Zune Error Fix (REVIELED)

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Zune Error Fix (REVIELED)
Zune Error Fix (REVIELED)
zune errors can now be fixed [system restore]
zune errors can now be fixed [system restore]
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Zune Sync Problem C00D124D
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Zune connection problem
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whiteboi1303: i got the same problem PEOPLE HELP USSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! it sometimes says when its looking for the preconfigured settings it says failed and it wont let us sync

TheCallMeFlaco: its funny how my brothers zune which i had bought for him in sep 2008 its the 4g one is working perfectly fine... mine in the other hand i bought mine in 2007 yes it has its problem like restarting but this is the first time it has stayed in the reboot screeen... the Y2K9 BUG!!!

rapmetaldemon09: See, I have this problem. My zune software was giving me this error code, and told me to reinstall it. So I uninstalled it, deleted everything zune from my computer, then downloaded the software again. But when I try to install the software, it says "the latest update of this softwarwe is already installed, no updates available." but if i search my computer for "zune" there are no results...so I guess it's still on my computer in an unworking state, and can't be redownloaded...help please

Ruben Saenz: cut the language out please

dimomo1126: thanks for the advieces but im looking how to set up my zune to by a storeg devices please contact me at my email thanks for your help

Lena Björklund-Olofsson: Error code 80004003 on Win Phone HTC Titan (Mango) 7.8. Makes it impossible to update or download any apps and I haven't found ANY other sollutions than to do a hard reset which means that all SMS history, settings etc. will be lost. Tried to connect to PC, use Zune, download directly from phone and everything else I've been able to think of. Anyone who can help solve this without having to do a factory reset of the phone? Would prevent me from throwing the phone into a brick wall!

krnguy100: I can't see wat u r doing...use hypercam plz

javi034: Can anybody help me?While I'm trying to update my Zune to the lastest firware it won't let me update and gives me the error message "C00d11d2" or something like that.what does that mean?

mmmmmhotdogs: i keep getting the contact support screen for the new zune. with the 5. how do i fix it?

adamperihelion: I know, it's horrible. there is nobody to talk to anywhere. It's like We are SOL and are left to figure it out for ourselves. I am So mad

exitrome: i freakin cant fix tha useage rights and it wont play certain songs bc of useage rights

JoVaughn: same here!! and i have no idea. i have tried everything

godtvone: I have that problem tooo

yumcha21: my zune cant be detected in my lap top and i downloaded it already. so can anybody help me?

haroldcristian: how do you do this on vista?

sample32: mine says Product: Zune Language Pack (ES)

276foxtrot: Yeah what happens to me to when i open my zune software on my computer it says "zune software has encountered a critical error and needs to close and i've done everything it said on the website and i've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it wtf is gonig on?


johnnycakez0rz: same with mine its annoying

kusingia: IT IS APPLE'S DOING!!!!

daniel dearo: whenever i open up the zune software on my computer it says something like "zune software has encountered an error and must close down" what has happend to my software?????????????

Reg Decker: Hold Up (on the touch pad) + the back button. Then upon resting, press the centre (of the touch pad) + the back button + the play button at the same time, and it will do a factory restore. It should come up with a number 3 (please wait) give it a bit and it should restart. If this does not work, your zune's Hard drive is broken.

Dj Julian: have you fixed it cuz i have the same problem

kaydsee1: How do I fix error 5 (Contact Support)

Dorian Roach: I have the same exact problem! Just this morning and my reset (back and up) is not responding either.

tarponroxy34: okay i did all of your steps, but myy error was totallyy different, this is what mine read, "Product: Zune -- Error 1704. An installation for QuickTime is currently suspended. You must undo the changes made by that installation to continue. Do you want to undo those changes?" is there anyway youu could help with this error?

wutsferdinner: lol click E ven T V W R... you mean where it says event viewer?

Kazukamichan: low support on programs,over priced piece of garbage,crappy interface what more can i say

Wali Sayedi: hi dude i have Zune and it says (5) Contact Support Contactez le support technique Ponte en contacto con el servicio de soporte Message on screen .. i don't know what to do can you help me please i really need it please just tell me what i have to do i will do it ..Thanks

chrisponce: Mmm, It's not the software you might need to go into my computer and try to find it. Then after doing so it MIGHT pop up in your zune software

Broderickwashere: can anyone help. When I download the zune software, and then try to open it, it says somwthin abuot it being opened in an unusual way or something. Ive tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it. But it still doesnt work.

chrisponce: Wow, are you serious... just stop,

kisame5029: =( does this fix the error 5 =( plz respond i bet many others are wondering the same question?

Debatetalk4u: My zune is installed in my PC however it doesn't sync to when plugged in. What can I do

jjeong503: well, my zune just freeze in the middle of syncing process. And it does not letting me do anything. And also when my zune freezes, my computer freezes as well. I do not know what to do

WVCoOp92: thank you so much!, i worked on my zune from 9 p.m to 5 p.m the next day and i finally got it, thank you!!!!!!!

robvegetadam: whenever i plug my phone in, it says theres some connection error. what can i do?

RyderFromGwinnett: @ewan5536 yo man did u ever fix your problem?.....

Lhei Lhegio: my zune 80 gb cannot work on the new zune software waht will i do? help'''

TheShadowdetective12: EITHER, freak EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

ewan thomas: dude can u do a video for the c00d11cd zune error code but for vista ?

restolo: zune is better ok

fatcatband: hard drive is screwed up...

Francis Geist: I had this and I barely made it pass that screen for trying to force install this. I don't even know how I did it. Anybody knows how to scan a zune drive fpr errors?

Hbkhhh7: yeah i have a message that says zune has encountered an error and needs to close...i did everything it said and nothing has worked

aztekjv: hey my zune software no longer works. and it does not give me an error its says if it finds one it will send a message

drafterdesigner: I don't have that problem.

David Ishmael: zune's are so much better then ipods... when they work right.

tarponroxy34: okay i did all of your steps, but myy error was totallyy different, this is what mine read, "Product: Zune -- Error 1704. An installation for QuickTime is currently suspended. You must undo the changes made by that installation to continue. Do you want to undo those changes?" is there anyway youu could help with this error?

killyermotherrape: yeah, it happened to every zune around midnight. mine did it too but i googled around and found out that people are opening the case, unpluging then pluging the battery back in and it makes it work. i just finished doing that to mine, seeing if it works now. well speak of the devil, it just finished charging and it works. so yeah, just youtube a guide of how to OPEN the case, then at the bottom will be where the battery plug is, unplug it then plug it back in, then close the case. good luck!
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Zune Error Fix (REVIELED)