G2 Zinogre & Stygian Zinogre Guide - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate MH3U

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Zinogre & Stygian Zinogre (ジンオウガ亜種) Music
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Dave DoesDave: This monster is da hardest monster i ever faught 

Kyle Manner: Zinogre when fully charges up all the way he becomes a SUPER SANDWICH(saiyan)!! XD 

goldmonkey: this is the 3DS

flamewizzy21: I recommend dual blades. The high mobility lets you keep up with him very well.

Ömer Özen: is this 3 ds or wii u

GamingVelocity: It does bomb damage every now and then, but its elemental damage is only added onto raw damage, taking no elemental weaknesses into account. If you can get a good elemental weapon, then it beats slime, but slime is a great alternative if you have no effective element.

yusufdagenius: Rajang is the best super saiyan monster in the series. He even has his own spirit bomb. But that's only in frontier :(

Michael Maikeru: THey should add Kirin and Amatsuguchi back into the games. Also Kut-Ku.

Aaron Dulger: That's one of the reasons why I play this game. Come on, an orchestral track with electric guitar mixed in!

yusufdagenius: no he can't, it says it on the wiki: monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/Rajang go down to notes

Zetsuboukudojun432: worst part of EVERY quest

Fabian Alvarado Gonzalez: Worst part of this mission... Bullfangos

Sebvodsy: Hi Iceman. I've been enjoying your monster hunter related videos for a lot of time now and i would love to see you do a playthrough series on MH3U. That would be so awesome. Sebvodsy.

suronia1: oh this one was fun, love the armor which im farming for right now possibly gonna go gunlance or hunting horn once i get the armor and he charges twice for me, must be my game i think lol but the slime weapon just denies him charging :P

Jerardo Salgado: In P3rd i remember that you could roll into his hipcheck and evade it without evasion. Is it the same for this game? Also I love the videos, keep em' coming.

Typho skarm: I think you need to break his back to get a higher % to get it

Easko: it has 1. gods eater 2. itll be for vita

blazzahh: has anybody else noticed how exceptional the sound track is for this series

Icarus: I love the Kelbi Bow. Fits just my playstyle.

LancelotAlbion911: Hey iceman I have a question when stygian is in rage mode he does that homing attack that has 4 balls, if he gets hit by them or runs into them does he get hurt? In 11:24 he walks to one and numerious time in the fight he gets hit by his own attack.

WolfClanTags1: jinouga easy at least more difficult with the g rank

LunarSkyWolf7: It's over 9000!

funky108108: me and my 2 friends have come up with a really good tactic and I want to know what you think: I use hunting horn or bow for k.o effect and buffs, and bow for element. my other friend using gunlace or bow (gunlance for tails) and my other friend using dual swords to go leeroy jenkins (what do you think?)

LieutenantSparklez2: rajang is in monster hunter freedom unite smart one

Javajojoe: Stygian totally looks like Kaio-ken mode from DBZ

LegendarySilverWolf .: instead of jinouga its zinogre Japanese monster names?

Easko: kelbi bows still broken. well slime in general is still broken.

rashan141: Huh, I never knew that about Jinouga. I always thought that, "Duh! He's lightning why wud I lay a SHOCK trap?! O.O". nice to know though, thanks

mogechichioppai: I'm glad we can finally hunt some jinougas

LunarSkyWolf7: This guy is the best monster that I fought since Portable 3rd. His theme and his cool moves and appearance makes him look like a boss!

ko nickyko: Iceman, why did u disable comments for most of ur videos? And u still did not make soem of the monsters guide like narucuga, jhen moran, green narucuga, white or grey narucuga

StormyCloudy: you cant break his back in p3

Oppurtunafish: It really is great. There has even been many, many monster hunter concerts in Japan, and you can find some CDs of them online. It's not just the music either, the sound design for this game is excellent.

pitatron: the stygian zinogre looks like one hell of a fight, i beat the deviljho today for the first time, and after seeing him, i am freaked out

ArticRcadeWave: Favorite monster.

Leonid Scorn: 3DS

Jolls981: Just a note, they're called dracophage bugs.

ZalorianGamer: Dragonblight actually now makes it so your weapon has no elemental/status damage, unless it was different in the Japanese version.

kallekala2: Iceman do you like evasion? (evasion+1 etc) i find it funny when ppl dont use it very often :o its so damn useful. Im a GS user and use the Styg Zin armor just to have evasion/focus/crit draw <3

Roy R.: Nice vids keep em coming ^_^

Samuel Heaton: He is wearing the Gigginox X armor.

domdon950: Stygian "super saiyan" reminds me of Kio Ken mode.

Harman Smile: lol zinoger reminds me of God Eater Burst. that game needs a sequal xD

MinecraftSander3424: no, i did it too!

LieutenantSparklez2: he can do the spirit bomb in freedom unite.

templarknight456: sad to say but i really missed the bullfangos ;_;

JG contraman: It really pisses me off when I find people saying slime weapons are broken. They are intended to break the ice for the overwhelming difficulty for other players. BECAUSE everyone had to say Monster Hunter Tri was easy as piss. Capcom basically shoved a difficulty spike up our asses for saying that and they felt sorry for us, which is why slime weapons exist.

Moikle: it is missing the most awesome song ever in the 3rd gen (the classic mh fanfare)

Vortaxonus: What's a goku anyways.

Joebalt Blue: Yes you can, look it up on the mhf3 wiki.
G2★ Zinogre & Stygian Zinogre guide - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate MH3U 4.8 out of 5

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G2★ Zinogre & Stygian Zinogre guide - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate MH3U