Hoyt Prohawk Bow Review

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Jacob Skelton: I got a new front end because of it.

Jacob Skelton: That was some awesome video editing done by my little brodank.

Jacob Skelton: My Stang has hit 2 deer, 1 coyote, a number of skunks and opossum. Stupid wildlife!

Resmarax: Haha, oh deer. Hope the damage wasn't too extensive, cause that's a beautiful car.

brodank: .....and that mustang hit a deer recently

brodank: Of Course not!

Resmarax: ... and a mustang in your drive way. Nice!

brodank: Good Luck with your new Bow!!

seattwa: I finally got my bow, a Parker Easy Draw pre-owned by one of the instructors at the Archery Club here on Staten Island. Came complete with all accessories and arrows for a really affordable price. The Parker is good but not the Hoyt Charger I wanted, but maybe next year. I did get to shoot the Charger though, and it is swweeeet! If I'm ever in the neighborhood, I'll stop by, and bring my bow.

seattwa: Thank goodness, I thought he was down for the count. By the way, excellent video! I wish I lived in a place like you where I could just go outside and shoot when ever i wanted. Great job!

brodank: Dad is doing ok, the arrow shot wasn't fatal.

seattwa: He's probably hanging over the fireplace right now. Lol! I shot one today in an archery store, with no stablizer. At a 45 lb draw the thing kicked like a .45 hand gun! Out of 5 shots it nearly jumped right out of my hands everytime. Nice bow though. Well, there goes the tax return. : )

cole pellegrin: Its actually a bow for intermidate to advance archers believe it or not but beginners love it, i plan to get one and it is and amazing bow.

brodank: Good luck finding Bambi's Grandpa! I hope to do the same hear in northeastern Oklahoma.

akoonjb: Got the same bow and I am impressed with it so far. Hopefully I can blast bambis grandpa this year

Jacob Skelton: I sure have learned a lot about shooting since then.

Jacob Skelton: This is a cool video! I'm glad Dad survived.

brodank: "I got Mine at H and H Hunting supply in Sedan Kansas, whom I would recommend to everyone to do business with. However, Trophy Ridge WB's can be found at Bass Pro, and I'm sure at any Hoyt dealer."

brodank: @TheMoshmanPROPHECY - it is a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit. There are several different makers of the whisker biscuit arrow rest i.e., Trophy Ridge, Fuse. The open ends of my biscuit is some kind of soft plastic, almost rubber in texture, and is installed by the manufactorer and comes as part of the whole arrow rest. It helps dampen vibration, reduce noise when knocking on an arrow, and protects the arrow shaft from damage when pushing the arrow through the whiskers.

brodank: @tippmann98evilsniper - thanks for the tips!
Hoyt Prohawk Bow Review 5 out of 5

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Hoyt Prohawk Bow Review