Cold Start 4230 John Deere Diesel Tractor

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cold start 4230 john deere diesel tractor
cold start 4230 john deere diesel tractor
Cold Start John Deere 4230
Cold Start John Deere 4230
John Deere 4230 cold start
John Deere 4230 cold start
John deere 4230 cold start
John deere 4230 cold start
1970s John Deere 4230 Coldstart
1970s John Deere 4230 Coldstart

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Jason Shipley: Why does that tractor have a hard time starting in cold weather when it's cold?

Jason Shipley: John Deere's should always start and never have trouble starting

Dan berg: i got a john deere 4230 and shes a cold blooded bitch

J D Garman: Never ceases to amaze me how some young men think it's important to advertise how they can start a engine that they failed to plug in or park inside in the warm. And it always seems like it's an older tractor that there grandfather or father worked hard to pay for. Comments like" low compression" and "hard starting" are usually the end result of too many " cold starts. I have several of these old 30 series and they start very easy after they are plugged in for several hours. Also, keeping the fuel level in the fuel tank above the height of the injection pump helps too. Shooting ether in a cranking engine is the safest way, if it must be done.

Marcus Kastanek: Full throttle?

Ed Cabrera: great view how to use old tractor

truck and tractor pulling videos usa pullers: how many acres you farm

Richard Barbee: If u put too much ether in it, u will seize the motor

Gus Bus: is his car a ford pinto

car guy 1 c: I love Jhon deere I have a 1965 Jhon deere 110

Hobby Farmer Adam: Let the engine warm up before you do anything or you will have serious problems

mgtowfish73: so were the 40 series, our old 4640 always needed a little starting fluid even in mild cold temps, but still was a great tractor.

Alex Buta: Put more ether in there and you will freak the engine;)

granskare: we used to have two cylinder JDs and 2 of them were started using a big wheel on the side...ah, the good old days :)

daniel tesar: The 30 series have very low compression.

Jasper M: Well if ya call her a stupid pig she's gana give ya some trouble give her some love don't beat her with ether for not starting more of a chance with some sweet talk ya know!

John Miles: the 30 series was cold collard

Joey Wood: seriously hmm i had know idea dieselengines are carbed thanks for telling me fuel injection not carbed you put diesel in a carb it will make a classic vehicle not start

cebedeuz: Good. You had the work done...

Keith Williams: i heard that can of ether hit the ground haha
cold start 4230 john deere diesel tractor 5 out of 5

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cold start 4230 john deere diesel tractor