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D Lindsey: Dear God

must there be music?  I mean ok, I get it, you;re cool.

Rez: @DissidentCitizen.. Its is very necessary to heat (decarb) cannabis before adding it to alcohol.

Pierre-Yves Parent: @dudeop3 you can use kief

devin dorrance: how much vadka do you use

devin dorrance: how much vadka do you put in with he ounce of marijuana


lazero7: It would be better than this crap, though.

canna49: @Dissident-HI-If you don't heat the bud first, do you get an "adequate" THC content? Also, when you do NOT heat..Is the resulting tincture stronger than the starting material?. Thanx and PEACE-

dudeop3: Can you use honey oil to do this or buds n shake only ?

Equity213: @southernprep5 you just drink it man, put an eyedroppers worth under your tounge.

Electricspaceodyssey: @southernprep5 NO, this is a medicine - Legalize marijuana and get it off the black market and out of the hands of criminals.

David Hartin: Adding mint is a great idea

Emiliano Sauvisky: @DissidentCitizen NO! IT'S NOT UNNECESSARY! THC on weed is actually in an acidic form, THC-a, which not gets you high. You need to decarboxylate it, heating, to convert all the THC-a in THC. check 'decarboxylation of thc' on google and this page from marijuana magazine: cannabisculture . com/articles/2794.html

DissidentCitizen: @jimbosheep101 Thanks. I guess that is why my tincture was not potent. I must have vaporized the THC when I heated it.

kyzziistar: flyleaf :)

abortivus: @ papastoner: That editing (if you can even call it that) is disconcerting and annoying. I understand the process of tincture extraction well enough but some of those edits seemed like they were going somewhere and then you just cut it off. It's not like you used even half of the time (10 minutes) allowed... Sorry, man, but this video isn't one of your better ones. Stay safe!

CJ Fuller: @kumili727 You could, but you'd need to adjust the amount of alcohol accordingly. By my calculations (based on 1oz:1 pint) you'd only need about 20ml vodka per gram.

Jerry Seinfeld: what grown man who is cool enough to smoke pot lets people know he listens to flyleaf?

feral mka: What if you use 80 proof? Will it still work?? thanx

Ilir Kumi: can u do this with like one or 2 grams? cuz right now i cant get that much will just that small amount work?
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