The Parry Blade

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The Parry Blade
The Parry Blade
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real metis: in trying really hard not be a steel snob but 420 na i will pass

simonize251: 420 stainless? LOL It wouldn't last 5 minutes in actual use.

Oofty Goofty: I have one of these , amazing blade

jellzey: Ben is the fellow a friend of yours? If so I can understand, otherwise that knife is terrible.

yellowtruck: Looks like some Tacticool rubbish from the 1980's...

michael stewart: If you made an m9 bayonet style sheath with a triangular lug and change the back of the point of the blade from flat to chisel shaped you could combine the sheath with this knife to make wire cutters. and since this knife is longer it would be more effective at cutting wire than the m9 bayonet.

y2daniel1981: I loooooove mine, got #410

MrRambo1037: If only I had the money.

total one: scorpionknives(DOT)com/mel_parry.htm

total one: Re comments below as for steel grade etc. the following is fom the manufacturers website.... Specification Blade: x46Cr13 - 420 stainless steel coated in black DuPont Teflon or grey shot blast finish Hardness: Rockwell 57-58Rc Overall length: 13.75" (34.9cm) Blade length: 8.75" (22.2cm)

Dustin Brown: Try scorpionknives,com

awesomos95: Where can i get it? like what web site?

lothre: I own one and can tell you it has no problems holding its edge, nor is it bent from prying. I use mine repeatedly for chopping, splitting wood, carving, and sawing branches. I have not noticed it dulling any more than a 440c blade. perhaps if you put it beside a 440c blade and started abusing it for long periods you might notice a difference. I use mine more than a SF operator would and I have had no issues with it. Most versatile survival/tactical knife I own, and I have a decent collection

Mrichard1991: 420 is less hard than any of the the small 4" blades I have in 440C. I can't imagine the blade stays sharp for long or is good at prying because of that.

Vamar Anthus: Excellent demonstration video. I recommend this knife to folks whenever conversation come around to combat/survival/field knives. You can literally beat the hell out of this knife and it will shrug it off.

Dan Schwemin Jr: I don't think the parryblade website is up any longer.... not a valid web address anymore.

Haynes Eslinger: 410 steel according to Apocolypse 101 show, which recommends this knife.

Gary Sudbrink: can someone please comment on the quality of the steel used - what is the US equivalent grade ??

ben hopkinson: cant put any exact addresses but try s-staniforth co uk
The Parry Blade 5 out of 5

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The Parry Blade