Bodycon Birthday Dress OOTD (+cute Card. Recognize.)

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Bodycon Birthday Dress OOTD ♡ (+cute card. recognize.)
Bodycon Birthday Dress OOTD ♡ (+cute card. recognize.)
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FashionGoddess808: Check Out My Beauty Channel!♥

anisasanswers: Your the only person who. I d'état ands that dresses need sleeves! I think they look more elegant that way. You look beautiful! :D

Chelsea Beckworth: You're so tiny!!! Haha so beautiful!!!

Brenda Carreira: I missed your outfits of the day :) love em

simpledishes: Aww such an adorable card!

chocothundaaa: Why Leighann is not a model is beyond me!

Irene Ulvkaitt: I am sagitarious too! ^^ cute dress btw

carofishy: "it, like, takes the form of a woman" hahaha so funny. p.s. your waist is TINY

TGIFtomorrow: That. Bod.

Sally Mcjohnson: *cute Dx

Stefanie T.: omg how amazing is your figure leighann,so jealous :((

money1177: you and your sister are both sags oh yeah

ShadesofSteph: I love your dress!!!

tabethab2002: I totally read bodycon as bacon. Lol I was like why is she wearing a bacon dress. Lol.

Ek ekr: you're so skinny and so beautifulll

Elizabeth Mathews: Love the dress. If I was the bride at the wedding you wore that too, I would throw you out! Haha.

staceyxoxo911: Your like a girly bunny ( graveyardgirl)

Alovesthe411: eye tutorial pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!

Rose Kimberly: your body amazing!

YourBeastRoy: You def fill in that stripe nicely =]

TheBombshellSuite: Giiiiiiiirl, you smokin!!! xoxoxox

raachelstrokesponies: Your body's insane

Abby Renee: i know you hear this all this time, but you have the perfect figure!! i almost can't even watch your OOTD's... i get too jealous!! ahhhhh haha. but anyway you look beautiful and i love your style. :)

alisonfxoxo: You're so pretty. The dress looks amazing on you!

Jennifer Cunningham: I hate you Leighann...your figure is incredible...OMG!!!!!

Sally Mcjohnson: Your so cutr

Mslector: My birthday is the 15th ;) cute outfit !

Mrsdepp2008: well , if you had a body like leighanne, then the stripe would take that shape ! wow rockin bod girl!!

monica zavala: Love love your dress!!!! Gives you a great figure.

sylvie droz: omg you have a fantastic figure!

Dana Gilpatrick: Where is the cute card from?????

MilliesVlog: love this ootd

Kandy CyrstalHeartsCan'tLove: love the dress :)

thesamanthayang: Love the dress your wearing.

christieflips: You have the tiniest waist EVER. You're gorgeous.

lovelaceandlavender: I can't find the Go Jane ring anywhere :( Does anyone know if it is still available? \

OliviaLovesYuuu: Can you please do some kind of workout routine video ? Your waist is sooo tiny .

asdfghjkristen418: Good lawd you are skinny. SO BEAUTIFUL.

Jenna G: i kid you not i can totally see you in a victoria secret mag (:

faithblessed: Its my birthday today too!

carofishy: you responding to my comment just made my youu

sonia c: You have an amazing body =) You are my motivation

leighannsays: woman shaped stripes are the best ;)

Chelsey Cao: "Hey girl, why you so cute?" LOL love the dress!!! <3 xoxo

Adele f: crey bc your body

leighannsays: <3 xo

LauraLynn Nicole: lol why dont you take off the nail polish after you test it?

Shabonna100: Cute cute cute!!

nataleenicholex3: Your camera/lighting quality is the BEST ON YOUTUBE ever! <333

Tori Quinlan: You look great but I'm not fond of the dress. Idk not my thing. I think without the white stripe I would love it.
Bodycon Birthday Dress OOTD ♡ (+cute card. recognize.) 4.9 out of 5

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Bodycon Birthday Dress OOTD ♡ (+cute card. recognize.)