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D Lindsey: Dear God must there be music? I mean ok, I get it, you;re cool.

papastonerngmadenial: @weeeeeedbby there isn't a lot of 'doing' we could tape-you just shake the jar for a month and leave it in the dark...that would be a pretty boring video :)

DissidentCitizen: @jimbosheep101 Thanks. I guess that is why my tincture was not potent. I must have vaporized the THC when I heated it.

polupskib: if anything you should keep the green cold in the freezer prior to making a tincture.

mandoleene mando: wuts the hit like

101piesaregood: youre listening to flyleaf

skrevat: thank you very much. it only took FOREVER to find some clean mason jars. wal mart for the win.

southernprep5: What do you do with this stuff anyways? Put it on weed to sell it or what?

MrKiweed: Hi there Papastoner, nice vids, i was just wondering, you mention the vodka to be 100% proof, could you please advise some exaple makes and what vodka you use?

MadJay Hemp: @DissidentCitizen.. Its is very necessary to heat (decarb) cannabis before adding it to alcohol.

Pierre-Yves Parent: @dudeop3 you can use kief

angels aura: Right on!! Thanks papastoner....I can't wait to try it!! I'm making other herbal tinctures...so why not eh.....

LuvitHeart: Greetings papastoner, Thanks for the video's.. Wish there were more.. My tincture has something in the bottom that looks like hash. I strained it 7 times. Should I get rid of this or is it o.k.... I also wanted to know if I could use hash and would the process be the same. Thanks

papastonerngmadenial: We just use any 100 proof vodka-no particular brand is necessary. Some people use everclear instead of vodka too. We use the tincture to help with insomnia mostly. Just put a drop or two under your tongue. ~gmadenial

Sisko690: The tincture works great for pain. I am thinking of adding some mint to my next batch to treat my GI problems as well as my pain. Using the tincture I feel better than I have in a long time and I am sleeping better at night.

LiftingPeanuts: "in other words: Don't do it when you're freaked up!" LMAO

Electricspaceodyssey: @southernprep5 NO, this is a medicine - Legalize marijuana and get it off the black market and out of the hands of criminals.

abortivus: @ papastoner: That editing (if you can even call it that) is disconcerting and annoying. I understand the process of tincture extraction well enough but some of those edits seemed like they were going somewhere and then you just cut it off. It's not like you used even half of the time (10 minutes) allowed... Sorry, man, but this video isn't one of your better ones. Stay safe!

Ilir Kumi: can u do this with like one or 2 grams? cuz right now i cant get that much will just that small amount work?

XXDeathMetalRockerXX: dude you kick ass

devin dorrance: how much vadka do you put in with he ounce of marijuana

papastonerngmadenial: No, we haven't heard about it. Papa stoner's opinion is that if your marijuana has grown to full maturity before harvest and it is cured properly there wold be no need to heat it before making the tincture. Everyone does it differently-if you try it an it works better-let us know!

papastonerngmadenial: helpful how to and the tincture does work great-BE CAREFUL!

Cory Hartin: Adding mint is a great idea


sukumvit: @kumili727 You could, but you'd need to adjust the amount of alcohol accordingly. By my calculations (based on 1oz:1 pint) you'd only need about 20ml vodka per gram.

Emiliano Sauvisky: @DissidentCitizen NO! IT'S NOT UNNECESSARY! THC on weed is actually in an acidic form, THC-a, which not gets you high. You need to decarboxylate it, heating, to convert all the THC-a in THC. check 'decarboxylation of thc' on google and this page from marijuana magazine: cannabisculture . com/articles/2794.html

Mrung0wa: Marijuana is a gift from god.

Caliluv562: Medication. lol

papastonerngmadenial: You could just half the recipe, but it takes the same amount of time.

EverChasingRainbows: Thank you very much!

papastonerngmadenial: @stylios2008 We haven't tried everclear yet, but have heard it goes quicker.

jimbosheep101: @CodyDagutis yep is long as its 100proof or more

dante042066: how long did you let the weed sit in the alcohol before straining I have heard everything from 2 hours to 2 weeks

Cody Dagutis: can you use a flavored alcohol to make it taste better?

lararoyalcrew: can you tell me how to make small amounts and does it take a shorter period of time

kyzziistar: flyleaf :)

feral mka: What if you use 80 proof? Will it still work?? thanx

dudeop3: Can you use honey oil to do this or buds n shake only ?

papastonerngmadenial: Just fill hte jar to 1 inch from the top so all the raw materials are coverd. Gmadenial

spencerdryer9: How long do you let it sit in its jar before filtering?

papastonerngmadenial: you need to keep it in the jar for 30 days. If you don't have a problem drinking alcohol then you could just strain it but there is no cannabis odor when you render it, it is more of an alcohol odor.

EverChasingRainbows: in your "tincture how to" video, which was simple and informative (Thx!), I don't know how long to keep the cannabis in the dark jar with the alcohol. I know I should shake it up daily but for how many days? Also, I don't have the luxury of being able to render the stuff, the smell will give me away, so is it ok if it is not rendered?

DissidentCitizen: I've heard some say that the weed needs to be heated before adding it to alcohol to activate all the THC. Is it an unnecessary step?

ThenGoFuckYourself: what grown man who is cool enough to smoke pot lets people know he listens to flyleaf?

papastonerngmadenial: @CodyDagutis sure :) Peppermint schnapps might be good!

lazero7: It would be better than this crap, though.

papastonerngmadenial: you shake the jar every morning and night for 30 days, then filter it. We will be posting a new video on how to filter it at the end when our current jar is done.

jimbosheep101: @DissidentCitizen heating it will not activate the thc its will bring out a cemical called THCA which is simlar to thc although it has not got the same strength of psychoactive effects as Thc, personally i see the heating step as pointless, because in heating the bud u risk vopourising your weed and removing all the Thc in it

devin dorrance: how much vadka do you use
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