1990 Ford 7.3 IDI Banks Turbo Diesel

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1990 ford 7.3 IDI banks turbo diesel
1990 ford 7.3 IDI banks turbo diesel
1990 Ford 7.3 IDI with a Banks Turbo
1990 Ford 7.3 IDI with a Banks Turbo
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1984 Ford Banks Turbo 6.9l idi vs 460 gas
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1978 Ford F250 Diesel 6.9 IDI Banks Turbo 4x4
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Ford IDI on the Dyno

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Aldrick GMC: Oh

Aldrick GMC: Did you know that IDI is Detroit Diesel and DI is Powerstroke Diesel Engine and they were both built by International not GM.

Haralabos Lukatos: How much is cost you put turbo in your truck. How many HP more than stock the turbo give you. My 1993 F250 7.3 idi turbo in acceleration sounds like tractor. That sound is normal in diesel engine? Or my truck do missfire. One i know my truck need new glow plugs. Is possible maybe need Adjust the pump or need both pump and injectors replace? I am new in diesel is my first diesel truck

Eli Nathaniel: Damn that really changed the sound. My IDI is straight pipped, and sounds like a gasser after 2000 rpms. How much boost are you running? what is the max you can run? I heard IDI's can only take about 14lbs at max.

manaslazarkevicius22: Best diesel sound EVER !!!

HD5830Gamer: The 5.9 doesn't have the cavitation problem. As it has much thicker cylinder walls than the 7.3 IDI. the 5.9 also doesn't have issues with the pre-chambers cracking. As it doesn't have any. It's a DI engine. Not IDI.

BlueBirdTC2000RE: the high idle deal that holds the throttle open to idle at 1000 roughly?

qestmaster: its the warm up on the thing there really sticky

steve lobs: got ma gun in tha front seat lol

Alex Martin: Haha! I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure low and slow is better for pulling out then jerkin like that. It's almost like be was trying to spin his tires. Low where all your torque is with that diesel and it woulda creeped right out. But w/e he still did a great job pulling the idiot out. Ford diesel to the rescue ;)

xbox360pro1263: You can change an idi to turbo?

DjTymantis: agreed cummins is great but dodge parts just suck

addison_granger: nice cummins in the background

Jesse Ayala: seeing that rifle made my day :D

birds_on_the_pier: that 7.3 will keep running for another 20years as long as its taken care of im buying one now

LongDong Slong: I -3 ford but I think I'd rather have that 12v cummins and I dont even like dodge

skyler simmons: hey how has this thing run since uve had it im looking at buying one do u reccomend it

wysmith95: Beautiful! Nice truck man!

4081dunn: And the funny part your driving a ford with a amazing looking 5.9 1st gen in the driveway lol man

jay cole: @AudioEnterprises sorry man your working with diesels here not to much top end power to be found unless your looking at a dmax and to answer your question the banks turbo will help from what ive heard i dont know to much on idi's
1990 ford 7.3 IDI banks turbo diesel 5 out of 5

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1990 ford 7.3 IDI banks turbo diesel