Foam Armor Building Tutorial

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amanda bright: I just used a file.  That makes my life so much easier...  Sorry man

Matthew Southwick: you made a pencil

The Infernal Guardian: what type of EVA foam do you use, would you be able to link a website where i could buy it?
 thz  much appreciated :)

Patrick Meiler: You should use a sharpie

Chris Gough: Most people would just use a knife.

wrad45: Sand paper is is better for smoothing edges use a fine grit, and be careful not to go to fast you might take to much off 

Ryan RampJ: Use a dremal tool for smoother and more precise edges

Dale Bergeron: I have been playing with plastics and foam building for 25 years. Not a bad instruction. I wish you would have shown final complete product at the beginning and end.

Goatacus: That took way too freakin' long, even sped up.

Marc Paquette: What do you use for templates to cut out the foam parts?

Zoe Magnus (DTA - Be Creative): Use knives to cut everything! O_o Do not use something hot, the foam melts and becomes hard, therefore you can't smooth the edges with a dremel :/

Nyx Danvers: Great tutorial!

I use a box cutter, and have never had a hot knife. Would that be better for details? Also, mine is designed to be used, is hot glue still strong enough for boffing?

00daveyr: Can I ask where you get your templates from? is there a website or are they just free hand?

Demaskinas: Oh crap, man, is that tatami?

Scott McFall: Your cutting seems extremely sloppy and results in much more work than is necessary.

Dan Dorio: hey i like your video about making this. Is this how the process on building sparring armors too? I'm going to have a thesis about it that an armor can take a maximum of 80 to 95% physical force from a master. Please do reply! I need it. Thanks! 

noah davis: wtf is it halo armor or what the hell was i watching

S47Striker: This is the shoulder piece to and ODST isn't it?

stickyman66: The main theme of this video is the CUTTING (over 6 mins watching you cut foam!) and where is the building part???

daniellesheadspace: This is so time consuming! There are a lot of faster easier ways to do this than hot knife. But hey whatever floats your boat.
Foam Armor Building Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Foam Armor Building Tutorial