How To Do Ps3 Gameshare

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ps3 gameshare (read description)
ps3 gameshare (read description)
PS4 Gamesharing 2017 Does it Still Work Can I get BANNED
PS4 Gamesharing 2017 Does it Still Work Can I get BANNED
Are You Allowed To
Are You Allowed To "Game Share" On PS4? - Myth Busted!
Ps3 Gameshare
Ps3 Gameshare

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Sean: Lol tommy your video got 20k views thats wild

Kuhl: I need help

GtaGamer: Ill give anyone ghosts,gta5 or minecraft for nba 2k14 we go at same time. Message my psn: MrHacksGaming

xTheyDontKnowMe: i have need for speed most wanted car pack anyone want to gameshare add B1G_M4c_47

no talent just determination: dont do it if you dont know them on real life. every one out there that has been asked to share their dlc by one of their psn friends just dont do it.

TheDivinusproduction: When doing this with somebody you don't know in real life, is there a chance they can do something with the info you give them? Is there a way to make it impossible for the other person to hack you?

Beto3615 beto: I need bo2 dlc will trade bf3 2k13 2k12 mw3"mw2"bo1 hurry and all need for speed games i go first very serious psn:wiz_tgod_514

expertgamer98767: i got fifa 13,Fifa street,NFS Carbon,Motorstrorm,ratchet and clank all 4 one,and Sonic Generations,little big planet 2, and downloading infamous 2......I want nfs the run,nfs most wanted,uncharted 1 and 2 and lttle big planet 1 if u r willing too help and i go first add UrAverageMexican plz

expertgamer98767: and message me PLEASE

expertgamer98767: i meant uncharted 1 and 2

expertgamer98767: can any give me Little big planet1 UNcharted 2 and 3,sly cooper1,2,3, nfs the run,nfs most wanted,Infamous 1n2,and rayman origins plz add UrAverageMexican

Laneef Mingo: Anyone need revolution and season pass and nuketown zombies and nuketown 2025 need bo2 mine broke and sr3

ModdingHQoCOM Keith: please gameshare with D_WRECK69

Afg Obaid: Hey anyone got Die Rise and Nuketown 2025 map on Call of Duty Black Ops 2? Please add me on AFG_Boss_007 if u have and please messege thanks.

Reece Stevenson: MRBADNAME12 black ops 2 share for revolution message if you want

Red: Is anyone willing to give me the revolution map pack please?

ProSnipes BoGmD: i need Revoluton for Black ops 2 add ProSnipes2000 if you do please

Tim Kmetec: Anybody willing to share bo2 dlc to me ?

BERZ3RK: Who wants to gameshare I have gta episodes from liberty city and need for speed most wanted both full games add me psn gogxadad

manzoor syed: Who wants to share their borderlands 2 dlc....if u do il give u all my legendarys in the game..psn is king4eternity
how to do ps3 gameshare 5 out of 5

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how to do ps3 gameshare