- Ruger 77/357 Bolt-Action 357 Magnum/38 Special Rifle

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Marc Mitchell: I bought a new Ruger 77/44 in 2001 and was completely disappointed in its accuracy.  The accuracy of that rifle was awful using factory ammo, reloads, jacked, or cast bullets.  I never could make it do any better than that.   Although I did shoot a few deer with it, it was always at close range.  The best group I could ever get from that gun was about 8 inches from a rest at 50 yards.  I sold it!  The gun itself I loved.  It was in humble opinion the "perfect" truck gun/woods carry gun.  
Now I have the bug again for the sweet little carry gun and I also cast and reload 38/357 and i am thinking about getting one of these new ones.  I really hope Ruger has the bugs worked out this time.

s west: did you try any 38 special ? if you did will the rotory clip clip feed them since they are a bit  shorter.?

HugoStiglitz: Be careful when ordering one through an on line dealer. The gun I received was blued, not stainless. I did not even know it existed...thought I was getting stainless. Ruger's website only indicates one model with a stainless barrel.

Doug Malone: Is it possible to get a larger clip?

9gibsonlespaul: does anyone make a .357 carbine with a tube mag and synthetic stock?

Revolver Den: Jeff, Next time you talk to any Ruger reps., mention the idea of this 77/357 model in a Takedown version. I'd be all over one of those!

Gary Woodard: Glad to see you bolt with your right hand, I was wondering if it was still as smooth.

dopeofthepope: I like that flag. "Come and take it" - up to peoples imagination if the bullet or the gun. lol

Appolo Geticks: I wonder why they don't or won't make these carbines in semi auto?

Gary Rumer: That is a handsome rifle. A good little brush gun where the range is short and anything from whitetails on down.

rooferjake: this gun looks like my 22 magnum

Tom Nelson: That's what I want when I add a rifle to my closet. I already have a 357 Mag revolver so this would be perfect for me. Thanks for this video.

Gunblastdotcom: Yep, for heavy animals with teeth and claws, the heavier bullets and larger diameter of the 44 makes a difference, but for deer or social work, the 357 has plenty of power. Jeff

BullittMcQueen1: What is your opinion? Is a rifle better in .44 magnum or .357 magnum? I suppose it depends on what it will be used for.

Gunblastdotcom: Tell Ruger what you want. If they don't hear from customers, then they don't know what the customers are looking to buy. If you go on Ruger's web site, they have a page where you can contact the CEO, Mike Fifer. Mike personally reads each message. Boge

BullittMcQueen1: It seems that the Ruger 77 in .44 magnum would be a better choice. Is there any advantage of having the Ruger 77 in .357 magnum?

b: great firearm, outstanding video, spectacular beard!

Bill Taylor: Great idea, pretty well executed, but WAY too expensive. It's a shame Savage hasn't brought one of these out. It'd be more accurate and cost about half of what Ruger is asking.

docleafman: Thank you, Thank you! You're the only other southpaw I know that shoots a bolt the "right" way. I'm a hardcore leftie and have never shot a back handed gun. Never understood why folks do that whole reach over the top to work the bolt. Neat gun too. Like it better than a lever in same caliber???

Nox Aternum: Yeah, I've met some really help and supportive experienced shooters, people who've been shooting for decades and have a real passion for the sport. One of the saddest things is that these people have been demonized in the media and the mainstream consciousness, either as being bloodthirsty hunter types or as being gun toting nutters, neither of which is true and is so far from my experience of shooters. Out of interest what do you shoot?
Rating: - Ruger 77/357 Bolt-Action 357 Magnum/38 Special Rifle 5 out of 5

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