HOMEMADE Inverter Generator

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HOMEMADE Inverter generator
HOMEMADE Inverter generator
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Homemade Inverter Generator - Alternator Modification
Homemade Inverter Generator
Homemade Inverter Generator
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Home made emergency inverter generator
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Regin Rodriguez: Thanks for the post, did it matter if the alternator is rotating counter clockwise or clockwise? Thank you!

Furqan Lolo Bajo: Saya mau beli imventer 500.wat

Mickey Smith: The same thing can be done simply by hooking up the inverter to a battery.

commanderwhite12: Wondering if you could help me. I want to make something like this but all ive got are 3 2 cycle motors 2 3.5 or so hp Tecumseh engines and a 5 hp Tecumseh...I wanna make something I can carry around with me like to a junkyard and power a tool like a Angle grinder and some powerful stuff around that and maybe some batteries. Now how would I go about doing this...I dont want to buy new alternators....what vehicle has the best ones to get...if I went to a junkyard...

stanley flanagin: you need to quit and watch some porn and spank your monkey

stanley flanagin: this is a stupid idea your not saveing nothing but burning up gas your system isnt up to local state code violation

Mick Mickevicius: That inverter looks factory made NOT home made.

Pierre Bugeja: @wppd2001 Well, a harbour freight generator is roughly $750 dollars for a 4000W generator. This setup cost me roughly $500 to make ($165 engine, $65 alternator, $45 wheels, $20 dollars wiring, $20 pulley and belt , $90 battery and $150 inverter)...it's cheaper AND more versetile! A normal generator would have to run constantly at high noise levels...this one can run full capacity at IDLE!! And it still can run without the engine running!!

Pierre Bugeja: @HappyJackProduction1 Yes, it does make sense.Those alternators suck! I've replaced them with a Lucas 120 amp alternator and a GMC 150 amp alternator and also a welded frame with wheels. My idea is to parallel them together to create about 270 amps (give or take). The generator will have three 12 amp/hour batteries in parallel which will create 36 amp/hours. The batteries will have an isolator relay. When the relay is activated the current will travel into the alternators and create power!

idusclothing: could each alternator power a different inverter giving you 5000watt continuous and 10000 max? Then a tv and microwave would be no problem..?

Pierre Bugeja: Not this video...this "prototype" could barely charge a battery. Check out my other video.../watch?v=Ag8JK0ho7WQ&feature=channel&list=UL Much better design if you ask me....

Ravinesh Chand: bro i want to make a home generated electricity with no ac power but have manage to get one inverter one 12dc battery and one dc alternator can u guys help me out remmember i need to charge my battery with the same system is there any way out

Pierre Bugeja: @idusclothing These alternators can't power the 5000W Inverter (neither the engine for that matter, LOL). to power a 5000W Inverter you need a 350 amp alternator for a 12V system of a 175 amp alternator for a 24V System...it's too darn expensive...you would be better off if you go to harbor freight, buy a 420cc engine and a 10,000W Generator head...total roughly 800 dollars (best price)...this is just too darn complex...

Pierre Bugeja: @brodie1709 it is hooked up to the alternator. It is very simple. The alternator wire and the inverter wire(s) are hooked on one side of the switch while the battery wire is on the other side of the switch.

wppd2001: Yea your rite/i just personally am not good at making things like you guys and I wish I had someone to teach me because if I had that knowledge you do I would be making all kinds of cool stuff! I have never been able to do any mechanical stuff or been able to build anything myself.Your lucky to have that knowledge and I respect you for that fact alone!so,don't get me Wrong/i think its great/wish I could build one myself.

wppd2001: Why not just put a trolling motor on your boat and run it off solar panels/then you won't have to waste gas.you could run them on the boat or @your house and recharge the battery"s" there. this seems like a pain when my 6.5 briggs generator will power 2 500w holigen lights/my air compressor/and 3other lights that are hooked up @ my shop bc I back feed an extension cord into one of the power outlets.

Erick Centeno: very nice i have a 2 hp motor and i would like to put 2 car alternator did u thik is posible to run 2 alternator

00011theman: you could push a little more power by tightening the belt a little

dogmusher: This not free energy but u have to pay for gas every refill when it get empty tank

jpbp23: yeah but the batteries stores the power so he can put out what ever the inverter is rated at for a little bit nice. thing is you can use the juice with it off and then start it up when its low

Bob Bowie: You are Pondering "Perpetual Motion". I suggest Checking out "The Laws of Thermodynamics" before proceeding further.

Richard Lewis: @Nirky increasing the diameter of the pulleys would have the opposite effect. The alternators would be spinning at half their speed.

Pierre Bugeja: That is correct- I use a very simple rule: for every horsepower you make about 500-750W

Pierre Bugeja: yeah you're right...but I changed everything now- running two 150 amp alternators total of 300 amps at around 15v...works fine but engine bogs really really down under heavy loads (~2300 watt chest freezer) and the wires tend to heat up a bit. But now I'm working on a larger setup (V-Twin 20HP engine, 2 250A alternators, 1/0 gauge wire, deep cycle Optima Yellow Top and a heavy duty pure sine wave inverter)

Booomm1: I´d like to see what happens if you use 2500-5000w from that inverter with the same setup. Running alternators under no load is a breeze but add some drainage close to max output, I´m betting it wont run so "fine". Thank´s for your video.

Pierre Bugeja: @chevguy502 Pretty Much....My Largest load was a 2200W Chest Freezer load and the voltage stayed at 14.2!!!!!

Afdhal Atiff Tan Amin Husaini Tan: @Corey497 No energy is created, its converted... :)

Mike Peine: i cant read Email.Please ? see my comments @PESWiki/CLaNZeR mike peine i use a small motor (see power wheels for compare) water cooled, run off batt.to power alt. 12v 1200rpm = 220amp. i use to power alot of things. E bike etc...36v@60amps (see power bastards etc...) WE have not needed gasoline since 1969.

Pierre Bugeja: i can try, thanks for the idea- but i'm not going to put more alternators on, since that i have a 120 amp alternator and its more than enough for what i need

Pierre Bugeja: @armmaf12 They sure don't!! It makes a lot of noise and secondly, they envy me cuz, my family and I still have the lights running while they have to get around with candle light!!

ian sweeney: that is one way to do it.

BRENT3143945: mess*

wppd2001: @pierre/i just got your response/no offense buy idk where your getting your prices b/c you can buy a harbor freight 4000w generator w/electric start for $259 on sale w/coupons b/c like everything they sell it all goes on sale that's hoe u buy it/get the flyers sent to u or in store/but the reg price is still under $500!!

Richard Lewis: @Nirky Sorry, i misread your post. I thought you meant the alternator pulley.

Pierre Bugeja: @00011theman That was my older video AND my first experiment with 4 stroke engines and alternators. Check out my other video-the new and improved one!!! The belt was loose since that the engine vibrates so much that it loosens the the screws!! Now I'm using lock nuts- much more better!

Pierre Bugeja: No, it doesn't need to! The alternator(s) pump out about 105 amps peak @ 600 rpm! It can go up to 150 amps but the engine can't handle the load of the alternator! The other alternator is a dummy alternator! it's just used to tension the belt! These lucas alternators were modified using AC run capacitors and a few relays hooked up in parallel. I shorted out the du,,y alternator because i consumed over 200 amps! it got too hot ! U can see that the colors are different!!

ROCKNTV1: great work bud thums up

Pierre Bugeja: That previous generator was a f***ing piece of crap! I have made a a new which gives me double the power with the same engine- 2 150 AMP alternators in parallel, one Magnetic battery (brand name) and a 2 feet by 2 feet quarter inch piece of steel to hold every thing. Check it out!

BRENT3143945: oh okay cool the bigger the better right? wow optima battery is great lol i really want to build me a home made gen badly

Nirky: Love the ingenuity. If you ran a larger pulley on the Briggs, say about twice the diameter, would you be able to turn the idle lower to still have the same rpms on the two alternator pulleys without the engine bogging down and stalling?

Meowarchy: should those are around about 800watts he should be able 2 run 2 of em ^_^ nice job

4ucarlosmurphy: I've been checking out many of these home made generator clips, real good info for building with what you have or even with new components on the cheap. For MY money I'll just spend 800 bucks on a Honda eu 2000I generator, the quietest on the market and runs for 8 hrs on a gallon of gas. I sold the 2 I had when I sold my travel trailer, wish I kept them.

taztaz79: @Pierre5484 Well i use solar panels instead or get my power from the outlet in my home, that is 85% produced with water and wind power ;) .. No gasoline.. ;)

harborhawk1: I didnt see any battery in your setup. You need one to filter out all the spikes in the power from the alternators.

Pierre Bugeja: @solarcell2011 I have considered that. Its just that the engine produces most of it's torque at around 1500 RPM's. If I add a larger pulley, it put more strain on the engine. It's a 6.5 HP Chinese Mega engine ( A crappy version of the Honda gx340). The problem is that if I add like a 5" pulley, it will be hell just to start it! I might add a 3" pulley. I will soon post a new video of the engine running the inverter and also a electric motor to demonstrate the amps that it can generate!

wppd2001: 2 of 2 . You can but a gas powered portable air compressor w/pneumatic wheel for $750reg price! That's why I'm saying for all the work u did its not worth the time/money/compared 2 buying a new one but that's just me/i respect the fact you were able to build it and I thbnk its cool/just a shame u couldn't throw it together using used parts for cheap.u Spent more than a new electric start generator costs was my point.my crafsman w/12hp briggs/500watt is only$500 new!

RavenMad101: That's what a big battery bank is good for. Minimize runtimes of the engine and give you constant power.

hairycat54: is that the same lucas as in triumph motorcycle electrical systems? " LUCAS THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS"
HOMEMADE Inverter generator 3.5 out of 5

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