Colt M16 With 22lr Kit Full Auto Compilation

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Huy Bui: This is the most advance rifle in the history of man - The M16 22lr. It is the be all and end of humanity as we know it. Please people join the race to ban guns.

Rocky Dang: this is the scarey assault rifle ;P

PREDATOR03: Where did you get the full auto kit

James Pfaff: No it aint

jason flynn: where can I get one

MavHunter20XX: Or shortish barrel.

Harvester76: This gun is safe, semi and auto. The gun was made in 68 and didn't come in three round burst at that time.

Harvester76: Not a M4, It's colt 614. I added the M4 barrel and stock.

Harvester76: I bought the .22 kit from CMMG, I ordered it with the anti-bolt bounce weight and sear trip. It will only run full auto a machine gun.

Harvester76: Your right it's not a M4, It's Colt 614. I've added the M4 upper and stock, then got a cmmg .22 kit. This gun was made in 1968 as an export.

Diegercvb: now thats a mans gun XD

Albert Enriquez: aww the 22 sounds so cute Cx

9vs45: @TheGarrettHB HA you really don't know crap, the UMAREX isn't a true M4..Its not even full auto capable there is NO I repeat NO capable way any civilian can own an M4 it is an Pre NFA M16 (if you even know what that is and how it works, I can explain it to you if you like?) with the upper swapped out with a .22lr upper.

9vs45: M16*

9vs45: M16*

9vs45: No thats an m16... there are no pre NFA m4s since they were made in 1994, and the NFA grandtfathers all weapons made before 86'. No civilian can own an M4 But the CAN own an M16 so learn your firearms before you make such an ignorant comment..

Northhunt: COD fag much?

Ebai59: I love how people assume a collapsible stock = M4.

theroyalgrapefruit: thats just a normal m4 lower with the 3 round burst and a .22 upper!!!

WhateverNWhatNot: kewL...I want one
Colt M16 with 22lr kit full auto compilation 5 out of 5

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Colt M16 with 22lr kit full auto compilation