Homemade Rockwell Blade Runner Jig Saw - Woodworking With Stumpy Nubs 23

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Homemade Rockwell Blade Runner Jig Saw - Woodworking with Stumpy Nubs 23
Homemade Rockwell Blade Runner Jig Saw - Woodworking with Stumpy Nubs 23
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SNW49- Homemade Rockwell Blade Runner style jig saw IMPROVED!
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Rockwell BladeRunner Review
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Rockwell BladeRunner 1st impression & 1st project I completed using it.
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Rockwell BladeRunner- Review
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Richard Burgers: Sick of listening to the intro. Gave up after 3 minutes. 

Adam Pierce: I think you should stick to the monologue and leave the woodworking to skilled carpenters! By the way, what country do you come from, your accent has a suspicious French twang?

Michael Crumpton: To get to the actual content, skip to 5:23

Dusty Vallance: Hey mate, I have just started to get into woodworking and have been watching a lot of youtube vids to learn heaps and get some ideas on what to build. Your videos are good and find the informative but find your attempt a humour/comedy pretty poor. I would stick to what you are good at and that is woodwork. I know that you properly don't care too much about the opinion of a guy from down in Australia but thought I would share my thoughts. Keep up the great woodworking

Noël Jensen: wonder if its possible to make a moving insert plat that just slide whit the blade when Tilt / the blade to an angle :)

Godwin Monserate: More talk...

Mas Narang: too much talking

Chris Wood: to fix your carving machine is to use square stock

Andrew Teeluck: 6:45: Exactly what I'm looking for, thanks! I just bought a bandsaw and found that I could see myself needing a scroll saw to avoid cutting in from outside. This will work, though I'll be looking at building it with at least a 14" throat to match my bandsaw's.

frehleycomet: Compared to Norm he never criticized other people like you just trashed your whole neighborhood. I watch your crap to see if you've changed your attitude but you obviously haven't. I will never subscribe to your channel and you are the idiot,

peggyt1243: I kept advancing but still complaining at 6:00 mark.

daniel blanco: Hablas DEMASIADO!

roon demahom: Excellent presentation. Explanation very short, sharp & straight to the point. Easy to follow up without a plan or a rough drawing or a blueprint. Very easy to understood theory & practical. I really enjoyed all your video clips. I liked your way of tutorial concept, slow & calm. Double thumbs up to you for your efforts & once again a big thank you for your very useful info & tips. That was truly impressive for me. You are one of Professor Genius Sir David Einstein of modern and advanced mechanical engineering. (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-)

Alain Thys: comment trouver le système pour gardez la lame de scie sauteuse droite ces bien beau de montrer de loin

Thien Huynh: Why don't you cut something b4 buying your plan?

sagnash: The only tool in this video is Stumpy, himself. 

QUABLEDISTOCFICKLEPO: I've always felt that the jig saw was potentially a great tool that had been brought out before it was perfected, and I have looked for ways to make it more useful. I finally found a German firm that makes accessories for jig saws, and I was on the brink of buying them when I got their invoice prior to paying PayPal. It was over $200, so I dropped that idea and kept looking. I also found a plan which consisted of drilling a hole in a platform and attaching a jig saw below it. That's what I'm going to do now, because that is one DIY project that I know I can do. Later? well when I gain more confidence, I might try building your solution. It looks great, but I doubt that I would be able to build it (diagrams would help). Incidentally, I can't be sure, but it looks like your rig provides a lip for using clamps secure the wood to the rig's table. I think that that by itself makes the jig saw more useful.

Wooden Tool Man: Jig saw saber saw same thing in my world

HostileHST: He has a cool cowboy hat, wrist radio and sunglasses, don't he? Just kidding, I liked the video, but had to put my asinine 2 cents worth in anyways.

Adam16660: a jigsaw is only called a jigsaw. A sabre saw, reciprocating saw and a sawzall are all the same thing. If you ask someone to get you a sabre saw don't cry when they bring you a sawzall/reciprocating saw.

flash582: I finished one of these last night ... Using materials I had laying around ... Not one trip to the hardware! Awesome design and great plans. Now ... How about a DIY festool domino?

Steve Ramsey: What my dad always called a "jig saw" we now call a scroll saw. And he what I call a hand-held jigsaw, he always refers to as a "saber saw".

Lester Dela Cruz: You talk to much, I just want to see the thing

Stumpy Nubs: I thought of adding one, but ran out of time before filming. I may put one in later.

Stumpy Nubs: I've seen some people mount a saber saw to a router plate and use it in the router table. But this is the only one I know of that will allow for tilting the blade, which is a big plus.

Donald Kosse: stumpy nubs you know i am a big beliver is the greats genius are guy'slike you working at homes or there garage around the world think of new way's to do thing i like your show and you acting is great

Rick McQuay: I remember seeing something like this in an old woodworking book and it's been in the back of my mind since I have an old Sears jigsaw that I never use.

American Infidel: Lol great sense of humor, I was thinking about making a stand like this today for my JIGsaw, the kind you hold lol. Great design

Dejan Jankovic: sranje neviđeno!

johhn hei: thank you

Stumpy Nubs: It was $200 at woodcraft when this video was made. And it may look better to you, but mine didn't take "two days of my life" to build. I took a few hours of very enjoyable shop time on a weekend- which is the point of the craft, isn't it? Besides, the Rockwell has less capacity and doesn't cut at angles like my homemade one does. But, to each his own. You like to spend $150, I like to make stuff!

ardvarkkkkk1: There is an amazing difference between low end and high end jigsaws. The low end ones shake badly.

Stumpy Nubs: Yah, I think the term "Jig Saw" was a term used more often years ago.

jmeyersiv: I've used a blade runner and thought the same as you... Except my description of it was borderline useless. I have a friend who owns a contracting business (i own a furniture business) and he HAD to show me this new tool, and i told him i didnt think it did anything that i couldnt do with a jig saw. But thats my opinion. Seems like more of a hobby tool than a serious piece of equipment.

68jacen: Run out of wax? The friction, and stress in your voice this week was off the chart.Get that ole block of wax out to smooth over all those tense issues. Heck it may help with your carving duplicator. At the very least, you can wax ole Levi up and leave him on the wrong side of town, won't be just the pigs squeling. On a side note, festool just came out with their version of the ultimate router table. I bet you could do more with a 100.00 budget than they have done with 1600.00 + thnx for vid

Stumpy Nubs: I try to make all my machines with easy to find and inexpensive parts so as many people as possible can make them in their own shops. So while linear bearings would be just the ticket, I am going a different direction. Wait and see!

allthingsawesome2: cool

deezynar: On some things it's easier to let someone else make the decisions. I'll go w/ you on this one.

gremlinsbreath: The rockwell does more, is built better, looks better and I didn't have to waste two days of my life building it. By the way...the rockwell is not two hundred. It's $149 at Lowes, Menards and Amazon.

jose Guerra: exelent idea

Stumpy Nubs: I saw the Festool router table. Nice, but a bit pricey for me. I do have plans for a sliding router table in the future, I am not going to say mine will be as nice as theirs, but I think it will be nice enough for me!

Stumpy Nubs: or as overpriced...

Joseph Lorentzen: It figures you would have been one step ahead of me.

Edgardo Paredes Martinez: te pasa mucho tiempo hablando y cansas

sakda apiwat: cool but you talk too much

Stumpy Nubs: Yes, I will have the p;ans in the Stumpy Store in a few days. Thanks for the interest!

Stumpy Nubs: I thought about a zero clearance insert, but this is more of a rough cut kind of tool, like all saber saws are. No doubt an insert would be helpful, though!

Stumpy Nubs: I thought about offsetting the guard to allow for ripping longer stock. But I figure it isn't the best tool for ripping anyway. It will make a great circle cutter or metal cutter or tile cutter. Lots of small jobs like that. It was fast and cheap to make, so it's worth having around even for occasional jobs!

HOOKEDONWOOD: Great build! Already got an idea for a zero clearence insert! Back to my pile of scrap to look for "parts"
Homemade Rockwell Blade Runner Jig Saw - Woodworking with Stumpy Nubs 23 3.4 out of 5

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Homemade Rockwell Blade Runner Jig Saw - Woodworking with Stumpy Nubs 23