Simple Home Made Sheet Metal Bender

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Simple home made sheet metal bender
Simple home made sheet metal bender
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Mark Mark: Brilliance and simplicity sometimes go hand in hand, well done Mate and thanks for sharing.

David Black: Awesome Job

Brent Nicol: This was all I needed to watch. Time to manufacture my own. Nise demo dude.

hector roque: gracias x compartir

Francisco Gerte: muy practica y funcional, usa los guantes.

Aaron Gebauer: Nice design and presentation. If I ever get into welding myself, I'll probably build one myself. I'm a CAD designer and am working with new CAD software called OnShape. As an exercise, I designed a bender similar to yours. If you want to check it out, let me know and I'll share a link with you.

SupaLexy (SupaNautica & MotoLexy): Cool

sunnysacto: Nice work

volksjgr: Amazing man.

Patrick Paul: Great video! - Very informative, and very well done! In my mind, when I think of metal work, you done this in very practical, strong, and really thoughtful ways to say the least. This certainly looks to me like a very strong, solid design - Keep those vids coming, great work!

Wayne Perry: Thanks

fabbro Z: Your idea is much better, thankx

Ademir Jake: Very good boy,i am from brazil,congratulations.

Lusy Lusy: The  best  idea,  PERFECT sheet metal bender

D. Swift: Thanks for the idea, man. I built myself one a while back. Only used it a couple of times but it works great!

Bruce Samuelson: Nice! First and only video I need to see thanks buddy

GurnBograt1986: Awesome!!

The0121mastodon: Hi Sir, at what height would you put a sheet of metal in a vice, would it be down low into the vice grip or higher up if you needed to cut a shape out of a metal sheet about the size of a man's hand using a hacksaw, Thank you sir!

Gerald C: good job ,  if part attached to handle was vertical with 3/4" thickest could do more types of bends also and if angle iron on springs was replaced by a 6" wide grading machine blade cutting edge with reinforcements, sheetmetal sides  could be folded for strength and about 1/4" metal could be bent. mine is 27" wide and will bent 1/4" metal no problem,  biggish problem I had was how to make clamping and bending pieces work for 1/4" thichest  

telosfd:  In case that i like to install the hinges what is the appropriate cut depth of the metal angle. Is it the half of the diameter of the hinge? Thanks a lot.
Simple home made sheet metal bender 5 out of 5

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Simple home made sheet metal bender