Fix Your Toyota Echo

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Gonzalo Herrera: buena la contribucion mi hermano bien claro todo. buena. yo tengo uno pero hatchback. hace un rato le hice un cambio de bujias que parece nunca se las habian cambiado.

Alexis Aramburo: Una pregunta los cbles que estan en las bujias los rojos para que son que funcion tienen¿

Tim Y (Doc Truth): What an instructive and well thought-out video - excellent!

Haleigh Castner: Great Musica Bro......nice video ..... i love my 2000 ECHO.....

Firuz H: Thanks

Iluminado Gonzalez: Muy bueno el tutorial grs por los datos saludos desde panamà

luis quintero: excelente tutorial me encanta yo tengo un toyota yaris 2002 y necesitaba saber esos pasos muchas gracias al que subio este video para mi no hay mejor behiculo que el toyota echo o el yaris 2002

lui malone: Hola. En esta ocasion, quiero preguntar cuantos soportes de motor lleva un toyota echo 2000 y si es conveniente comprarlos por ebay. Gracias, espero respuesta.

Emanuel perales: Al cambiarle el filtro de la gasolina puede que gaste menos gasolina o no tiene que ver en nada?

William Dunlap: what year is this car?my car doesnt have that much room

Luis Fuentes: Tengo un Toyota Echo 2003...Desde hace 3 dias arranca bien y anda bien...pero cuando llega a 40 mi/h o comienza a subir una cuesta...hace como si se le faltara combustible y anda con dificultad.. Que puede ser eso?

Jose Benjamin Miranda Sanchez: muy buen tutorial!!! puedes subir uno de frenos??? saludos y gracias! Santiago, Chile.

Mark Langston: The ps belt is a bit of a pain. The ps pump has slots in pulley to access the adjuster bolts. You'll need a something to access it as a regular 3/8 ratchet and socket won't quite fit. Alternator is pretty much a breeze just snake in the new one like the old. If you need access to the whole thing take out the plastic shroud to the left side of the radiator and most of its in front of you (including the thermostat!). Also if you drop the plastic shroud on the bottom side of the motor it helps

Juan Ramirez: Have you ever done a coolant flush?? do you know where the engine drain plug is??? I know where the Radiator drain plug is but can't locate the drain plug for the engine. I looked at the book and it say it is on the right front of the cylinder block???

ADRIAN CURIEL HD: Muy chingon compa, saludos desde Mexicali, Baja California.


Arnel Angeles: how do you change the belt drive for alternator and power steering mate!

incawarrior68: Excellent tutorial. Good job.

wowjunky07: Our 2000 Echo has had valve cover gasket, ignition coils, fuel pump with filter, and the fuel injector filters and gaskets replaced. Getting about time to flush the transmission again. Other than that just basic oil changes and air filter changes. The car has around 230k plus miles on it. So that's the only major work it's had to have in the past 12 years of running it. Other than the basic stuff. Not bad imo.

Luis Rivera: Hello the cables that i put on the coils are to ground the engine.... anything else let me know... thanks for watchin my video
Fix your Toyota Echo 5 out of 5

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Fix your Toyota Echo