Fixing A Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start Up

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My Car Died - Cranks But Won't Start
Car Cranks But Will Not Start
Car Cranks But Will Not Start
Engine cranks but won't start
Engine cranks but won't start
Wont Start Diagnostics - Cranks But Won't Start
Wont Start Diagnostics - Cranks But Won't Start
My engine cranks but won't start what should I do
My engine cranks but won't start what should I do

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Color Smith: This guy is awesome and gets to the point. Excellent video!

KwaiTerk: Battery - good. charged over nightfuel - good. replaced fuel filter and getting fuel. fuel also new.ignite - good. replaced all sparkplugswhat is next? Alternator or MAF?history: Starts and drive once a week. suddenly one day it idle under 2,000rpm with pedal all the way down.replaced the sparks plug, now will not start at all, just crank. Wanted to try replacing MAF but that's $100 trial and error.What  would you recommend?

Fallout Prepper: I've been 1988 Fiero it'll crank but will not start if I pour gasoline into the carburetor/feel injection system then it'll run and tell that gas I believe is depleted what do I do

littlebuddytoo: You're a gas Scotty, although this vid did not apply to my problem, it was fun and informative, thanks!

Raksasok Heng: hey Scot my ford flex it crank 3 or 4 won't start . and after few time it been quiet and sound like low battery event i use jumper start . do you think  starter or alternator ? thank your help

Jose Echevarria: I have a Honda Pilot 2004 that has problems to start. At first, check engine light and VTM4 Light was coming on. Replace the fuel pump and since then the check engine light and VTM4 Light are off. No check engine light on since, but now takes like 10-15 seconds to start when you try to start it. It never leave me at the street, but its very annoying to try to start the van for that amount of time. Its better when I start the Car at morning time, when the engine is cold, but when is hot and I turn off the Car, its take more time to turn it on. Need help with this!!! Any Advice Scotty?.

Ashraful Islam: I own a Toyota solara 2006 4 cyl. My car wasn't starting the other day & i replaced the battery & it worked fine all day. But next day the new battery died again when i was at a stop sign. We had to push it to the nearest gas station. Jump started from another car & managed to take it to my house parking. But the battery died again. Towed it to the nearest repair shop & after they charged the battery, now it cranks but wont start the engine. They just told me it might be the fuel pump that went bad. I am really confused at this point, was the battery kept dying because of this ? or the alternator. Now after i brought it here it wont start at all ? Is there anything else i can do before i spend a lot of money on replacing the fuel pump???

the garza family: I have a Ford Expedition 98 cranks but doesn't start I don't know what's wrong with it please help me

Abram Ruelas: I love your videos you just answered all my questions. Now to fix my truck!

Juan Miranda: I had a problem with my 2005 mustang a few days back, this car is in good condition and all, motor runs good, transmission runs fine all good, although when I got out of work and went in to turn on my car. I usually wait like 2-3 mins for my car to heat up, but when I was waiting for it to heat up the car started to panic and the fuel gage went from full to empty in a split second and than started saying low fuel. I turned it off and than on again and all was fine, the fuel gage went back to full again. I worried that something might be wrong any ideas?

Nabeel Farooqi: I have dodge neon 2003 sxt cranks but doe not start.

Brandon Jeter: I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gs that won't start at all it just cranks what I have done was:
Changed the ASD and Fuel pump relay.
Checked the whole fuel system including fuel pump.
Changed distributor and spark plugs and wires.
Changed the Crankshaft position sensor and camshaft position sensor.
It just sits there and cranks. I need help.

Jasmine Patterson 1990: my Acura rl 2001 starts when it wants to it usually cranks no start all depends on temperature outside i change fuel pump and main relay

Edgar Valencia: Need help ASAP I did a head gasket change now car won’t start I have no leaks. Great compression, timing is dead on point I have spark and have fuel. Now the car cranks but won’t start I’ve also change the distributor to make sure it was not the case but still car does not turn on all it does is crank.

TheOnlyDibbs: Love this guy. Energy's insane

dawonplace: One end of the spark plug and one end of j wires on negative part of the battery to check spark.  First thing to check is crankshaft pos sensor, Thanks Scotty.

The Poor Gamer: Knowing late 90s to mid 2000s GM cars, it could be anti-theft. My Monte has a phantom P1626.

romarlacey: I have a 95 Cadillac Sedan DeVille and it trys to crank but won't start. So I found out that my fuel filter was bad. Put a new one on and now it leaks from the inlet side of the filter. And car still won't start. I need ya help badly.

Quackz Almighty: Your Celica used to be black? When did you repaint?

nasses321: Yep, in my case it was the pump... You can get it to temporarely run by hitting an area close to it a few times quite hard.
Fixing A Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start Up 5 out of 5

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Fixing A Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start Up