Simple Home Made Sheet Metal Bender

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Simple home made sheet metal bender
Simple home made sheet metal bender
Homemade Sheet Metal Bending Brake
Homemade Sheet Metal Bending Brake
Cheap DIY sheet metal brake
Cheap DIY sheet metal brake
DIY Sheet Metal Brake - 72 inch wide. cheap method.
DIY Sheet Metal Brake - 72 inch wide. cheap method.
Homemade Bending Tool/sheet metal brake
Homemade Bending Tool/sheet metal brake

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GurnBograt1986: Awesome!!

The0121mastodon: Hi Sir, at what height would you put a sheet of metal in a vice, would it be down low into the vice grip or higher up if you needed to cut a shape out of a metal sheet about the size of a man's hand using a hacksaw, Thank you sir!

Gerald C: good job ,  if part attached to handle was vertical with 3/4" thickest could do more types of bends also and if angle iron on springs was replaced by a 6" wide grading machine blade cutting edge with reinforcements, sheetmetal sides  could be folded for strength and about 1/4" metal could be bent. mine is 27" wide and will bent 1/4" metal no problem,  biggish problem I had was how to make clamping and bending pieces work for 1/4" thichest  

telosfd:  In case that i like to install the hinges what is the appropriate cut depth of the metal angle. Is it the half of the diameter of the hinge? Thanks a lot.

京都 コーシン精密板金加工のスピード革命!: おぉぉぉ~!

islanduni: Great Fabrication, I just built one to fit my welding table. Thanks!

T2H Instructionals: Nice work man, what did you use for your springs?

marcellinasfigaro: That's a pretty slick little bender.  Thanks for sharing! excellent video ! are the springs there to make it easy to pull out sheeting and avoid scratching of sheet metal ?

shortfusedleathernk: I did grind the edge off the angle to get a square bend!

erngre1: Nice. I just looked at another vid about a homemade break and I would ask you the same question. If you were to grind the angle iron to a 90 at the edge , do you think you would end up with a cleaner 90 degree edge on your bent part? I want to make one. Why not have you do the work for me to copy. Just say'en LOL. Good vid and good work.

shortfusedleathernk: Jim, pause at 1.41,you'll see the hinge pin is centered between the channel iron and the angle that makes the bend. Hope this helps, if you google sheet metal bender plans you may find plans that are similar 

shortfusedleathernk: I ground the rounded edge off the angle iron so it would be square for the bend!

Jim Pritz: How did you deal with the fact that angle iron does not have square edges, they are all rounded? Don't your bends all end up somewhat rounded because of this? Thank you.

ushaandusha: Awesome, I will use one in my workshop , really handy.Welcome you to visit my creations in youtube just search for Usha & Usha Industries

pablo lescano: hola amigo como lo traduzco al ingles 


Erland Andersen: Nice work. Thanks for posting this video.

MrMrjuniortje: Awsome bender!!! I'm from the netherlands.. And want to copy your bender.. If that's fine by you..
I have a question.. Is it possible to make a close up video of your hinge configuration??

With Greeting from the Netherlands

19slipstream84: led zeppelin
Simple home made sheet metal bender 5 out of 5

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Simple home made sheet metal bender