Cop Drags 77-Year-Old Grandma Out Of Car, Police Chief

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phucku tube: Coward.

MyJake007: Really nice police work. Good thing this high risk criminal was taken off the street. I'm sure in the mind of narrow thinking people the community is much safer. If the cop used one minute of listening and polite communication he would have deescalated the situation , a ticket or warning could have been issued and he could have been on his way to fight some serious crime. Three thousand dollars later in cost to the tax payer for officer time, booking time, lost patrol time and court time, she will be issued a 300 dollar fine. GOOD WORK !

Alex Anselmo: omg yes!! that fat bitch was trying to act all old and inoccent and then when things got serious she tried to change her mind and get her licence, she had already said she ain't gna show it and to take her to jail aanndd tried to make him scared by saying shes going to report him, and she can't say crap abouthim twisting her wrist to get out cause she was resisting arrest

ArizeusHD: she deserve it all

Deborah Barclay: I can't wait until you get Old, Ass hole.

steelersrock1011: he could have tried a little harder to reason with her to step out the car ..he could have even said lady you need to step out the car if you don't i will have to force you out and i really don't want to do that so for your safety you need to step out of the car please ...thats how he should have handled it ..but no it was get out the car now lady ..(make me ) and he pulled her out the car like she was some 21 year old

Deborah Barclay: LOL just because OLD people do not MOVE as fast as young people does not mean they are resisting arrest. You are either STUPID or you are for this Pig cop for your own self serving reasons. A communist country is better suited to your MindSet, Vladmir. Stay out of America, Nazi, and come here when America becomes Amerikkkkkkkka so you can bow down, bend Over and PAY the MAN for your Freedom and Liberties.

John Rennie: Lady Debra or whatever the hell your name is you have written enough give it a break and us major case in point quite clear. Now let the rest of us use our own brains to decide what the video we just looked at pertaining to?

verygoodvibes: Hey Vladmir Parker -i wish we all knew your real name- that cop deserves to be hung up by his balls and so do you you retarded scumbag. that goes for everyone who defends this asshole cops actions. I say take the guns away from the cops and military and government give them ALL to the people. then america would be safe and old people wouldnt be getting arrested for nothing.

infesting: The age of the woman means nothing. Replace this woman with a 19 year old boy and no one would be saying this cop did the wrong thing. The age of a person means nothing in a traffic stop.

Vinny D: cop was not wrong...grandma tried to show who was boss with the wrong person...a summons is in lieu of an arrest...your choice... don't get booked no matter who you,age,race, does not she'll comply next time she breaks the law...

Vladmir Parker: This is why I can't stand old people. They think the rules apply to everyone else but them.

igotchristinmylife: ...What?

Sturmgunner: this is her husband, they are role-playing games

John Rennie: I think somebody will take him out! and That's not to a donut shop either/he's going to provoke somebody someday when a 44 Magnum pointed directly at his head, and they're going to take him out. 40 snarly attitude and most likely formerly abusive attitude to the elderly and to wherever he has a bad day scenario from. And he will Have heeped it all on himself.and I'll be damned it doesn't come true wishful thinking

starr5642: he used necessary force. the woman refused to get out of the car, and there isn't really a way to pull someone from a vehicle gently if the person is trying to stay in the car

greg thurman: what a prick!! what city was this???? there should be numerous complaints lodged!!!

Hunter S Thompson: Cops are nothing but trained dogs, freak em.

Deborah Barclay: Trolls and government moles are crawling all over YouTube because they hate it when the PUBLIC posts their videos of Police Brutality. Street camera, drones and Military personnel will replace cops and their Salaries and benefit packages and then cops will CRY because the PUBLIC will not stand up for them and why should we? Protect and Serve the PUBLIC is no longer their Practice.

Vinny D: in case you don't know the Police Officer is in charge of this scenario, I wouldn't back down to this grandma or anybody not what it was a civil traffic ticket.... the cop was not wrong...grandma tried to show who was boss with the wrong person...a summons is in lieu of an arrest...your choice... don't get booked no matter who you,age,race, does not she'll comply next time she breaks the law...good job Officer keep it up...

Cody Reel: Good luck getting hired with that criminal record.

C6co66: Bullcrap she wanted to get out of a ticket, if she wanted to hurry it up, I would have had my license and whatever else he needs ready, give it to him then as he is looking over it, explain the situation maybe then he could have said alright ma m I'll let you off with a warning, but Americans think they own the world. 77 or not abide the rules, isn't that right?

verygoodvibes: Hey Huma17 - you are scum and need to move to a fascist country. america needs to take the guns away from the government and arm only the people. then we will be free again. no need for this fascist government scum. shes a bee-atch? we need to legalize drugs to free america from drug dealing cops and scum bag 2 bit drug dealer punks who call people bee-atchs. gangs pay the cops off to protect them with drug money that wouldnt exist if drugs were legal.people need guns and to legalize drugs.

Rufus O'Day: I agree that police should not use heavy handed tactics... But you continue to ignore the facts... This woman was rude, assertive and challenging, she treated this cop like he was her child and she was the boss... She deserved to be arrested.

Allen-Nelson Boisjoli: since when do paid PUBLIC SERVANTS have the right to assault their employers for a non-crime??

Deborah Barclay: He doesn't SEE the PUBLIC as human beings, he Sees them as 'things' to target for arrests so he can exercise his Muscles and Abuse the 'accused'. Authority positions unfortunately attract 'abusers'.

dan o: I don't get it. The woman first said, "Ok, but quickly. I have to use the bathroom." TMI, but pretty legit. Then the cop got angry. After that, the man said that she should get out or she will go to jail. The woman said, "Go ahead." THEN, she told him to let go of her. Then he DRAGS HER OUT. At the end, I don't know who really did the good thing.

John Rennie: you're also a F U C K E N ass hole you have no respect for society whatsoever just by what you say. About the people who raise your country and made it what it is. You are probably nothing but a welfare bum sitting on your arse. Thinking everything is going to be force fed to you and you deserve it, you inconsiderate bastard, another leech on society

dackmont: Here's all the cop would have had to do to keep this from escalating: Show a little politeness and concern. Just acknowledge her condition, & promise to expedite. That's it. She only resisted because he didn't do that. I don't want a cop like this in my neighborhood. I want someone who has enough common sense to be courteous & patient with old & sick people. He may have had the right to escalate, but it was cruel and stupid to do so. He will likely keep pushing the limit until disciplined.

lightfoot2471: another nazi thug terrorizing America

Imari Hooper: What the hell are you talking about?! Whats your problem anyways you need to chill out. Are you mad that I said the part where he calls for backup was funny or because I said I would've done the same thing? Wow you are pissed off! And did you just call me a scum? Lame. You must have a really long stick up your ass!

Deborah Barclay: She didn't refuse to show the PIG cop her license and registration, she was in the middle of telling the PIG that she had a medical condition and he cut her off and LIED about her refusing to show him her papers. He tells her to get out of the car and as she attempts to, he grabs her arm and twists it: he committed an Assault. He Provoked and Assaulted the woman so he could Falsely arrest her and is what PIG cops DO and we as a People need to get these PIGS off the FORCE.

TheUnderscore Landmister: She's just plain stupid.

Allen-Nelson Boisjoli: i agree, a little courtesy. and manners from our PUBLIC SERVANTS to their employers...the american people!!! sadist cop...You are FIRED!!

John Rennie: you toy with such things you make little or nothing of the abuse your United States police in the state of Texas are doing in abusing people. We all saw Rodney King. Being beaten up and drag from his transport by about 10 cops excuse me PIGS. And too numerous to mention other issues that I can cite if I take the time/your comments are brainless spineless probably a welfare bum. Ward of the state. And I'm Canadian know you can't kick my ass.

David tarmin: what a pickle head!

John Rennie: ass hole

Allen-Nelson Boisjoli: didn't do anything wrong!! are you retarded or something?? Since when did we hire cops to assault and harass the elderly for a victimless alleged crime??

steelersrock1011: because the 19 year old boy can put up a fight ..a 19 year old boy can run fast they can fight ..they don't use a can to walk from there car ...they don't have to park in a handicapped parking space because they can't walk that good from there car ..a 19 your old kid don't have to do all those things that old people do ...that's why people like my self would have had a different story if this was a 19 year old and not a 77 year old

starr5642: how so?

Jørn Jacobsen: Yes, he should be sued.

Allen-Nelson Boisjoli: hola!! finally a voice of reason...there is hope!!

1thess523: It's amazing how people of all ages think that an officer of the law is high school hall monitor and they can tell to jump off a cliff and think it's no big deal. Well grandma it doesn't work that way!

scytheka: So what? She was uncooperative. She was not a threat. The cop could just as easily de-escalated by taking a moment to listen to her instead of playing "I'm the boss" one-upsmanship with a 77-year-old woman. What was his hurry?

John Chicoine: She is a 77 year old woman that has a med problem, whats wrong with you

katbyte6lo: sorry, but the cop shouldnt treat the lady like that. nobody should treat a 77 year old lady like that. of course shes going to be cranky, shes 77! he can use common sense of humanity to defuse the situation. she is no threat.

steelersrock1011: remember old people are not in the good health us younger people are ..she even tried to tell him she had a medical issue he acted like he didn't give 2 craps about that ..he treated her like a 21 year old the way he pulled her out of that car ..he used more force then was necessary me he used unnecessary force..what if that lady broke her hip as she was pulled out the car?old people die form stuff like that ..he let the power his badge give him go to his head..he overreacted for sure

Oscar Sterling: so sad to see a united state cop do this to a untied state woman i bet he sleep good at night i know the devil do.

diablo460: I am totally agree :D

riordanfan13: This is disgusting. Cops really are pigs.
Cop Drags 77-Year-Old Grandma Out of Car, Police Chief 3.2 out of 5

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Cop Drags 77-Year-Old Grandma Out of Car, Police Chief