Accuracy International AX 308 Rifle Review

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Hridoy Mahbub: Bangladesh Army cammando has it!

Dave Vernon: This mon licks dogs bollox

Key Stone: Too bad their ideals about our 2nd Amendment and liberty's don't suit them! Crap guns for crap company.

Bill Adolf: I need you to send me that rifle for review. But don't expect it back soon( ever).

Barney Go: Very professional. Well done. Most informative. I don't look for faults... I would rather look for potential. Bravo, folks!!

Michael Richardson: Hi John,
I have the AI AXMC in 300 win mag, topped of with a S&B 5-25 x 56 PM2 p4f ret It is a superb rifle I regularly produce a 1 inch 5 shot group at 600 yards, I have never found a rifle to match it. Best group to date was 3inch at 1000 yards

Like the show keep up the good work

vizioneer11: Smith Enterprises m14 mod 0

Podol Podol: хуйня

Lawrence van Rijn: disassemble and show possible issues to consider for cleaning and maintenance would be nice! (cleaning seldom has issues, but covering it remains to have value)

Long John: I recently had the AI Chassis for this gun in my hands. I was looking for the Tonka logo. What? A plastic POS. AI is the god of rifles and Remington gets hell for making a plastic stock. Just goes to show you if you make it expensive for no reason, Idiots will pay a ton of money for it. Price of the AI Chassis was 1500.00 LOL. For a molded piece of plastic, give me a dam break. These Chassis manufactures are high on something, so we all need to stop buying their crap to bring the prices down to sensible levels. Go buy a Savage or a Remington and buy and then customize a good fiberglass stock and you will be able to shoot just as good as this AI and save thousands. If you do not think so, go check out Markandsams page for extreme long range shots, not one of his rifles are this ridiculously priced and are just as accurate. Most are stock rifles with different stocks and brakes on them, all putting sub MOA rounds down range. Some are able to shoot holes thru holes.

me2ontube: 1 of the absolute best reviews i ever saw - thx a million

joseph meiguoren: I have this rifle 16 should be renamed..."Can't Miss." Warning...when you get use to the magazine, bolt action, lack of recoil...incredible fit of the may never be satisfied with anything else.

Chenye Yu: Raise your hands Warface fans

VividEradicator: Where my CSGO fans at?

wazza544: Informative, and elegantly executed video.

Tim Harder: How do I buy one living in Canada???

jamrogers: That scope doesn't do this rifle justice.

Tony Tonyson: does this rifle have a double feed ramp to take the double stack mags? will a standard rem 700 action with single feed ramp chamber rounds from double stack mags ok?

Justin Eplin: What was the barrel length? Looks killer with the rail.

eox555: Love the music.
Accuracy International AX 308 Rifle Review 5 out of 5

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Accuracy International AX 308 Rifle Review