugs? Thanks. I hope you can answer those two questions. I forgot to tell you that when I crank the engine it sometimes back fires.

Hobbies & Gadgets: people who give this a thumbs down are insane

Steve: How am I supposed to see a sparking plug through the bonnet Scotty?

Random Guy: I have a 2003 chevy tahoe problem is out of nowhere it doesn't want to start the fuel pump and battery are doing just fine and the starter is operational as well but it doesn't want to start can anyone give me some other things I can try please I really like my truck 9 years going strong now it just sits outside my home :(

MNTRUCKLORD: Scotty, thank you for your videos! I have a question, i swamped my truck and it got full of water i replaced oil and transmission fluid and filters as well as air filter. When i crank the motor it sounds like it has no compression but i haven't a clue of what to do next. Any ideas? Thx!

Hector Perez: tis is the good video,I have the mazda protege5 with the same issues,doesn't start up.I have coil on 2.0l.any other way to try.thanks

abdyfe: this is a FUNNY GUY

Texas Smith: You sound like an infomercial salesman. Thanks for the tips.

G Cherry: life saver

strikewolf42: What about a situation where the car will only start if I have my foot on the gas, and will only stay on if I have my foot on the gas? If I take it off it dies and if I don't put it on to begin with it won't start, it's a 1998 Honda Accord V6.

Dhaka Music: dear scotty

I am having trouble with my x corolla 2002.
1. when i blow my horn in gear & in slow speed like 1kmph with ac on the car shuts down
2 when i turn the wheels full left or right it shakes & shuts down

3 the starter doesn't work all the time a mechanic bypassed it with a relay is it ok? he says the original wiring cannot handle the high amps needed anymore

roadrunnervs godzilla: Here is a good one for you Scotty,
I got a 57 plymouth with a BB 383. I had a problem with it only running 7 cylinders. I tested with timing light and one leads was dead. So I swapped it out. Still dead. Then I noticed with the lead disconnected from the plug and fitted to a spare plug the lead fired fine. When I reconnected to the engine dead again?? So I switched the plug out and the lead fired. Then I tested the plug i removed and it was fine. All the plugs where about 2 weeks old.
this has happened to me twice on two different cylinders on different days.
I never come across this before ever? A far as i know the leads should fire regardless if they are connected to the plugs or not. I also noticed if i just rested lead on the non firing plug it fired. Soon as i locked it down. Dead again. Wtf is going on? I have asked mechanics and others in the know. No one has giving in a explanation why??

Jose Felix: PLEASE HELP!! Hello my 96 ranger cranks but won't turn on. I've changed the battery, alternator, fuel filter and crank shaft sensor after it started doing that. About a little less than a year ago I changed the spark plugs and and wires when it actually ran. I can figure out what is wrong with it. Sometimes it turns on and stays on as long as I keep giving it some gas and it will drive if I don't let go off the gas but that is sometimes. I saw sparks come from the spark plugs so idk what it could I can also hear the fuel pump turn on and I saw that it had pressure so Idk what else it could be please if you can help me I'd really appreactiate it.
Fixing A Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start Up 5 out of 5

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Fixing A Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start Up