C96 Disassembly And Reassembly

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Rodrigo Meneses: Awesome !!!
The know how in design for that period, outstanding .

wtacsmg: a very usfeul video thanks

Stefano Pavone: Happy 120th Birthday, Mauser C96! :)

Wolfgang - The Gun Doctor: I'm a full-time, professional gunsmith and am VERY IMPRESSED w/ your video.
Thank you!

CUBETechie: can i but an stack magazine inside? when i open the floor plate?

Eliza: V

Ijaz Tahirkheli: this could be useful

Lawrence Rhodes: Compared to the average modern military firearm, older weapons are much simpler.

Lawrence Rhodes: Nope, it's too expensive to manufacture this firearm. If any replicas were to be made, they'd only be slightly lower in price than the original historic ones, and who would buy a replica for the same price as a historic firearm when those are available for a few bucks more?

Karl The Fragr: I'm guessing you don't fire it since the internals appear to be pretty much bone-dry.

Matthew Wong: Should there be any up down movement on the bolt stop along with the normal back to front?

Matthew Wong: Hey I m getting a c96 bolo like yours in the video and I noticed your bolt extension hole for the bolt stop is slightly deformed (probably from hot ammo?) mine is like that as well and I was wondering if you had any problems with shooting it?

1337fraggzb00N: dunno :D

TaZ101SAGA: Very interesting firearm

BulletShogun: i want one.... do any companies reproduce this gun?

NormanMatchem: Not all of them; M1911 can be completely stripped to pieces without using any tools whatsoever (Try that on a Glock or CZ75 lol), as can an SKS-45 (If you consider that old) minus the firing pin/extractor, and the M1891 is reknown for simplicity. The M1 'Garand' and M1 Carbine can also be easily stripped to nothing in a couple minutes with just a casing. P35 (Hi Power) also needs no tools for a complete disassembly/reassembly, though the trigger can prove difficult on rare occasions. Ah, history

NormanMatchem: Stellar video. To think when this pistol design was completed, semi autos were nigh unheard of, the M1895 was state of the art, the M1891 was still a very young rifle, and there were more Lee Metfords than Lee Enfields. Hollow points were allowed in the military, new-fangled bolt action rifles were beginning to become more prominent, and black powder was still widely used. Fascinating. Mind if I ask when that gorgeous piece of history was manufactured?

1337fraggzb00N: Here in Germany we have some weird laws: we are allowed to own the parts, but it´s forbidden to use them. That´s not specifically for guns, a few years ago it was allowed to own Radios that were able to receive police frequencies but it was forbidden to insert batteries *lol*

1337fraggzb00N: A complete set (C96, buttstock, leather pouch, tools) in perfect condition would cost about 2000-3000€ (dunno what´s that in US$). The original is not 9mm, it has the Mauser typical 7,63x25mm Parabellum. You can get cheap modification parts to make it full auto, the parts are legel to buy, but of course it depends on local laws if it´s legal to build them in.

MuffpuffZ: How much would a C96 cost? I plan on getting one in a few years ;)
C96 disassembly and reassembly 5 out of 5

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C96 disassembly and reassembly