Filleting Salmon Instructions And Salmon Fillet Lessons

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hunterjacob2: Thanks so much for the video helped a lot I had to do 3 salmon and it was my first time. didn't do it exactly as perfect as you but it still came out good.

Rohdes0: i agree with you there id be surprised if that guy has any fingers left by the time hes done his salmon I wouldn't recommend anyone follow this guy's way as its way to dangerous and long-winded

five0pd310: @mikecorbeil I like the skin on with most freshwater, scaled fish. It adds crispiness and flavor. Of course some fish skins are way to tough.

mikecorbeil: @five0pd310 Fish is better, but we have to be very careful, with all of the toxic pollution humans have caused.

mikecorbeil: @five0pd310 Fish skins can be very tender. I never skinned troutI caught, fe, and don't think a person would need to skin a catfish, except for maybe the largest ones, eels, even walleye or bass. The latter two can be de-scaled and then baked, fe, and their skin will be easy to eat. It's the scales that're bothersome, based on my experiences anyway. I always liked roasted chickens skin, after good roasting. It isn't healthy for me in some ways, but I like it. Fish is better.

five0pd310: @mikecorbeil I like the way some fish skins add an extra crispness to the plate, but as you mentioned, some fishes skins would be too tough for that. It's just a matter of personal taste, I guess.

mikecorbeil: @five0pd310 I also wonder if there'ld be any health benefit from eating the skin along with the fish's flesh, when the fish has no scales or has extremely tiny scales, or scales have been removed. That's only for fish caught in NON-polluted or non-poisoned waters, since some otherwise great waters have natural presence of mercury at dangerous levels for human health. There's a small lake or sizable pond well within Algonquin Park in Ontario, Ca, with high merc. content, naturally

mikecorbeil: @five0pd310 You're right for storage. When that's the intention, then the skin should definitely be kept in place. But I wonder if we need to remove the skin before cooking or eating salmon. I sometimes fished for brook trout and, later, also brown trout in some brooks in southeastern Quebec, and the waters were clean, healthy. I never removed the skin, which was always very tender. The scales are too tiny to be noticed when chewing. But maybe larger specimen have tough skin tho.

five0pd310: @mikecorbeil Storing salmon without skin will make the meat more likely to fall apart or be mushy. That's been my experience anyway.

mikecorbeil: Why did the guy not remove the skin ? It could be easily done with a good filet knife.

GamerProductz: @AimForTheTeeth Nope o.o

Kevin Kim: @GamerProductz never had smoked salmon?

GamerProductz: @jbeath WTf o.o" you mean like 'SMoking Smoking' or Smoking?

John L. Beath: @michigankilla The belly meat has more fat and oil making it good for smoking.

Armend T: @jpark907 you angle your blade down to the bones. This is one of the best videos on how to tak the rib bones out without loosing some of that meat.

michigankilla: Question. Why is the belly meat important? I was under the impression that all of the pcb's and other chemicals the fish ingests throughout its life are mostly stored in the belly fat. Just wondering why it is good.

John Park: I was wondering do you angle the knife slightly into the back bone as you slide it through?

viggy123: and theres no small bones you have to pick out?

Craig Arndt: Mmmmmmm. Love salmon, good work.
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Filleting salmon instructions and salmon fillet lessons