Installing A Piece Of Gutter

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Jeff Greely: One vid i watched siad that you must set the gutter low enough so that any ice will slide off over the top.  What do you think.  I do get ice damming  on my house.   Do I need to worry about this?    I noticed I would be down to the bottom 1 1/2 " of the face trim.  I would appreciate your opinion

theresa jensen: Thank you! Best - Theresa :)

Edward M.: Mark, many thanks for the clear instructions! I have to hang a 28 foot gutter about 20 feet high, and no neighbor nearby to help. As you said, tacking it in the middle and then going to each end is going to work. I couldn't figure how to do it prior to your video.

the1realanalogman: Nice, concise tutorial. I'm going to try to replace a section by myself as you did  and I've been wondering how to safely, temporarily tack up the piece and that's the way to do it for sure. The only thing I am concerned about is getting the slope correct and since I don't have the experience you do (it seems you can pretty much eye-ball it), I'll need to check it with a level all the way from high to low end. Thanks for sharing!

akrasia1969: Hi Mark. Nice easy to follow video demonstration. I was wondering: Is it possible to continue the trough you have there (at the rake end) with a right-angled corner and follow down along the rake and connect again at right angles to another trough on a lower roof line that is running parallel to the first one? I'm hoping to eliminate some ugly piping by connecting the two separate troughs into one. But my roof pitch is much steeper: 8/12 in one area and 12/12 in another; and the gable  is very short: 36" and  18". Thanks.

Matt Smith: Mark, Bro, You talk too much jiberish and stutter. Couldn't understand you half the time. Also, how many videos you gonna make and take up space when I am searching for a real gutter man, to explain repairs. Please stop putting videos on you tube. Find a new career

Cooll Asice: Gutter university is DEAD.

Joselito Muller II: Cool video!
Are you the same Mark Crovelli that writes for LewRockwell?

Jon Miller: Hi Mark! I've really enjoyed your videos. I've learned quite a bit from you. I work for a company doing commercial gutters, but I'm doing some residential for my family. The brackets we use at work appear to be the same as the ones you are using (Raytec Hangtite). I've never noticed this problem on the commercial gutters, probably because the buildings are much taller, but the gutters are hanging out too far so you can see inside them from more than about 15 or 20 feet away. What causes this?

bronzestar250: So no measuring slope 1" per 20 ft of slope?

JungleJimAB9AB: Thanks for posting.

GutterShutterChicago: Nice video, brings me back to my old gutter hanging days!

GutterShutterChicago: I like to meet a gutter girl!

Philip Carpenter: keep up the gr8 wurk

Mark Crovelli: Ha! Is this supposed to be a criticism? I would encourage you to learn to write in English before trying to offer a critique! Ha!

patresio sakarie: funny he said nails on the fascia board y never clear it fisrt b4 installing gutter.n the way this people work, freaking 5/8 job.thats not how u install the gutter u crap head... 

Vero B: I like your style!! Gutter Girls from cail hang gutter too!! 

Mark Crovelli: One other tip: wear a harness if you are really nervous or it is a very dangerous situation. You will feel a thousand times better if you can feel a rope supporting you!

Mark Crovelli: It really does help to put a temporary screw in the gutter just to tack it (make sure to use a hanger if you are dealing with a piece longer than about 35 feet). This allows you to go to either end of the gutter, tack it where you want it without fear, and then move the middle up afterward. I will see if I can make a video about this.

Mark Crovelli: What I do, first, is make sure that the drip-edge is open all along the piece of gutter. If it is not, go along bending the drip edge up until you can easily slip the gutter behind it. This makes it much easier to screw it in, because the drip edge will hold the gutter a little bit, and also stabilize it. Then, just throw in a screw to tack the gutter in place, even if it is not exactly where you want it. 
Installing a Piece of Gutter 5 out of 5

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