Snapper Riding Mower

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briankmizell: If you have an owners manual please share, mines not charging and I need to check the wiring.

Tim Pearl: i know these riders very well i have 2 snapper riders one with a 12 hp 33 inch like yours and its a 93 year modal

Joe's Small Engine Repair: "Goodbaa david!" lol i love southerners

Boyd W: I believe that one is a 33" deck. Its the largest of the Hi-vac decks they sold. The smaller one is the 28". The non Hi-vac decks had corners on them and were 30" or 26". They also made a 42" deck with 3 very short blades. Its cut was horrible. Another one had a 41" 2 blade deck,, I have 2 of them I got for parts.

Roger Gibson: you best find a steering wheel for it,those handlebars will catch on everything

farmall51: Hey look on the side of the engine that has the sparkplug and there will be three sets of numbers. look at the set that is farthest to the right and the first 2 numbers will be the year. like if it said 8948573783 then it would be a 1989 year model . atleast you would know the year of the engine .

renshy84: I have a 1986 snapper, you can see it by visiting my channel. It looks very similar to yours. I know that you can find the model number on the bar opposite the side of the push button start that the seat is attached to. You can then search on google for the years that the model was made and that might give you a better idea. Plus you'll be able to tell what HP motor was original to it. My mower model # is a snapper 4111x6s which means 41 inch cut, 11 hp motor and its a series 6. Hope that helps!

ke5hbd: Cool snapper

wesley5138: preetty goood!

farmall51: glad to see you back

ken griggs: ive got a snapper till i need to go get. one of these days.

richthecardude94: cool

mongo5888: Nice mower brother! Love those old Snappers.

Markworth: I wish they'd make a push mower that big.

FieldMarshall_Alonzo: forrest gump said "I cut that grass for free." haha cool mower man.

SergeantTwiggs: "AHHH phones goin off! SHH i's makin a vidya." lol thumbs up

Mike Skipworth: "We gettin it!" You remind me of being home in Alabama. Good to hear someone talk normal, lol, as Foxworthy would say. Well, keep the vids comin, Greyson. I always look forward to them.
Snapper riding mower 5 out of 5

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Snapper riding mower