Cleaning A Menstrual Cup

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Queen Simmons: Ok so I have brothers and they stay in my buisness so is it ok if I have steaming hot water in the sink and put the cup in and cleab it?

MenstrualCupInfo: @MerciMeMerciMe -- Some people did manage their cup entirely with soap and water. If fact, some companies are starting to suggest that its ok. For example, they say "if you wish" when they tell you how to sterilize it. And some companies like Keeper do not recommend boiling or sterilizing solutions at all! just a little water and vinegar for a few seconds, then rinse. And again, only if you wish.

cebarker89: can i use baby shampoo to clean the diva cup??

morgannyara: are regular disinfecting wipes safe for menstrual cups

MenstrualCupInfo: @mushinronsha -- if its a gel wash or gel soap, then it should be fine for that purpose. Especially if they say its meant to replace the sterilizing tablets. Or I believe they also have disinfecting wipes? Lunette does too, and they say its fine for monthly sterilizing, or washing when you don't have water. Of course, you should try to wash with soap and water whenever possible. If its only possible once a day or less, ok, but you should try to. I do whenever I empty mine, if I'm at home.

MenstrualCupInfo: Its probably not a good idea to use other kinds of disinfecting wipes, or wipes in general. They may contain other things that should not go inside the vagina, like fragrance, cleaning agents, harsh chemicals, etc. You can either get lunette wipes, ladycup wipes, or just make your own from paper towels soaked in water or rubbing alcohol, then rung out a bit and sealed in a plastic zip bag. Keep it in your pocket.

Brenda Coronado: Interesting, thank you!!

hpribot: Are you planning on serving coffee or tea right after?

O Gir: Thank-you for making another amazing video! You help so many with your work.

colorsmadeoftears: You don't have to do this in public, unless your flow is super heavy, and you don't have to do all of this every time you empty it. Just wipe the outside and re-insert.

letLOVEout: If you have mould spores in your vagina, you're doing something very VERY wrong...

lethikim1990: What are some brand names of unscented, mild soap that I can use to clean the cup?

MenstrualCupInfo: @queensizesimmons -- You don't have to boil it, there are lots of other cleaning methods in the video. You can try just swabbing with rubbing alcohol, and then letting it dry completely (do not soak it, it needs only a minute of contact with alcohol, and the alcohol must be able to evaporate away). Then rinse well with water. But you only have to do that once a month, on the first day of your period. The rest of the time you just rinse with soap and water when you empty, or just water.

mushinronsha: I have not used a menstrual cup before, but I'm thinking about getting the small ladycup. The ladygel soap they sell says it's an alternative for the milton sanitizer. Would it be ok to use that for the daily wash, and the once a month sterilizing?

MenstrualCupInfo: @lethikim1990 -- Pretty much all menstrual cups will sink to the bottom in water that stands still. Basically, its the bubbles coming up from a full rolling boil that keep the cup from staying on the bottom. The water should always be at a rolling boil before you drop the cup in.

MenstrualCupInfo: @cebarker89 -- Some people do, but I've heard int he forums a couple of people saying they feel a greasy or sticky film on the cup after using baby shampoo. Sex toy cleaner or feminine wash might be better. Or a was made by a cup manufacturer.

RawrRiza: Do you just wash the cup well after periods or every time you take it out? Because if I had to let my cup dry for even 5 minutes I'd have to have a pad or something on until the cup was ready.

Bored6: So would this cause a lot of harm if i just use the diva wash to clean the diva cup and not boil it! I spent a lot of money on both the diva cup and wash and i cant afford to buy a new pot and my bf doesnt want me to use his pot to boil it with so will it be really bad if i did not boil it? I cant afford to buy a student on a tight budget!

yumyuminmetumtumify: you could take shower/bath while its drying?

ParanormalMasky: how did i get here

ybish y: the easiest thing i've found is to just go into the handicapped bathrm because it has a sink in it & that solves the problem of having to clean the cup when not at home.

colorsmadeoftears: You can use cups as a virgin. I'll only recommend you choose carefully your brand and size of cup. i eprsonnally recommen the softest cups to virgins, so they are easier to fold for insertion and removal. You can find more info about cup use and even ask questions on this forum : menstrual-cups. livejournal. com (without the spaces).

musicaalful: @Mary6leon you don't need to boil it. also instead of boiling it, you can put it in really hot water and swish it around. you can do this by getting a measuring cup and a sink with a stopper. DO NOT LET IT SIT IN THE HOT WATER!

Lavonnie Carter: Cleanse the cup by boiling it in herbs that are safe for the vagina. So that you are also supplying nutrients to your vagina. since there is nothing there to absorb the nutrients in the vagina. Which is possible what tampons do.

Jessie Mallard: Feminine

cameleon Girl: Very good point. Probably have to have two with you ti insert the other but it would be extremely complicated and messy in my opinion.

tuberlicious05: I'm confused...what do you wear for protection while you are cleaning your cup? What if you're in public?

hpribot: You go girl! Tell 'em how it's done.

hottluv32: great video Melissa! Thanks so much <3

Micheleums: I love how There's tags for popular things at the bottom. Was that a Lunette you sterilized with rubbing alcohol?

vintagerosenz: Taking it out in the shower and bath? Would that be a way to do it without the dripping everywhere while cleaning? That is actually an idea I never thought about..thanks to the girl below who brought it up! I thought I'd try out the meluna so I bought two of those. Ain't cheap!! I also bought tablets and a cleaning kit with it. Seriously sick of uncomfortable pads and awkwardness and wanted a change. Is a good site to buy off? That is who I bought it off and I'm nervous not know

vintagerosenz: -ing their rep and all...

MenstrualCupInfo: @herbert0529 -- Virgins might need some practice before everything is comfortable (even with them, some do and some don't). But other than that, its not supposed to hurt if you're doing it right and using the right cup for your needs. Like if you break the seal first before you pull down, and you have the right size, etc.

S Lal: Is this for each time you change it? How would you do so in public? Or is it for before or after you're done with your period?

Alex Pettibon: are the menstral cups dishwasher safe?

MenstrualCupInfo: @1993lms -- I would strongly advise against that... Hand sanitizer does not just contain alcohol. It contains gelling components, skin treatments, and other things that can harm the vagina, upset its ph, and which may possibly harm the cup. It WILL leave residue. You would be better off getting some paper towels damp with plain rubbing alcohol, and keeping them in a plastic zip bag. But again, let the cup dry completely, and the alcohol evaporate away before putting the cup back in.

angiezilla1980: I have a question about cleaning the cup. I have noticed that when I take me cup out there is some blood in the little hole at the top. (new user of cup) I was having trouble with getting a seal today. I noticed they were really dirty, if those are clean will I always get a seal? And must I twist it? I can't seem to ever do that even if it's open.

PregnantWhaleOnE: I love my divawash, but when it will be empty I don't know what i'll do.

MenstrualCupInfo: @josh9421 -- If a cooking pan is all you have, I would say try to clean it as good as possible first. But if its possible to get a new one specially for this, I would encourage it. It is possible for residue from cooking, and harsh dish washing detergents to get on your cup. That's why its not good to put it in the dish washer either.

Sierra Perea: The bad editing in this video makes me want to die. I get it,you know how to do what you're doing but C'MON! Don't be an ass about it.

adwoajean: Great job and very informative!! Thank you for doing this!!!

Christine1025: Thank you very informative, I just ordered the moon cup uk yesterday ! Can't wait :)

hpribot: You're going to put THAT thing in the dishwasher? Making the dishwasher smell like fish and spreading mold inside the machine?

RawrRiza: Ok, thank you! :)

cameleon Girl: Imagine going to a friends house and they offer you soup and say, this is a great pot, I can clean my mense cup, clean and re use for cooking. So, how does your soup taste lol. Sorry I couldn't help it.

spitandglitter: You could keep a small spray bottle of water in your purse too.

One Fine Day: I've used a Diva cup for almost 5 years now. After soap and hot water washing..just drop it in a designated cup and add 1 TBS OXYCLEAN and hot water...leave it for 12 will be clean, stain free and disinfected due to the oxygen production. I use proxy threader flosser to pull through the little holes in the rim.

vintagerosenz: What do you do when you are washing it for protection? That's one thing no one ever talks about. If you stand up you will drip on the floor and then you go to clean and have to go back to the loo again. Seems really awkward. Really odd how no one talks about this.

Xena of Amphipolis: What I would do is instead of using my own cookware or going out and buying a brand new pan, I would go to the thrift store and buy a good secondhand pot for super cheap and then clean it up really good and just use that exclusively for my cup.

betterthanyou17863: I'm 14 new to the period world yesterday actually a Virgin can i use these please reply specifically to me since i may forget to check the video
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