Kapagen Kapanadze Generator Coil

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Kapagen Kapanadze Generator coil
Kapagen Kapanadze Generator coil
HV capacitor and HV coil for my kapanadze
HV capacitor and HV coil for my kapanadze
Kapagen /  Kapanadze device energized via Microwave Oven Transformer
Kapagen / Kapanadze device energized via Microwave Oven Transformer
Coiled coil kacher driver
Coiled coil kacher driver
kapagen nuevo video  2012 Aquarium2 energia gratis
kapagen nuevo video 2012 Aquarium2 energia gratis

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Basile Ok: Very interesting, but even more interesting would be if you make a diagram on a sheet of paper. Thank you.

matthewX: I'm still novice here but this coil i made without "resonance" so do not build this one(kapagen). my money sucks!

Anarhia 16: Вот полезное по теме-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIDn_5ivxzVao8wMbWkIAbw/videos

Nodir D: my vision https://cloud.mail.ru/public/JVAz/XjpXmX6Zi

Na Mo: Such a device is very dependant on high frequency for power output therefore is a high voltage low current device.Your load is more suited to the opposite;try many low wattage lamps in series.

David Asatiani: Kapanadze is from my country

David Asatiani: please send me scheme

MARCOS M: hola me pasarías el esquema de la bobina y la instalación?muchas gracias

Garold Gerf:   Основной принцып СЕ - это прирост ,именно, холодного электричества в момент всплеска электромагнитного импульса. И нужно не снимать сразу с источника и горячее и холодное эл-во(помните, у Динатрона раскалялись диодные сборки?), а только второе. А потом его уже легко умножать. И только на выходе установки преобразовывать в горячее(обычный сварочный транс(если низкая частота), даже на одном килогерце неплохо всё работает)

ChaChoRrom: Ca-Pa-Nod-Z = Kapanadze

Mr Magoo: Oh gente, como diz o povo do nordeste... que diacho é este?

theicediamond7: antenna

gorzoll1: Várom a videót -kat

Miklós Mohácsi: Szia igazad van és nagyon hamarosan föl rakom a videó anyagot,csak ugy mond itt is a generátort még egy kicsit csiszolni kel de müködik már fél éve folyamatosan adja le az 5 kw teljesítményt.

Vid Bid: I suggest you follow the schematic at Energetic Forum. It's called the "Deadly Kapagen." You can find the schematic if you google the following: "Kapagen Theories, Replications, Winding Diagrams, Circuits & Schematics. KAPAGEN ONLY"

CoruscantMe: You should check out the JLNlabs replica of the kapagen... I also tried to replicate that device but it was underunity. The spark gap is actually doing your frequency step up, but its still not enough to draw in a gain from ambient. I have another device I call the bellerian apparatus and it takes in 60hz mains, and the HV side runs at 2.63mhz. The frequency step up is achieved by the spark gap. ;)

gorzoll1: Tisztelt 949mohácsi ebben az esetben fel tehetnél 1 pár videót !! Mert ugye mindenki azt mond amit akar :D

Miklós Mohácsi: Üdvözlök itt mindenkit a generátort sikerült elő állítani 5-10-15-20-25kw teljesítményben 220v és 380v-ban,Most megyek rá a 100kw-tól felül.

Harish Singh: Germeten is right about resonance. Although I think TK was using magnetic resonance while Tesla used electrical resonance. I know its just semantics. This might shed some light on TK grounding terminals on the receiver. prometheus-al-ru /phisik/wireless.htm and WORLD SYSTEM OF WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF ENERGY in Telegraph and Telegraph Age, October 16, 1927 article by N. Tesla

Captainloz: Hey Germeten, I have never heard that before, very interesting...so are saying it's because of the spark gap you are able to tap into the natural earths resonate frequency? So it's really important to get a really good earth?
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Kapagen Kapanadze Generator coil