TulAmmo Brass Maxx Ammo!!

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Kim 9mm chemainus
Kim 9mm chemainus

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steve hess: Ya, BUT what about the Bosnian inverted PRIMER?  How did that shoot? I would rather got with the Italy stuff, ha ha
Just saw it today at Wal-Mart $23+/100 rds............... I got white box Winchester for $26.67

SlaughteredInside: I bought a box of this stuff for my .40 and only 12 out of 50 rounds cycled correctly. I'm not the only one having problems either. I've read many comments of people having the same problems. Hopefully they get this fixed. At any rate I'm sticking with Winchester whitebox.

timothy harden: I have run 400 rounds of brass maxx  in a brand new right out of the box berretta px4 9mm. not a single malfunction... then another 150 rounds of aluminum case federal. not a single malfunction. thats a total off 550 rounds right out of the box with a new gun. i have since re loaded the tulammo brass. half with hollow point half with ball or round nose. shot 25 rounds of each also with no malfunctions. i will buy more when i find it and keep reloading it.   

Gdog Pound: Attn: Glock owners...Buyer BEWARE, at least for the 9mm. I fed this stuff to my 19 and 26 and after only about 15 rounds both guns were disabled. Unspent rounds got stuck in the chambers. Had to take them to a smith to get them out.


plexmasterp: I finally got around to shooting the ammo, with school, work and money constraints I can't really afford to hit the range. The ammo loaded fine into my G23 Gen 3 and shot fine with no failures to fire or failures to feed. The only problem I ran into was the slide didn't lock back on the last round fired, this happened a few times to the rounds may be a little underpowered. Other than that it was fine, it's as dirty as you would expect with TulAmmo or wolf or brown bear, just clean a little bit more and you're good.

Josh Berger: The .380 BrassMaxx are Fiocchi produced in fall of 2013 for TulAmmo.

sicilianmagic: why the hell do you keep saying tula?    its freakin tul    then ammo. not tulaammo

berger1980: Made and rebranded by Fiocchi in Italy.

Mike Koger: One of the local Wall-Malls was "flush" with this ammo last Friday (09/13/13), I took a chance at $23 per can and bought eight 100 rd. plastic cans. I am happy to report that after 100 rds. this morning in my (Pre-B) model CZ-75, I had zero issues. This ammo is great for target shooting! Of course, we all hear about some ammo being dirty and others being cleaner, however, I just cleaned my CZ and this ammo appears to be as clean, or cleaner, than many other brands. Just my two cents.

technoviking1975 eberhart: Also it was 13.00 for 50rnds

technoviking1975 eberhart: Just got 2 boxes today of this stuff in 9mm fmj 115gr but magnet doesnt mag to it at all'

pete helton: seems to me every brand is putting out some poor ammo right now,trying to meet demand,quality control is taken a back seat in range ammo

Sheriff McParrot: forgot to mention $15 a box

Sheriff McParrot: just picked up 3 boxes of that brass maxx in .380 acp at my local walmart about a week ago and went back 2 days later and they were sold out

craigdamage: ...how many of your guns has Obama taken so far? How many guns have you been prevented from buying? Curious.

Jeff Meier: This ammo runs fine through my gen 4 Glock 22. I fired 200 rounds no FTE or FTF.

newrunner91: I have tried several boxes of the 170gr .40 (bought from Walmart) in my Smith & Wesson SD40VE and this did NOT feed. Tried several different magazines and had multiple failures to feed per mag.

bucki58: 40 short and wimpy!!!!

rm w: Academy had 9mm Luger version of brass maxx (in a 100 round tub ... never saw a tub of ammo before!) at $29 ... about $2-4 cheaper than 2x 50-rd boxes of other brands. I have not tried it yet but most reviews are that it works fine but is fairly 'dirty' ... whatever that means. Certainly not "expensive" compared with other brands.
TulAmmo Brass Maxx Ammo!! 5 out of 5

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TulAmmo Brass Maxx Ammo!!