W123 240D (Neca) 1000000 KM

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We've reached 1.000.000 fans on Facebook!
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El Tanque Mercedes W123

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Alessandro Capoccia: and now you have a new car sir.

zivojin pavlovic: Svaka Čast! 1000000km

peltsi40: @Sledolad You are right. It was altough chassis which had 4 000 000 km. Engine had been changed twice.

aleksandrburdijan: ну и нахуй кому это надо на стенде спидометр крутить?

xoWer64: Congratulations; you have a new Mercedes.xDDD

triverBY: У меня уже по второму кругу 396 тыс

deserteagle1010: @MrRevolution53 as the speedo shows, it's kmh! :) It's a 2400 old diesel engine, even when new it wasn't exactly fast But even if you take 15 minutes more to arrive, those cars will always take you there, while there's no chance a ferrari could possible do such a thing :D

moreda90racing: LOL xD

coolakiIlen007: i just bought an -83 240D with only 335000kms! :) its a longsitter but fired up like nothing.. check videos on my channel :)

Anders Lindh: Thats like 1 million swedish crowns in petrol only... :O

kellogs345: deutschland unter aller sau!

Zoltan Benedek: I had an MB100D with the same engine output, bought it on 600000 km, used it 10 years for work and recently sold it near 2000000 km and still running. Best engines ever made!

Luís Machado: tá novo... ;)

Rcflyyer1: YAY! Now you can say you bought it new but never drove it until now :) Impress your friends ;)

w0r7h: my father's car Nissan vannete is on 1 300 000 kms and still running on the street :D with 2.0 Diesel engine

librano: wow! they just dont make cars like they used to. W123 series my favorite car to drive... majestic, solid, classic. a true gem of motoring excellence!

MrAirshot: diesel for ever

Taggy60505: @retetikker Yes... a friend of mine got a W211 220 CDI with 1.3 million km on it...

fantomr100rt: HEIL 4 REICH!-THE car of 20 century !-

kleeven rochon: She is bran new HAHAHAHAHA

Vahagn Barseghyan: hahah lol yeah!

Simone Nge: lol

pietsprockgermany: great... i´m on my way to the million... actually 547.500 km with my skoda fabia ;-)

themag221: JAJAJA for sure, Now try to sale it saying that is new.. ;l

zosinternational: only a mercedes can make such much kilomters i read also about a 190d here in bodegraven the netherlands

1277479 .: Viva Deutschland

Sanel Zepcan: ja je ali malo sutra kako daj ne prcaj te gluposti taj auto je nev jer se vidi po satu daj dobar i neostecen a sat se uvijek moze podesiti na 999999999 pa sacekati da prebaci.


VW00794: Congratulations! Now slow down.

superstylo91: no problem for AND with the engine!

Aaron P: mines got 500,000 km's on it with the original 4 speed manual transmission

marcoboss81: W Mercedes!!!

MrKatano: Só podia ser um Mercedes mesmo

muuuciek: I mamy nowe auto :D

Kosti Hakkarainen: ihave 571t kms on my 204d diesel -86

VAJOWLES: WOW, you have taken care of your car well. That car will make a great heirloom.

Aaron P: would of been such a problem to add a million mile number to these odometers

lionel350: dont see alot of cars going that distance congrats

betlemaniaco: [iminent=zkwbgAgUWfOB] Quiero uno... _____________ I have just posted a cool Emoticon!

Massimo Pallara: 1 million of km with original engine?

Hansi Maier: From 0 to 0 - That is a Mercedes-Benz privilege! :D

петро чуб: Да где то на стенде спидометр крутят а нам лапшу на уши вешают

techndeck: Lol Imagine. Care for sale! Like new, fully loaded 1 million KM's :o

m1rchegfn: GERMAN POWER !

kleeven rochon: She is new

VideospotterDE (HamburgMobile): Upload the next video when you reach the 10.000.000 KM. Don't worry, it's a german car! :D

TheAMGDriver: @MrRevolution53 130 kmh not miles

themag221: because they wouldn't make enough money... Mercedes were the first to introduce diesel car in the market, but at before they started saling those cars, they made a big mistake, they did not test their car for long term effect. So, in fact, mercedes builted some so good engine and tuffs one that they did not brake down at all, because at the time it was a new technologi, so if they wanted that people believe in this it had to be good car... but it was too good

zixsix: Grande momento do Neca. Gostava de ver essa maquina

ltfkrkc: i saw a w124 which had 600.000 km without any mending...! good engines on MB!!
W123 240D (Neca) 1000000 KM 4.8 out of 5

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W123 240D (Neca) 1000000 KM