Using A Skillet Vapor Dome - Smoking Budder Concentrates

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Using a Skillet Vapor Dome - smoking budder concentrates
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flashman422: dude you have really nice hands no joke

SuperYoungNigerian: @jschneib sorry to be the barrier of bad news but youtube deleted chubbs crap because he was getting to "big"

Robert Goldberg: Makes you cough cause the smoke is sooo god damn hot! Which is also why you really shouldn't hold that smoke in, burn yo lungs!!

MrLonelyStoner: I freakin love that dubstep makes bounce everytime and start pretending to scratch or some crap

Dat Nigga T: @MastahRolla I'm also from canada which is why i'm familiar with the pad. I guess your right it could be a lower grade titanium but it really doesnt work well compared to the proper ones. Are you in Toronto area? I know of a few places, also i order all my rigs and stuff online now from aqualab and other sources. Thanks for responding your a really cool guy

zena0zane: How much smoother is it than a hit with weed?

MastahRolla: @Weeman353 They are just straight steal, they rust like a bitch... Ive been using these nails for years as cleaners/pokeys and such. Still not great for this, a glass pokey is better(i have one at the dragon) but it works. I also dont use them more then once or twice.

MastahRolla: @LOLenerGy less even

hbsassassin: @MrDubDisciple Most paper clips are steel with a crapty coating to prevent oxidation, I can imagine that can not be good to smoke. But cheap ideas I can think of off the top of my head is really anything stainless steel. I use a stainless steel shish kabob skewer. They're like $5 at a grocery store for a pack. They might be a little long but just them down to size, And if you really don't want to spend any money and have a old fork laying around cut off a prong. Most forks are stainless steel.

MrKhaliGreen: 45 degree male on a 90 degree female?! wtf.....

MastahRolla: @jschneib Wow... I try and show my viewers all types of smoking related stuff... Concentrates are something I have never really touched on much in the past, so I have posted a few videos showing the process. Do not fear, I will always continue to post a variety of stuff, all smoking related! As for the stop motion, there is a HUGE portion of my viewers who do not like those... Not every video will be for everyone... Sorry you dont like these ones.

Tyler Scoggins: name of song?

Ihasface: so it worth making budder? or would you rather just have the weed? like if i only have an o for example

OneMoarNeverHurt: 90 degree swing yo

Riley Castillo: I think you are right about that not even being Ti, I paid only 50 for my arm and Ti 2 pad and mine turns glowing red when i heat it up with my torch, your hit also looked really weak for the amount of budder you just used,

N8Baked: Why diden't you get a 90 degree skillet?

WeedSmoker215: "the way to tell is to touch your finger and if it really hurts, its hot enough, wait thats a terrible idea dont freaking do that" haha yeah when you said the i was like what the freak are you thinking

MastahRolla: @PwnedByPopoff Interesting, never tried it. Any benefit? or any particular reason?

Brandon beach: Look what time the video ends xD 4:20

MastahRolla: @patio86 yup a joint is nice as well. just something different here....

MastahRolla: @Weeman353 I just checked, it labeled as "steel coat'... But I added an annotation, and will make a short vid once I finally get my glass dabber.


General420smoke: @UrMumLovesMyBigCork ye lol if u ever seen hashbean420 on youtube that guy takes 75 bong hits of concentrates, he makes concentrates from all of his harvest lol

MA supaskunk: dude you have the wrong curve... you're using a 45* when you need a 90* your product looks horrid, you arent SMOKING the concentrate you're vaping it. and btw TI at red hot is only 400* F you're a nub. learn before you post video's

MastahRolla: @ganjacreator your still a crazy freaker!

WeedSmoker215: just curious, since oil is so much more concentrated than regular weed, if your smoking good oil, about how much does it take to get your good and high

Chris Auyeung: @UrMumLovesMyBigCork just take shrooms, it'll demolish your tolerance.

MastahRolla: @taberman In Canada, I cant find any for cheaper... And, it is a ti pad, it has titanium oxide on it from heating it. It is a ti3 pad tho(we believe), ti2 is the best grade for this purpose.

hbsassassin: please tell me that is not a galvanized nail because inhaling the fumes can cause you to go insane. Just watching out for your health. Keep on smoking man.

MastahRolla: lol yeh, the dragon didnt have a 90o at the time... Ive also upgraded to a better ti plate too

MastahRolla: @reyo88 Yeh, under the amount of light I use, you wont see it glow red...

patio86: stash is too expensive for me to risk putting a bunch of butane through it. I'll stick to plant material.

Chris Ribeiro: @hbsassassin Would a paper clip straightened and then doubled back work? Those glass dabbers are quite a bit to spend when a lot of us don't get concentrates on the regular.

AudibleVisible: Red hot TI most definitely exceeds 400 degrees F. To the moron down there

Aeschrr: @WeedSmoker215 Depends on your tolerance. As a 38 year smoker of flowers, and a steady user of concentrates for the last 3 years; a pea sized dab of good BHO will get me medicated ( close to smoking a spoon bowl of nice, crystally flowers)

odysssseey: haha, to tell when it's hot enough you touch the plate and when it hurts alot its hot enough... wait... noooo don't do that

iamalex4life: you need a better torch

Kay Jay: whats the song name

Grim Reefer: Lmao thanks for the valuable lesson at 2:55

TheDorko80: can u use a standered light for the skilelt?

Dunkin Deeznuts: mastah plz dont smoke 2 much concentrates because ur resistance will build up and after a while weed wont even get you high and the only thing u will smoke is hash and oils and that isnt as interesting as smoking and lookin at nice buds.

Dat Nigga T: @MastahRolla You got ripped bro our shop gets those for 20 wholesale and charges 45 retail. And I'm pretty sure the pad isnt even titanium.

gooby pls: Can you use vaped weed to make this stuff?

patio86: @MastahRolla I didn't mean to sound harsh or anything. I would totally do crap like this if I had the resources to be creative. I just don't. gotta be creative with the pieces I use to smoke instead :)

MastahRolla: @VLADMONKEY101 of course. The titanium is expensive as hell. 80 bucks for the arm...

VLADMONKEY101: Hey much did that skillet cost? and did u get it at the dragon?

David Popoff: heat from the bottom


Aeschrr: Nice earwax, mate!

gchevelle95: Seems like to much work i would rather just smoke a joint or blunt
Using a Skillet Vapor Dome - smoking budder concentrates 4.5 out of 5

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Using a Skillet Vapor Dome - smoking budder concentrates