F150 Squeaky Ball Joint Replacement

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Jay's Garage Raleigh: you make it look easy bro. about to do this back to back, both of them 99 f150's

amjad amj: great work

Gilberto Quintero: This video is very nice and well done
It's wat I needed thanks 

cdbota82: im doing the same exact procedure and also stabalizer bar links and inner outer tie rods. video was the best ive seen so far. thank you so much. didnt know if u cld put the truck up on my shop lift but u did the work with it on the lift with ease. thought i had to replace whole lower control arm but bcuz ball joints are bad but i like your way better! again thank you kindly sir

Daniel Peters: I wish my 05 F-150 was that easy to do an upper control arm replacement on. Some jack-off at Ford thought he had an ( improved design). I think it's to be intimidating so most people will take it to the dealer. I'm wondering if you can snake the bolt(s) through the coil spring; like a Mazda 6 or Ford fusion.

Skipthurma: I need ball joints on my 99 F-150 and was going to pay someone to do it, but they want $50 a ball joint to do. But after watching your GREAT video I can do it and save the &200, THANKS!

The67X: Like how you did this- not removing the half shaft.  Doing mine myself this week.  All I need to make life easier is the lift!  I'll be rolling around on the ground with mine.

michael anderson: Nice video, you did it the way i would have did it . Which makes it faster 4 me when do it . Nice video .

DaBear1950: Great video ...best yet on Ford PU ball joints. 

ma va: nice video , and information, thanks

howder1951: Excellent video,  one of the best diy vids I have seen, extremely concise and complete in all ways, I will check what else you have on the web.
Good job.

Dave Funkhouser: thats the best instruction video this guy is good thanks for taking the time to share

Billy Correll: Tron a rubber or hard mallet wouldn't work for removing the joint.  It is a very tight press fit.  Usually you would use a press to remove the joint but pounding with a hammer is used a lot.  I am going to replace my F150 joints in a few days and I purchased one to the tools that is shown in the video. 

Richard M: I had my ball joints replaced, both sides upper and lower, in May of last year after I notice the right front tire was cupping on the on the  outside. A year earlier I was in reverse and turned the wheel to the left and heard a loud pop, I now think I know what it was. I heard the same pop about two weeks ago and am now noticing that the same rough ride and the possible beginnings of cupping on the same right tire. I have no idea about cars except tho change the oil, fill the tires and fill it up with gas (petrol), if your reading from England. I was going to try and fix it myself but after watching the video, I better let people who did it last time do it again. But why has it done the same thing so soon?

David Schaum: At 3:22 what size ball joint press adapter are you using?  Also what size ball joint separator (Pickle Fork) did you use? Thanks and great tutorial!  I'm going to try it myself.

augustusmax Von Bludorf: excellent video very clear video and audio good presentation.

RUBBERGLOVE293: Just what I needed thanks.

JoAnn Grant: Well done. Brief and to the point. Very clear instructions. Thank you!!!

melaniew77msn: Great video. You are fast at working, speak clearly and the camera operator was in the right spot to show us what you were doing. Bravo

John McConnaughy: Very informative video with great shots of the parts and locations.  Mechanic is knowledgeable and speaks clearly with authority.  One thing that I don't have is a lift and working at stool level is more challenging. 
All in all very pleased with the time spent watching this show. 
F150 Squeaky Ball Joint Replacement 5 out of 5

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F150 Squeaky Ball Joint Replacement