Redneck Rock Tumbler

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Redneck Rock Tumbler
Redneck Rock Tumbler
6 Best Rock Tumblers 2016
6 Best Rock Tumblers 2016
💎Rock Tumbler   Edu Science   Part 1  The Dream Team Review
💎Rock Tumbler Edu Science Part 1 The Dream Team Review
Redneck rock tumbler
Redneck rock tumbler
EDU science rock tumbler review
EDU science rock tumbler review

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Andrew Bank: Genius, absolute genius!

WARPHEAD: You do know that those old copper pennies are worth much more melted down and sold for copper than they are as pennies. The newer pennies are zinc with a fine plating of copper. A newer penny will melt on a stove top burner.

WARPHEAD: It's such a stupid design that it's genius. Sometimes it's good to be poor. When the SHTF it will be the innovated redneck geniuses that will rule. The college eggheads will starve, die of exposure or be shot trying to steal food from rednecks.

stacy thomason: very inventive!

Zip It: Loved it, your not a hillbilly, your crafty

Hobo Hacker: Hillbilly hacker at work! beyond love it!

Droidberg: Never before has the gubbermint feared you hillbillins as much as they does after this here vidya

archersfriend: The Wrist action looks like you are an old gold panner.

Slant Six: That money is getting tired.

James Blshop: Can you send me a copy of the plan ?

808ROTY09: it must be pretty quiet considering the slurry and rubber.

808ROTY09: How do these fountain owners hire you to clean the fountains out? How often is it done?

Arnaud de Vinck: Hello , well done for that idea ! Just a question ...where did you find all that money and why are they dirty like that ?

Cornlips 4: I don't care how redneck it is that is the best and most simple tumbler I have seen hands down! 10/10. genius

Monica Santos: Next time use vinegar is easier

Lance Welch: OMG! I love it! TYVM for sharing. Always wondered what to do with my space hogging, dust collecting, never gonna use it and nobody wants it, gym equipment.

random consumer: "custom fabrication"

random consumer: HAAHAHAHAHAHA! well crap hell boys...

1Vampire35: OMG!!!! I LOVE it!!!! I gotta get ahold of an old treadmill now!!!!! Love it!!!!!!

Matt S: WTF - LAWL'Z! :P :)
Redneck Rock Tumbler 5 out of 5

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Redneck Rock Tumbler