Rock Island Armory Tactical .45 1911 Reassembly

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Jaron Pope: yeah, it was a super simple great video that didnt take 5 hours to show how to reassemble. Thank you very much.

Uniform Tango 74: @SuckLead Thanks dude.

SuckLead: I swear this is the only video on YouTube about reassembly that just gets to the point without a detailed speech about the gun and what mods were made to it. Right to the point. Thank you.

Uniform Tango 74: @pineville8 Depends on your taste. For me, I'd just swap them out with some real Novak sights.

Uniform Tango 74: @MrBoo88 NP dude. Yeah Mr. Williams is a legend.

Uniform Tango 74: @youtah676 John Williams is tops.

MrBoo88: Thanks for the video. I am getting one soon! Love the music.

Uniform Tango 74: @keslakemcr Thanks. Painters tape, acrylic titanium white paint, an extremely small brush and a steady hand. LOL!!! I used the painters tape to frame the surface of the sights. Once it was framed with the style I wanted, I painted the exposed surface. To keep the paint from wearing off I dampened a q-tip with polyurethane and rolled it over the paint job. VOILA! A steady hand is most important.

Uniform Tango 74: @keslakemcr Factory. Upgraded by me.

Uniform Tango 74: @shocktokyo Thanks. Wasn't easy. Took a super cool hand to do it. LOL!!!

shocktokyo: @UrbanTiger74 oh sweet, pretty good job on that, they look legit.

Uniform Tango 74: @shocktokyo I custom painted those sights you saw. Similar to he Glock. The only difference is I have a vertical bar on the front sight versus the dot on the Glock.

shocktokyo: what type of sights do you have on this 1911? they look like Glock sights(from what I saw). i don't own a Glock but have always thought their sights are pretty cool. my DE 1911 has "target" sights aka sights with no markers on them, so i am looking to upgrade to some real sights. thanks.

Uniform Tango 74: @mailman760 Thanks chief. Glad I could help.

Craig D: nice piece! grip looks comfy

Uniform Tango 74: Hey Buzz. The full length rod supposedly helps wiht accuracy and there is a lot of debate on that, but since it came with a full length, why change it? Back to your problem, have you tried different mags besides the wilson mags? The factory mags work VERY well for me.

bouncer42: Make sure that when you drop the recoil spring over the full length guide rod that you place the bound side of the spring toward the back of the gun folks, otherwise the recoil spring plug will not keep proper tension on the bushing.

Uniform Tango 74: LOL! No doubt fellow 1911 enthusiast.

Uniform Tango 74: Anytime dude! Thanks for asking!

Uniform Tango 74: Take one out of the package, slip it on, send some hammers down range and see how it feels. Noting beats personal experience to decide what goes on "YOUR" weapon;)
Rock Island Armory Tactical .45 1911 Reassembly 5 out of 5

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Rock Island Armory Tactical .45 1911 Reassembly