Ruger LC9 Steel Guide Rod Upgrade

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Ruger LC9 steel guide rod upgrade
Ruger LC9 steel guide rod upgrade
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MrKZizzle: Great video!! I too like steel guide rods in my pistols if I can get'm. Good find dude!! Subscribed....

blacktrx409: @shakur0971 Yes i polished the barrel. Thanks for checking it out.

pgotro6800: Im with fordtrucks, were you having problems with the factory guide rod? If it ain't broke, why screw with it? Im pretty sure Ruger knew what they were doing when they built this weapon. Ill spend my 25 on ammo.

fordrocks1986: Cool looking barrel but a steal guide rod sounds like a waste of money if it does nothing for the gun I've shot my lc9 over 1000 rounds never had a problem with my plastic rod

jes: @shakur0971 Yes. You need to use some bluing remover, then polish it with something like Flitz. Keep it dry afterwards though!

blacktrx409: @crazy1tk Thank you and no marks or anything on mine. I dont have that many rounds through it but it looks perfect.

pgotro6800: I ment fordrocks, not fordtrucks.

sewerpanda: Just ordered one for my LC9.

woodpony34: Bedair Machine Works is currently closed until Saturday 1-19-2013. We are not accepting orders at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience, Steve Bedair

shakur0971: Did you polish the barrel to get the stainless steel look?

blacktrx409: @ExpendableCrew Yes mine does too. Its perfectly fine. the stock one sticks out a little but not as far as this one.

ExpendableCrew: Black .. thanks for the information. I decided to order one of these guiderods for my LC9. One question .. with the slide forward, does your new guiderod stick out further then the factory plastic one? My new one sticks out about a 1/16th of an inch further.

crazy1tk: I replaced my guide rod with this one because I don't like plastic guide rods either but after shooting 200 rounds thru it it is dinged up from the barrel hitting it do you have the same thing happening to your's? Great video! Thx

rdpRicky10: What kind of cleaning/oil do you use that thing looks good.

onpoint1977: Was your barrel black and you polished it to stainless?

ExpendableCrew: @blacktrx409 Yea .. I just put the original back in to recheck it. Looks like the new one only sticks out a little bit more. I'm like you and love this LC9. The only thing that ever bothered me about it was the cheapy looking plastic guidrod. Glad I saw this video. Subscribed.
Ruger LC9 steel guide rod upgrade 4.8 out of 5

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Ruger LC9 steel guide rod upgrade