The Reeper - Off-Road And Street Legal ATV

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The Reeper - Off-Road and Street Legal ATV
The Reeper - Off-Road and Street Legal ATV
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Gregory Perea: Don't fear the Reaper...?

Dallas Harris: buy a Suzuki samurai for a couple grand and go beat the he'll out of it. take it to the scrap yard and go buy another one. you can do that about 8 times before you can pay for one of these

Lracnolip: how do they get around the safety stuff? i don't think they would be legal every where

Flatzout: a fool and his money are soon parted....piece of crap , end of story.

taxlawSEAL Steuerberater: Just good, but too expensive

james keenan: where to get one in canada

what?: Just buy a jeep wrangler...

Karl Sr: I like this. Just what I've been looking for.

bj fountain: I know they have them n wicksburg alabama and there like 16000

Tim Vance: Rich man's "waste money toy". When I go off road and need a UTV nothing beats a John Deere Gator 855D. I'm not sayin it isn't nice! It is a sweet lookin machine! Just not for me.

John Chaney: saw one on someone's trailer. it looks like my samurai. kinda badass.

J ricky: What happened to the video. That is a bunch of pictures that anyone can upload...

bigbluegpr: Congratulations! You've invented the UTV!!! Oh wait......we've already had those around for several years now!

mgyarnick: Does anyone know if the utvs of off are any good

Antonio paulino araujo: gostaria que me ev progeto

oldschoolman1: A baja bug or beefy beetle will do the same thing. This does look very nice and very fun though. Probably a little too costly for me though.

fishermanroly: You can get a used real dune buggy much cheaper.

LeonRFpoa: Watch my channel. I have an electric one on video and no, it wasn't custom it was made by bad boy carts of Alabama

LeonRFpoa: I seen this one i put up on my channel, they are electric, have like twice the power and can hybridize with a gas OR solar generator.

Richard Hitt: They cost the same as a RZR S, about 14 grand
The Reeper - Off-Road and Street Legal ATV 5 out of 5

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The Reeper - Off-Road and Street Legal ATV