HOMEMADE Inverter Generator

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Homemade inverter-generator
Homemade inverter-generator
Homemade Inverter Generator - Alternator Modification
Homemade Inverter Generator - Alternator Modification
HOMEMADE Inverter generator
HOMEMADE Inverter generator
Home made emergency inverter generator
Home made emergency inverter generator
Homemade Inverter Generator
Homemade Inverter Generator

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Furqan Lolo Bajo: Saya mau beli imventer 500.wat

Regin Rodriguez: Thanks for the post, did it matter if the alternator is rotating counter clockwise or clockwise? 
Thank you!

commanderwhite12: Wondering if you could help me. I want to make something like this but all ive got are 3 2 cycle motors 2 3.5 or so hp Tecumseh engines and a 5 hp Tecumseh...I wanna make something I can carry around with me like to a junkyard and power a tool like a Angle grinder and some powerful stuff around that and maybe some batteries.   Now how would I go about doing this...I dont want to buy new alternators....what vehicle has the best ones to get...if I went to a junkyard...

stanley flanagin: you need to quit and watch some porn and spank your monkey

stanley flanagin: this is a stupid idea your not saveing nothing but burning up gas  your system isnt up to local state code violation

Mike M: That inverter looks factory made NOT home made.

Mickey “SaintlyMic” Smith: The same thing can be done simply by hooking up the inverter to a battery.

Genaro Tabag: <---- NEW... Efficient and multi-purpose GEARBOX for your fuelless motor and generator

Bob Bowie: You are Pondering "Perpetual Motion". I suggest Checking out "The Laws of Thermodynamics" before proceeding further.

Pierre Bugeja: I'm sorry to break it to you but I'm afraid that your theory does not hold water...nothing in this world is 100% efficient. Every time the electrical current is recycled, it is decreased every time due to resistance, so there is no way that your device will work unless you have found a 100% efficient electrical motor, a 100% efficient generator head and 100% efficient wiring...I have tried this all my life, it doesn't work- even if your idea work, the second you pull power it shuts down... :(

Mickey Smith: There is an even better way to generate electricity by using a looping design. Use an electrical motor coupled with an electrical generator head. You can get anywhere from 7,000 WATTS to 15,000 WATTS of usable electricity. I'm building a full sized version (a lack of funds keep me from finishing it). After building it I will offer the plans online for free, but I will charge for any generators I build myself. I already built a scaled down model which proves that electricity can be recycled.

Ravinesh Chand: bro i want to make a home generated electricity with no ac power but have manage to get one inverter one 12dc battery and one dc alternator can u guys help me out remmember i need to charge my battery with the same system is there any way out

BRENT3143945: oh okay cool the bigger the better right? wow optima battery is great lol i really want to build me a home made gen badly

jpbp23: yeah but the batteries stores the power so he can put out what ever the inverter is rated at for a little bit nice. thing is you can use the juice with it off and then start it up when its low

Pierre Bugeja: Not this video...this "prototype" could barely charge a battery. Check out my other video.../watch?v=Ag8JK0ho7WQ&feature=channel&list=UL Much better design if you ask me....

BRENT3143945: mess*

BRENT3143945: and hey u can miss up the volt regulator in the alternator if u don't use a battery

BRENT3143945: ohh cool and sounds like u need bigger wire the cheapest way to buy big wire is to buy jumper cables or at least i thank so how much money did it take to make this? jw i woud not mind a gen but i do have a 800 watt inverter hard wired in my truck so my truck is a gen lol
HOMEMADE Inverter generator 5 out of 5

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HOMEMADE Inverter generator