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Braver Junge: Very nice video. Not the notorious "Look, I can escape a straight jacket" ... using toy straight jackets without loops. This one has loops at its side, and they seem to be effective. Guy struggling seriously trying to escape - and he wasn't that bad at it, looking for a tool to undo a buckle - but the jacket wins. As icing on the cake some spanking, and a guy with good humor to take it.

villis2: ..great fun all the way like it always should be.. truly such a nice video.. and notice how he´s enjoying the most of it..

Jonathan Seaman: You should make more

kyboots: I agree ball gag him and throw his feet up in the air.

Jonathan Seaman: Loved the video

Bondageboy2012: would be a perfect vid if he were ball gagged and blindfolded.

Jonathan Seaman: Why did he cry at the beginning? What did he mean at 2:50? Did the pants come with the jacket.

Jonathan Seaman: This video is hilarious

Jonathan Seaman: You should have used a taser instead!

Jonathan Seaman: This is really funny, you should make another.

Jonathan Seaman: What kind of straight jacket do you use?

Rebecca Dietrich: they got it at a sex shop Idk where. she let him out not to long after we had stopped recording.

ken coe: How long did you leave him like that

froisieroriginal: he is so funny stupid letting himself being locked up in a straightjacket and then he couldn't pull himself out of his situation anymore! LOL xDD (y)


Bob Box: Rebecca Stout where can I buy one please?

Bob Box: id love to be in one of them
where do you buy them from

DTboy22: freaking cute

LrdXavier: I have the same jacket, and I love it

Hayli Baker: I want a black straight jacket

i Neko: looks more like some BDSM stuff, straight jackets have a loop in front that the sleeves go trough
straight jacket 5 out of 5

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