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The KAPAGEN v3.2 with 2100 Watts of Halogen lamps at the OUTPUT
The KAPAGEN v3.2 with 2100 Watts of Halogen lamps at the OUTPUT
New test of the Kapagen v3.3 by Jean-Louis Naudin
New test of the Kapagen v3.3 by Jean-Louis Naudin
Accurate power INPUT measurements of the Kapagen v3.3
Accurate power INPUT measurements of the Kapagen v3.3
Free electricity from the ground by Tariel Kapanadze
Free electricity from the ground by Tariel Kapanadze
kapagen nuevo video  2012 Aquarium2 energia gratis
kapagen nuevo video 2012 Aquarium2 energia gratis
selfrunning free energy Kapanadze 20 kW generator
selfrunning free energy Kapanadze 20 kW generator

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Gilson Fabio de Castro: Oh gente, como diz o povo do nordeste... que diacho é este?

Tesla Cult: The Kapanadze generator has some resonant elements, tuning could be your problem.

Vladimir Soroka: Wierd trick to slash your power bill by 75% or more. Excellent website: FreeEnergy.MyAssistant.US

droidcrasher: Makes sense that the higher the frequency, the higher the output, as to my understanding, the REASON why you get more at the output, is that BEFORE you start the machine, THE COIL ALREADY HAS A RESIDUAL CHARGE OF ELECTRON AT REST IN THE COPPER ITSELF!!! That means that a tiny droplet of electrons is ADDED to EVERY CYCLE...Meaning.....THE MORE CYCLES=THE MORE DROPLETS OF ELECTRONS ADDED TO THE INPUT!!! 20khz = 20 000 droplets added to your input, per second!!!! ;-)))

Captainloz: Hey Nstockert, thanks for the advice, I'll give a try and post another video with it. Cheers, Loz

toolejitful: @14jerseyboy56 hey ditto, I was just about to say "doesn't the kapagen need a wire connected to ground?". I checked out other videos and sure enough, the ground is needed. Some vids show people using two grounds.

FreePizza007: Whats the name of that amp monitor when you measured the house circuit amps. Where do you get it from please.

Александр Зеневич: В Грузии на "ура" это идёт! А слово "сол" с мягким знаком.

ذوالفقار علي: Great work but i have one question ? whate insiede PVC tub or whate must put insied PVC tube

theicediamond7: antenna

CoruscantMe: You should check out the JLNlabs replica of the kapagen... I also tried to replicate that device but it was underunity. The spark gap is actually doing your frequency step up, but its still not enough to draw in a gain from ambient. I have another device I call the bellerian apparatus and it takes in 60hz mains, and the HV side runs at 2.63mhz. The frequency step up is achieved by the spark gap. ;)

Tiziano Demaria: May I have some plan in order to build one please?

joedell71: what exactly is this supposed to do? It looks like a cool machine just wondering about it's purpose

Paul Bolden: i didnt see anything going to the earth for a ground reference. i thought the whole point of the Kapanadze generator was that it used the earth as a giant capacitor!

Captainloz: Hey Germeten, I have never heard that before, very interesting...so are saying it's because of the spark gap you are able to tap into the natural earths resonate frequency? So it's really important to get a really good earth?

Harish Singh: Germeten is right about resonance. Although I think TK was using magnetic resonance while Tesla used electrical resonance. I know its just semantics. This might shed some light on TK grounding terminals on the receiver. prometheus-al-ru /phisik/wireless.htm and WORLD SYSTEM OF WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF ENERGY in Telegraph and Telegraph Age, October 16, 1927 article by N. Tesla

Thair alsabiry: all details by this web site .jnaudin.free.fr/kapagen/k32.gif

Mclaren sunn: Would you like me to send in the mail scheme devices like how you made ​​it markovujicic00@hotmail.com Thank you.

iamh2ok9: Try using an iron core, it seems to improve the power production substantially from copper, as I saw in another demonstration of a guy in Canada, look for the videos of Mr.Anguswangus in particular the one concerning the success of his SG.; Good luck my friend.

Benjamin Smith: it would be good to somehow use a rf collecting air circuit powerful enough to run this and or ultra caps and a joulethief device tosomehow chrge this up at day and use it when you need to and it would top itself up when not in use or the next use

xysontea: пидарасы на русский перевидите

Miklós Mohácsi: Üdvözlök itt mindenkit a generátort sikerült elő állítani 5-10-15-20-25kw teljesítményben 220v és 380v-ban,Most megyek rá a 100kw-tól felül.

nannerin: I think it is your spark gap. You are using a conductive loop instead of a direct gag. The loop is causing eddie currents and interfering with the constant intermission of magnetic flux. zyou can attenuate the spark gap with resistors but it would be a trial an error to attenuate (resonant frequency) the gap to perfection. Simple point to poinf would be better for tuning the system.

Captainloz: I actually have two grounds connected 30ft apart. This device is really lacking in it coil ratios as I've come to find out. Also, it seems trying to do this with 60HZ is a big mistake the test really needs to be done above 20,000HZ even better in the MHz range. This is according to Don Smith.

Nick Stockert: hey ur spark gap on that cirlce spark gap u will be losing a tremendous amount of power. switch to a soild tungsten or stainless/steel straight {---- ----} like this. the cirlce spark gap cause a flux i power because it is trying to excape the spark gap before the 1mm gap. think of a jacobs ladder and how one side is always higher in the accent up the coil because it discharged first or found short gap then the official spark gap. let me know if this helped beacause it could be ur ground

MCWAU: Firstly,air coil transormers are inherently high frequency.The MOT is getting hot because it has a magnetic shunt inside which is designed to restrict power delivery to magnetrons.It gets hot, because of eddy currents in the shunt.Thirdly, if you look at the kapagen website, in particular the Input/Output power measurements,1189W are being FED IN from AC,and only 1017W are being delivered to the lights.There is a 4% energy loss in the system.Their own measurements invalidate their theory.

Captainloz: No need for bad language!

gorzoll1: Tisztelt 949mohácsi ebben az esetben fel tehetnél 1 pár videót !! Mert ugye mindenki azt mond amit akar :D

Irmantas Stanislovaitis: @joedell71 idea its to make circuit for free energy

Begbucks: The fact that you succeeded to light anything is an accomplishment!

phantomlord71usa: kapanadze is pronounced KAPA -- NOD--ZEE. nice vid. just be careful of what your touching. High enough amps and that spark gap will reach out and bite ya through that lexan plastic. Just out of curiosity, how did you come about by using such and such number of turns of wire & gauge? Was this calculated out from a step-up/step-down transformer equation, or copied from plans somewhere?

ChaChoRrom: Ca-Pa-Nod-Z = Kapanadze

gorzoll1: Várom a videót -kat

noah chaney: grounding to the earth maybe??? lol

Vid Bid: I suggest you follow the schematic at Energetic Forum. It's called the "Deadly Kapagen." You can find the schematic if you google the following: "Kapagen Theories, Replications, Winding Diagrams, Circuits & Schematics. KAPAGEN ONLY"

Captainloz: It is a piece of think copper wire but I think you should use a steel or iron rod. What I have leaned since doing this experiment is you need to put the coil and the capacitor in resonance for it to work correctly. Doing that is easier said than done....

Miklós Mohácsi: Szia igazad van és nagyon hamarosan föl rakom a videó anyagot,csak ugy mond itt is a generátort még egy kicsit csiszolni kel de müködik már fél éve folyamatosan adja le az 5 kw teljesítményt.

droidcrasher: Can you DISCONNECT THE JUICE FROM IT and let it FEED ITSELF??? Cause otherwise, it ain't much of a demonstration either! You're sucking juice from the socket!!! ;-)))

droidcrasher: People think the potential difference between the 2 grounds is the source.... I believe to the contrary, that the oscillator (the SPARK GAP GENERATOR) is the source! This is already proven as WITHOUT the spark gap....This crap DOESN'T WORK!!! :-))) But strangely, some have supposidely had great results with only ONE ground! And others WITHOUT any grounds or caps!!! Food for tought! ;-)))

Александр Зеневич: @a576able В России процент неучей значительно меньше, чем в Грузии. Учите физику, ребята. Это гораздо интереснее лохотронов.
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