True Glory Hair!!

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The TRUTH about true glory hair!!!
The TRUTH about true glory hair!!!
True Glory Hair Review 2015
True Glory Hair Review 2015
True Glory Hair Review   Brazilian Straight   Atlanta
True Glory Hair Review Brazilian Straight Atlanta
True Glory Hair Review
True Glory Hair Review

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Tyana Rochelle: Did you sew it in yourself?

Samantha Brennon: Can you buy already colored tips

Klazzact: Hey Lady....def goin there today!!! I ran into a chick that had it in her hair last night im sooooooo glad i stopped her and asked her about her hair! I live in douglassville girl ....wassup to my hometown sis!!! def gonna sub hope u come over to check me out as well.....tty soon!!!! 8-)

Manierlick Saget: hi I wanted to know how much do u charge to do a sew in with some leave out....

Gabrielle Davis: i did

Gabrielle Davis: All long time as long as you take care of it .... I still have the hair and plan to re use it

Gabrielle Davis: i suggest getting different lengths if you want a layered look.... and 2 should be enough but the hair might not look as full so i would go with three bundles just to be safe. Also remember the longer the hair the shorter the weft

raytoven: do you suggest i get different lengths? i usually get one length, im not sure. i think i want 18s. would 2 not be enough?

angel harris: who did your sew in

angel harris: Who Did You Sew In ?

Nigeria Sheppard: Why is tht Jael person going around posting the same exact thing on every one's review. I smell a rat!

Gabrielle Davis: my roommate and i both do hair

Sammie G: your sewin is nice...who did it?? im in the atl area and i need a really good stylist but im not sure where to go.. i got my hair from true glory too and i dont want someone who doesnt know how to do hair to mess up my weave

Gabrielle Davis: i left hair out at the top

Gabrielle Davis: Yes i like it wayy better

T Jones: do you like this hair better than the hair from aliexpress?

Gabrielle Davis: no lol

Gabrielle Davis: lol thank you!

Gabrielle Davis: Im 5'1 lol very short

poohray12: omg gorgeousss work it hunny!!
True Glory Hair!! 5 out of 5

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True Glory Hair!!