Macbook & IPad Decals

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Macbook & iPad Decals
Macbook & iPad Decals
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victor pich: Joker sticker ipad2 

Sandra Kipp: Smack! smack! Smack!!!!

Jason Cardoz: how many macs do you have?!

Melanie Magboo: Dent no the iPad 

Efrain Vasquez: nice dent on the ipad lmfao xD

DNdavidsonsnation: the best one is your girlfriend computer.

elitepanda19: Did anybody else notice the dent in his IPad?

CH3ESEBALL: That grammar gave me cancer.

Newmarket Vintage: STORMTROPPER

TheToadGamer: stormtrooper LOL

Tyler Stephens: Many*

Vik Padam: He dented his iPad 1 lol

anubis mercury: got any of those for iphone 5

austin zima: You weren't clear enough.. I ended up with the sticker on my pickle..

TomFcBayern: Can you put these on a snowboard?

Shredding Productions: how many mac's do you have ?

Crea8tiveTutorials: get out

Jarrett Petrie: Will it come off

Poopeyface Tomatonose: 3, im guessing.

Unbalivable Rager: shees got fat arms you need to make her give you a couple hand jobs

Adam Nosalik: you can always just poke a pin in the air bubbles and let the air out that way

chri5m0rale5: It's sad that your girlfriend knows more about Star Wars than you do.

Evelyn Leyva: appleoholic!

Drew Ward: how manny apple things do u have dude?

NiCmOu321: Does the joker one fits for the iPad 2?

Madamoiselle Marie Antoinette: the headshot one looks really good

dusty B: @Rey Bandaa i was wondering same any one know

shanakaurkaler: Cool

adamsct39: The joker is for the MacBook and the business man one is for the iPad

Lester Loresco: his girlfriend whispers "stormtrooper" @ 1:07

Paul Meilleur: can you make them costom

salmonkitty: does it have to be a starbucks gift card, or will any gift card work?

deaminor1: how is the removal process?

elmouhibmounir13: I agree with the guy below me

indyfan7798: thanks

W. Jones: The Joker one is awesome! Wish there was one for the newest ipod touch.

Hassan Waris: I think that the joker is the best

Diamond_KnightX: check out the one that says "bad apple" number 22

indyfan7798: where did you buy all this ?

returnofthekingxd: 3 macbook pros.........jeez

TheProperSkillz: Just wondering but wtf happened to your iPad...? There's a dent in it just curious not tryin to be rude.

Allison Mary: Can you do one of how to take off a decal

Angie Roman: can you take it off, if you get tired of it ?

BadAccentHD: Hey ty, you can pop the air bubbles of your girlfriend's mac with a small pin.

moneytalk: Lol

Axay Panchal: JOKER ftw \m/

Cliff Valledor: you don't value your techs. you are not handling them with care.

TYSeN G.: ty you should look at for your xbox,mac,ipad,and other

Jordan N: How about removal!? is it easy, or does it wreck ur device?

Hillexs: Anonymac... Expect it...
Macbook & iPad Decals 4.8 out of 5

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