Redneck Rock Tumbler

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Neil Caulfield: clever! I love it!


MichaelSwan66: very neat idea thanks for sharing HH!

John McKee: cool id you ever add some cheap vinager to the mix?

monkeyman67396: vinagar and salt works like a charm

CuriousEarthMan: What a great thing you made there! Every aspect...I liked the ladder esp. Truly ingenious! Thanks for posting!

219erman: Congratulations on that haul............ I don't have that kind of access to a large number of coinage,but that is the biggest tumbler I have ever seen. Great Thinking Man

aiolos60: Very good sir..very good-)

Thee Ace Rs: Hope you looked for that old 1943 copper penny worth 10k or so .

PlanktoniusRex: Great job! I do the same type of thing on a smaller scale. I use a treadmill but put about 40 - 50 coins in an empty pickle jar with aquarium gravel, water and baking soda. I let the jar roll on the treadmill while it's wedged against a box. I tumble for about 12 hours as it's not as violent as that tire and mud bath! Maybe I should upgrade. Thanks for posting.

Random As Always: Although I doubt this is a serious question, the answer is none. There was no noticeable increase in my electricity bill. Considering I ran roughly $100.00 worth of change per load for 2 hours, the treadmill would have to use vastly ridiculous amounts of power.

ANXIETOR: outstanding.

needmoney44: nice got to make one

oncydium: Hillbilly Money-Laundering. :-)

Lindy Taylor: "Genius"

rapskallion: Excellent improvisation. As a Cheap Bastard, I approve.

Pwata: Great job!!!!!!! You are a genius!!! ha,ha,ha,ha,ha... Greetings from Brazil!!!!!!

Morgan Barker: Hahaha! seriously fun video, all the way round!

wowhobbster666: your a totalred neck

Random As Always: And I love YOU for loving it ;P Thanks for stopping by!

rushymoto: Damn you stole peoples wishes, Piret LOL :)

Random As Always: Yep :)

bigDbigDbigD: I love the rocks tumbler. great job.

219erman: This is fantastic.......And to think I went threw 3 belts in a week with my 3 pound tumbler..........I gotta go big or go home...L>O>L>..............I have done $154 worth so far,and have another $100 or so to go.....looks like you got probably $500 in Change or more there.

Pablo453: Good job. You must be a Red Green fan.

Lampofilm: nice video

7777dmith7777: Through some black beauty in there...

lollerlance: Fkin Sweet

zekehooper: dude! Those are somebodies wishes you just took! Haven't you ever watched the Goonies....LOL.

lupegaru2: takin withdrawls outta wishin wells..... huh....never thoughta thet befoe...... well sum peeple gotta make n honest livin somehow

Random As Always: @StLouisEarl i did. pulled all the wheat pennies out, no early quarters, or anything else. mostly newer coins. I did notice though, all the older coins have little to no actual "corrosion" but the newer ones, even within the last three years are falling apart. all the coins have gone to the bank as of a few months ago. Thanks for the comment.

RebekahAnn42: OMG I love it!!!!!!

HeadakusMaximus: Sorry, just the skeptical engineering training coming out. Great use of a treadmill and old tires! Gave me a bit of inspiration. Another question, since those coins are "mutilated" is it now legal to melt them down for their metal content? Excepting the zinc ones their face value might be less than the worth of the metal they are made of. Just an idea...

Random As Always: @buddybleau ill give that a shot next time i get lucky enough to clean one of these wells out. thanks for the info.

jacktheripped: I just posted on how I was going to try to make a rock tumbler from tires without a cover on the middle. Then I see you've already done it. My only concern is how long I can go between adding water I have a bunch of quartz from a mine in Utah that my uncle owned part of. 200 pounds would take a very long time in a 5 pound tumbler :)

F.M. Anderson: Great"" have you used it for brass cases ???

CalcityAirsoft: How long did you have to run the tumbler for?

zakamooza: or use some HCL acid and you are done in 10 minutes

aiolos60: @oncydium God you made me laugh!!! great comment

buddybleau: I just wish I had that much money!! lol

Random As Always: @M1sterHamilton lol trust me i tried that first didnt do anything at all. plus i had 3 5 gallon buckets halfway full, that would be way too much money on ketchup :P

osm3u: Genius

M1sterHamilton: lol, or you could have soaked it in some ketchup.....

Marcel Klein: Hihihihihihi... To cool :)

will c: rednecks are the roosterroaches of society... ...they'll be the last ones alive when everyone else is dead!

TexasGrad2009: THIS IS SO COOL!!! My name is Dana and I'm a Casting Coordinator for a reality casting company in Los Angeles. We are casting a new show for a major cable network called "Backyard Inventions" and your redneck rock tumbler would be PERFECT for the show. Contact me if you are interested in being featured on the show. -Dana, SMAQ Media & Casting, (323) 845-3025 /

Random As Always: yeah buddy. I got another redneck engineering project in the works. Check back occasionally for it :)

torpol: lmao - dude this is awesome!!! so simple yet so genius

rushymoto: Just put them in a bucket of cheap Coke over night.

WIZARDWERX: When i'm done laughing i'll ask ,where did u get your grit drive-way or behind the shed? Pure country boy survive.
Redneck Rock Tumbler 4.9 out of 5

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