How To Remove V9 Portal Site ( Chrome, Firefox, IE ) (HD)

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How To Remove V9 Portal Site ( Chrome. Firefox. iE ) (HD)
How To Remove V9 Portal Site ( Chrome. Firefox. iE ) (HD)
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TeamNorge | Velkommen, Teamers!: Didn't work for Chrome for me. Someone may help?

GamingLegands.ja88: now im gana fix my nxt door nabors pc too now

GamingLegands.ja88: thx soo much dude

S S Geetesh: Thank you so much !!! worked for me perfectly ! kudos :)

Marcus Chan: This worked for me thanks so much

itsCatz: ohh damn thanks man you helped me so much! <3 :)) Thumbs up for this guy!

Rex TexasAggie: I've been to many that do not work...FINALLY !!! I can say "It worked for me THANKS! I spent way too much time on this annoying malware and never thought about the properties files.. Thanks Again!!!!

Abhinav sharma: Thanks a lot man:)

Badkitties Richards: didnt work for me

Joëlla Munster: Thnx man!

Jeffery Reed: I did the same for IE it didn't work. It still says iframe.dll Help! D;

Alex Cocinda: thanks dude!

Zac Jacaruso: Thank you!

Ess Efforts: Aye how come when i did this it still appears? oh and btw im using Google chrome Pleaseeee help meee :)

Soni Wibisono: Thanks....

Dyesha Baker: OMG!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!..I was about to give up until I found your video..I have tried so many other things and this way is so simple .THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

davetherocker1: it just worked with the shortcut, if i start from the pinned taskbar or form start, it goes to the same portal :C how can i completely from the computer!!!???? i dont wnat to see that anoying portal!! 

Peggyzone100: thankyou so much man!! freaking good riddance v9 you heap of crap

TooMuchSwagHD: if your opening it from the taskbar you right click on icon from the taskbar then same steps


almuntasar a kadir: Thanks man you are rock

David Bruno: I've also tried many different methods with no results, though I haven't tried regedit yet... Kaspersky Internet Security, finds nothing wrong. Adaware - nothing, spybot, find something it can't remove ! Some others dito, the same... Grary Utilities Pro, find something, removes it and it's back the same time... Very annoying - but I'm stubborn ;)

missy Pg: Thank you so much i can tell you i been trying to find a solution all day, i was about to give up, then i saw ur video and like magic it's gone! :)

TealEyedBeing: omg thank you finally, i tried everything else and finally this worked

Adam Blacktopp: The easy part was uninstalling programs but i kept getting the same v9 window until i followed your clip, thanks

emmanuel akpo: it helped

isme132: thank you so much for posting on utube , your method work fast .

MsThickHair: For Google Chrome you have to go to settings and delete v9 from all areas. Re-install google chrome and that should work. It worked for me, but this video didn't.

Michelle Tilley: Worked for firefox IE - I had to remove V9 and V9Program in regedit - did a full shut down and fresh start. FOR NON TECHIES Start < Run < regedit (Type regedit in run box) Looks scary but don't worry you will be fine if you only remove these two folders Select < HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE < SOFTWARE I found x2 folders one just V9 and the other V9Software - I deleted both IE removed browsing history < cleared temp files < did a full shut down before I tried again Maybe overkill but worked!

Illtell ulater: Thanks a lot man. This was driving me insane.

Nicole Zielke: I have a question , i dont want the ''new tab'' as a homepage, I want google as a homepage. how do I do this? ps: sry for my bad english I'm german :)

maskenmakkan: Thanks man, I freaking hate v9 crap!!

Mahadeva Kalathuru: It worked for me .. thanks!!

Heimlich Albaner: Big Thanks Bro !

Marita Matras: thank you !!! :)

prabhat singh: Thank you so much!!! it worked :)

Men de Cha de Ca Ingenia Mahōtsukai: tyvm mate youre a genius

SupacomputerRevolution: thanks!

bomber726: I don't see what difference that would make

wetal1961: Thank you for useful information)))

Pompluneaux: You rock!!

Dudin Fendi: I failed because im use my brain to hard, but the way it turned out very simple. you are a genius man.. :)

ZR Khan: not working at all

Josh LaPointe: i like that song easy going nice

paperzombie1: DOsnt work on my chorme

Coffee3553: had some problems but for anyone who had the smae as mine, you only need to delete after the // the put in google or youtube, but v9 is gone now hahaha suck it v9

ecomogTV2: Thanks to this video, I FINALLY got rid of this. MANY thanks!

jackson do: Do u play rumble fighter??

UnableToLose: For everyone saying that this is not working, remember first you need to remove ALL V9 extensions, plus remove it has your hompage, default search engine etc. after that when you STILL get V9 homepage you try my method!

paperzombie1: i just want it out of my home page
How To Remove V9 Portal Site ( Chrome, Firefox, iE ) (HD) 4.8 out of 5

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How To Remove V9 Portal Site ( Chrome, Firefox, iE ) (HD)