Best OUYA Games - Chrono Blade, League Of Evil, Vector, No Brake Valet

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Top 10 Ouya Games
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Jadarks: BUy the ouya for 100bucks then buy flash games that you can play for free on any flash game website ...
what a great deal

Edan Yoshiro: Chrono Blade sucking cash |

thetoo822: Should I get this for Christmas or a computer

undeadbobop: The ouya is not open source what so ever. The kernel is about the only thing that might be but it is even modified. There is drm in every title that you can purchase that reverts you to the demo if not online meaning always online drm. Some game developers have fixed this DRM but those are rare and far between since the drm is there by default. Developing for the system is a pain in general much harder than android is with only a few routes to do so.

Agustin Goicoechea: I would like to see league of legends in ouya

Immac (RockLeet): We downloaded no brakes valet with a friend, like at 12am just to check a "bad game" we ended up at 6 am having had so much fun, 2p is where it is at in no brakes Valet

Ashley: Vector is not slow like that on my iPod 5 :P

Gabriel Kusi: they should get spiral knight on there that would be awesome

tipawan78: ChronoBlade is also in open beta on Facebook.

Sam Frankelli: Totally love my Ouya, the games so far are excellent. Great video, great reviews. I didn't want No Brakes Valet until I watched this, looks hella fun

Jay Feet: My parent day I getting one on the middle of July

sean2339: I love my Ouya!

EonHSD: Vector has a huge problem with the framerate. I played it on my Xperia Arc s and I thought this may be fixed on the OUYA.. sad thing

Misternason: Ouya rocks. I can't figure out how to heal in CHRONO BLADE either!

PR1ME E1GH7: Do DubWars next time :)

aspirations: Kind of sounds like you got paid to talk good about the OUYA. But I doubt that you did.

Nate Nics: Unless you have a really new phone, Vector is slow as crap.

Minolta1034: Yeah it was kind of frustrating, although it made the huge jumps way more epic.

Peter McGuire: I wonder why Vector was running so slow. I've seen it in another Ouya review and it plays just fine...

James Tan: Last three are the best!
Best OUYA Games - Chrono Blade, League of Evil, Vector, No Brake Valet 5 out of 5

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Best OUYA Games - Chrono Blade, League of Evil, Vector, No Brake Valet