Cleaning A Menstrual Cup

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lizzymier: Is liquid castille soap ok to use?

Kristine Lear: What bar soap do you use?

missdarque: I found that the holes in my LadyCup would get blood build up in them, and even after washing and boiling the residue would remain, so I'd use a toothpick dipped in lavender essential oil to cleanse the holes. I just think there has to be a better way though. How do you prevent this from happening,or clean it later?

obsidiansugar: Have you heard anything about the ICARE cup on Amazon? i just bought it but hasn't arrived.

One Fine Day: I've used a Diva cup for almost 5 years now. After soap and hot water washing..just drop it in a designated cup and add 1 TBS OXYCLEAN and hot water...leave it for 12 will be clean, stain free and disinfected due to the oxygen production. I use proxy threader flosser to pull through the little holes in the rim.

D.R. Gradybooks: Was wondering about this, so thank you!

Liz Wiecken: i think using adult toy cleaner would work too because its formulated for silicone and its ph balanced.

Jessie Mallard: Feminine

Jessie Mallard: Can you use remaining wash

letLOVEout: If you have mould spores in your vagina, you're doing something very VERY wrong...

ParanormalMasky: how did i get here

ybish y: the easiest thing i've found is to just go into the handicapped bathrm because it has a sink in it & that solves the problem of having to clean the cup when not at home.

hpribot: You're going to put THAT thing in the dishwasher? Making the dishwasher smell like fish and spreading mold inside the machine?

hpribot: You go girl! Tell 'em how it's done.

hpribot: Are you planning on serving coffee or tea right after?

monki cechova: you forgot to mention the microwave oven and sterilization solutions or tablettes (to make a solution at home)...

Summer Noybn: that may have been your problem.. menstrual blood has an odor to start with, if it sits around 12 hours that would make it worse.. and if there is a bacterial problem.. much much worse. Bacteria multiply in a warm moist environment, i think it might be likely that tampons didnt get rid of the problem, just your notice of them, since you wouldnt be handling a tampon much... be careful since with tampons toxic shock IS an issue, a possible life threatening one..

Summer Noybn: if you want to do a clean and are at home, just tuck a little tp between your legs, or keep a couple reusable pads or even cloth diapers (or a washrag) for these occasions, its not that complicated, which is why no one really talks about it.. seems common sense once you do it. It only takes a minute, you dont do the sterilization thing but once a month, AFTER or just before your period, not while on it :). Seriously ive been using these for years and never had an issue.

Summer Noybn: if you are in public and have to change it (which will only happen if you are gone 8 hours or on a very heavy day usually) its not a big deal, just dump, wipe with toilet paper, and reinsert. No biggie. I like my small bathroom cause i just sit on the toilet, reach over, wash out my cup (you dont have to wait for it to dry if you are using soap and water, in fact, wet is better, easier to go in) and reinsert. easypeasy.

MenstrualCupInfo: You should not put these in a dishwasher, the chemicals in there are very bad for your insides.
Cleaning A Menstrual Cup 5 out of 5

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Cleaning A Menstrual Cup