Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Fire Bats Gruesome Feast Insane Dps Build 1.0.8

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Christopher Standridge: Love the build! It's the only way I role with bosses but if you like dps try this. I'm ps3 so it may very on build but try replacing summon dogs with big bad voodoo-slam dance, keep sacrifice with either pride or provake and replace jungle fortitude with circle of life. The build works the same as yours but you have voodoo when you hit boss packs. When you hit voodoo your dps goes crazy high. I do about 207dps but when I hit it I go to 526dps!!!! Id like to see a vid of that, "StormCrow build!!"

Famous Artist Music: I do not want to talk about anything blizzard.. I purchased a copy of D3 for a friend from Amazon and when it would not work for him due to ISP conflicts I returned it and they banned the battle net account I have had since forever. Basically some ISP's will not allow the use of programs such as WARDEN. They linked the purchase to my email and banned everything associated, I even called them and told them that the two are not related! They did not give a crap! Blanket Ban Blizzard!

branden bestul: Bosses drop health globes.

Rich Clark: Like the build I'll have to try it out. Would love to see some more hardcore vids. Still running a only slightly modified version of the one you suggested a few months back. Good stuff keep it up.

Rett Guigou: So would you recommend Gruesome Feast or 0dogs?

Anthony Evans: nps jeff glad i could help ;)

Serrated Smith: fire bats still owns him.. with 6% LS.. 6% of 2million is fun health.

DJBassFreQ: If you're in group play, the only change I would make is changing Jungle Fortitude to Bad Medicine. With Locust Swarm-Pestilence going out at an absurd pace, it's very good to use Bad Medicine to help out the others imo. The only thing that's "somewhat" bad about that is that once that poison dot runs off, you need to interrupt your Firebats channeling to recast Locust Swarm-Pestilence which is not good if you're having mana issues. But yeah, just a thought ^.^

Famous Artist Music: gruesome feast would suck against a boss like diablo when it is single target

Jeff Packham: your guide helped loads i can do mp 10 easily now just run pestilence and keep running then run back for loot great spec ty :D

Anthony Evans: Cheers :)

Anthony Evans: Nps Freddy :)

ignas rocas: thumbs up on the build ... my favourite yet :)

MPWhithy: The first person that play WD and make gooood yt vids. Helpt me out allot. Keep this AWESOME kontent up. Greetings Freddy2142

Leon Masters: It's about my monk m8 could u take a look at him n tell me what else I need to get my dps up I see guys with way more dps than me same level paragon 31?

Anthony Evans: I have a video on how to gear a witch doctor for firebats, check it out

Anthony Evans: Thanks bud, glad you like my vidz :)

eriginalify: Sweet thank you, your videos help a ton. No other people put out so much quality WD content.

Leon Masters: anthony are u there bro need to ask u for help with gear?

Anthony Evans: I have a gearing video on my page check it out
Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Fire Bats Gruesome Feast Insane Dps Build 1.0.8 5 out of 5

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Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Fire Bats Gruesome Feast Insane Dps Build 1.0.8