Accuracy International AX 308 Rifle Review

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ShootFit: John, i got an AE MKII in 308, I love the rifle. Do you think it would be worth to upgrade to the latest AW version? It would be a steel banger/comp gun for up to 1,000. Probably in 260 as i like the lapua brass better instead of the hornady brass in 6.5 Creedmoor. 

joseph meiguoren: Hi guys...hope John sees my comment. Talking to a rep about this AI tomorrow.
Could this rifle push past 1500 yds. (using the right round...of course?)

David Waller: Someone was kind enough to let me shoot theirs at our 100 metre local indoor range. Fired just 3 rounds thought only one hit the target and 2 missed but all 3 rounds went through the same hole in a tiny clover leaf pattern. It was the first time I'd shot one. Impressive accuracy.

Star Qoqaz: جيد جيد جيد   good goon

Wilson Carmine: Can the AX grip be replaced with the AW grip as i find it easier to hold

sanitydistortion: Maybe! A bit bigger ejection port, so one can topload it without removing the mag. 

Stewart Holmes: Very nice review. I will give this a closer look. 

Babymaker twosixsevenfive: Nice weapon

Q.R.F. CombatVet: Love the rifle, just wish the mags didn't cost so much. Also I prefer a Harris bipod. I do not like that bipod but that is a easy fix.

Q.R.F. CombatVet: It is a shame thou magazines for this bolt action sniper rifle and the semi auto rifles, the magazines cost $50

shannon Couch: Hey mate the ax .338 aloows interchangable barrels for different cals. Does ghe ax .308 support that and if so can you change the barrel to change the 308 to a .338?

YuanMizzle: Can you slide in a 10 round magazine from the side with the rifle at its lowest position at the 17:00 mark?

tacfoley: Two words.

Desert Tech.


Gunter Krebs: Nice review but there are other rifles out there where u can change mag in lowest possible position ..... also 10 round mag like my Steyr SSG 08. even better here is I can change it left and right no problem at all. I total like the AI rifles but I think the price tag does not reflect the value hope there is a little adjustment in the future .... for 5 grand I would like to buy a AX but 7G I need to talk my self in to it for some more time :) 

Luke Barbour: How a rifle review should be done. Thanks!

Thang Acoustic: what is the name song ??

Christopher Challis: Very thorough, informative and well presented video

oyaknow42: Can you review the Leupold mark 6 3-18x44 thats on that rife? 

minervius: Hi John !
I just bought the AX338-27" with 3 spare mags.
I noticed that I have stark problems with the mags dropping free.
when I depress the release catch the mag often times does not come out.
Do you know of that problem ? ( any ideas how to fix it without taking out filing of the realease catch ? )

ps: the production quality of this vid still is one of the best I've seen so far

usscharlottessn766: So how much will I have to pony up to purchase? 
Accuracy International AX 308 Rifle Review 5 out of 5

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Accuracy International AX 308 Rifle Review