Boxee Box 'best Of Show' At CES 2010

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Boxee Box
Boxee Box "best of show" at CES 2010
D-Link Boxee Box Review CES 2010 Demo
D-Link Boxee Box Review CES 2010 Demo
Boxee Box Review
Boxee Box Review
CES 2010 D-Link: Boxee Box Demo
CES 2010 D-Link: Boxee Box Demo
Boxee Box software look  1 - CES 2010
Boxee Box software look 1 - CES 2010

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bolumenxxx: I need to say that I was very excited to get Boxee Box, but what was my surprise? well If you live in the UK... you are screwed. There is no Netflix or Lovefilm.. making it very poor on content.;( people been trying to work with the company.. but it seems as if they are not interested on getting it.

viggiv: This might be the coolest thing I've seen in a long time.

ilikecheetos12: boxee has so much to offer. Open source is great stuff. do some research and find out what boxee is truly capable of. So much more than what comes as the default. This is so much better than google tv, roku, and def apple tv. whether you get boxee on a pc, or the boxee box, its awesome.

natfx7: What the hell is this? I don't know anything about it but the energy in the comments makes me buy it.

Atlaning: I like how he shakes his head when he, says it can.

Persian Cartoons: booxxeeeee freaking rooooocckksss

ballyhome: will boxee system work on a old tv system

Cy: @fkfelix This product is not from israel. BTW CES is in Las Vegas.

Pim van der Linde: @tweakradje What do you mean of 2011? It's already out right?

M1AU: @M1AUdUsAU sorry guys I was wrong. Seems like the Boxee Box with the GUI changes in version 1.0 of there software is the exact opposite of what I was calling a polished device. I can't believe they did make such drastic changes to the GUI after spending month of beta-testing with the community! This just makes no sense to me. I'm really sad right now.

Scott Cappleman: @M1AUdUsAU He's a coder and probably a little frustrated at getting the software to work on a 'non-PC' box whereas the software works with ease on a powerful PC. I love the way he dug himself out of the hole though.....

andres vanegas: @ferrariguy25 HDMI only, no digital video out

Steven Alvarado: @aihuman001 yeah. more powerful

neolexington: how much?

Greg Smith: Wait... where is the port for the yellow cable... ? I only saw red and white...

brian sullivan: @mememe84 Boxee is built on top of XBMC. The advantage is clearly ease of use, interface and portable hardware platform.

brian sullivan: @HD2You As charbox said, they're claiming full 1080p file playback. I'm assuming that the platform is more than capable, it's just a matter of boxee building in the hardware acceleration.

maak: does this have any advantage over XBMC?

M1AU: I like how he's talking about the interface, which might be 'far better' on a full computer. This criticism of his own creation could lead to a well polished device!

Agegsa Agssf: Hulu? I thought Hulu was blocking their content from Boxee?
Boxee Box "best of show" at CES 2010 5 out of 5

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