2013 All Open Tray Error And No Disc Spin Fixes Xbox 360

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Greg White: Yours are the best most complete purposeful tutorial I have had the pleasure of seeing! six year old son woke to his first 360 (Dec 25th)given to me for free as broken and unfixable! Merry Christmas & Koudos to ya!

Anthony Corbin: I just replaced the laser

Andrew Williams: Little to the left worked like a charm!!! Thanks 🙏

MASHkicksass: Thank you very much for your video :) you were very informative and to the point not all blabby like most of the videos about xbox issues.
Please keep making videos :)

KiwiGamer: You forgot the most obvious fix. The plug in the front of dvd drive with the open/ close lever. If the lever is not in place it will tell the xbox the drive is open. Alil hot glue with fix this.

Za1B Ahmad: It works yaaaaaaa

josh adams: Quarter turn and a re level worked first try ily..... no homo

WesDoesVids: bro thank you so much, i had got a 10 year old xbox 360 phat edition and it has not played discs for about 10 years so my dad bought a new xbox 360 slim, i moved the lazer from the center to the middle of the disc and now it works after 10 years of the open disc error THANK YOU SO MUCH

Jake Valentine: Kneel before this man right now everyone

lv NoEwo lv: Can someone message me on kik @HowlDeath plz I have a question

dr NHA Modz: can u show how to replace dvd drive without needing to switch motherboard like put the dvd key on a different drive

Milezy: Hi, I've done a quarter turn but when I go to test it the drive now keeps opening and closing and doesn't realise when it's fully open and fully close.

NimBruh: Thanks man! I got mine working with two quarter turns of the right screw beside the laser :)

Chad Daniel: Turned the left screw 1/4 turn CCW and BAM!! Works perfectly. No more need for a new xbox! Thank you so much

RONALD HENSON: i opened and cleaned my old original xbox 360 pro and it stays cool and reads any game dvd or music cd i cleaned my dvd drive laser with windex

Nightbreed Guild: Thx so much. Had 2 issues with my xbox360.(1) Disk drawer staying stuck in &, (2) not reading disks/open tray error. Now, thx to your video, I have sorted both issues & have a working xbox again, much to the delight of my 8yr old son! Thx again :D

PC Principal: PlZ LISTEN!! DO NOT turn the left screw more than a millimeter at a time!! It controls the 'Ohms' lvl. (power the laser has) its extremely precise if it has even slightly too much or too little it won't recognize any disk and you will get 'open tray' turn it by a MM (anti clockwise) and try it, if it Disney work first time, repeat process, but this WILL fix the issue 99% of the time

Zack T.: My laser was too far out. Thank you!

DrEd Gein: In the beginning of the video he talks crap about people doing things that will break the system further. Then he tells you to use a freakING rubber band to hold your laser in place. Lmao. You dumb freak. A rubber band will melt and cause a fire.

kenneth Paulding: Hello there. I took my x box tray out. Dusted everything, put the tray back in and it pulls more firm on the left side than right and is some what uneven when it trys to close. It can't open or close without assistnace. Please help. IT was opening fine before I took it aprt. Yes, I cleaned the rubber band
2013 All open tray error and no disc spin fixes Xbox 360 5 out of 5

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2013 All open tray error and no disc spin fixes Xbox 360