40 Meter Inverted V Antenna - Build, Tune & Test!

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40 Meter Inverted V Antenna - Build. Tune & Test!
40 Meter Inverted V Antenna - Build. Tune & Test!
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Norman Davis: Instead of soldering the antenna leads to the center insulator, I have found standard plastic wire nuts do as good a job. I insulate the wire nuts with uncured rubber tape. Several of my dipoles using this method have been up for 8 years and have given me no trouble at all.

Ekawan Tamtama: Dave, thanks for your simple, nice and clear tutorial. 73 from Indonesia

R.W. LeBlanc: Dave I have a question Hope it don't sound dumb but i was wondering can the inverted v antennas have to be in an inverted v could you stretch it out horizontal 
or would they not work good as a horizontal instead of an inverted V

mykenwood830: Dave , Im putting up a W8AMZ G5RV Jr. in the inverted V configuration. My issue is that the ladder line and coax will have to drop down only about 3 feet or so and then go in a horazontal to my upstairs ham shack. Is this going to cause major problems with the efficiency of the antenna and or throw my SWR's completly out of wack ??

itsjimmyo: Dave you make great video's thanks.. I like your tilt tower, any chance on getting the plans on how to make that I do a LOT of welding and can't see buying one thanks again KF5AXY...

Bill Clark: Great video ..what a beautiful spot you have in KS..I am an FM enthusiast but know nothing about ham radio. I know a bit more thx
Windham vt

COPE Farms: Best how to video ever for dipole antennas. Thank you so much for sharing. Im sure it has helped many people like myself.

Rob Knight: What kind of tower do you have and how tall is it?

Dave Mitchell: I've been building antennas over 56 years and I've found a better way to adjust the length of the inverted vee legs WITHOUT AN SWR ANALYZER!  We know that a quarter-wave antenna length in feet is 234 divided by the frequency in MegaHertz.  But take your first SWR readings across the band (in this case 40 meters) and find where the SWR "dip" is.  Then decide where you actually want it to dip (say the middle of the band) multiply that frequency times the length and that becomes your new "constant" instead of 234.  Use that new constant to figure the difference between original length and the length you want for the new "dip" (such as the center of the band).  The difference will be in feet (such as .25 feet).  Convert to inches (such as .25 feet = 3 inches) and shorten (or lengthen) each leg of the inverted vee that much, and VOILA!! 

Michael Lloyd: If you put RTV on your connection just before you slide the heat shrink down when the tubing shrinks it "squishes" the RTV out and around the connector and forms a nice water tight seal. I do this on boat wiring and it works great.

Sidney Boudro: Good antenna school thanks. There was something about feeding the HF antenna somewhat off center and I don't remember which is longer the center conductor or the braid.

Sidney Boudro: How much does that tight wound 5 turn choke on each half the dipole shorten the antenna? I am trying to remember something else. Do you attach the brad out some distance from the center to make a better impedance match?

Morse Code: Very useful, thanks!

Whitey: Thanks for posting a video which is easy to understand from start to finish. My GAP Titan DX vertical is down for repairs, so I am new to homemade wire antennas, and this is the best video I have seen so far. I will be subscribing and going through your old videos. Right now I have a 40 meter Double Bazooka on the way, but I can see with the right equipment a homebrew antenna has an advantage with lower costs, and putting up an antenna to fit one's location needs. WV8FKG

Andrew McKay: New to amateur radio.  What does it mean when you're saying you're One Delta Kansas?  Managed to follow most of the contacts but I'm not familiar with exactly what that means.

mowtown75: Hi Dave, very metodical, great vid.  Is that a Balun or just a connector please?  what would it be called?
suspecting its not a balun as you are adjusting the angle of radiators for ohms match?  ta Tim VK8FLLA

divchief07ut: Nice video!   Hope to build one when I get a HF rig.

berkmanyt: Dave just  re-watched several antenna video…nice job .

skutman1: I'd just made ​​an antenna from a friend bought :)
40 Meter Inverted V Antenna - Build, Tune & Test! 5 out of 5

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40 Meter Inverted V Antenna - Build, Tune & Test!