GLOCK Hunting - Big Game With A GLOCK. - Keith Warren

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GLOCK Hunting - Big Game with a GLOCK. - Keith Warren
GLOCK Hunting - Big Game with a GLOCK. - Keith Warren
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Mike B: Are you using a 6" Glock hunting barrel or a 6" Storm Lake?

zac bernash: What are the sights that both you and Chad use?

Barry Newman: The Elk that fell looked very different somehow.

602DeShizzle602: Why didnt it run after the first shot? Anyone?

FuriousJoeDK: I like to hunt elk with my Glock 19. Sometimes I have to shoot it 4-6 times, but it does go down eventually.

crackalackin167: +Keith Warren what is the bullet you are using? 

George N: Please tell me the .45 round you used to drop that elk that was amazing!

Brandon Fletcher: That was 10mm not .45acp

Daniel Paul: I see people commenting on barrel length for the accuracy, thats probably the least of it, im more accurate with a Springfield EMP 3" than i am with my walther P99 full size. same shooter, same skill, smaller gun more accurate. the barrel length allows more time for the round to accelerate before being out of the barrel. ie, if he was shooting 1320 FPS with a 5" barrel you might get closer to 1405 fps. thats a big jump for the same round, now throw +P in there and your approaching some of the faster handgun rounds. like some of the 9mm that go over 2000 Fps. noone the less no carry defense round performs like the 10mm but there so dang expensive to shoot.

Willie Carter: sweet

Johnathan Gilbert: do a squirrel hunting video

crackalackin167: If he can hit a elk (its not a deer guys its an elk) in the right spot then OK its not that big of a deal and hunting is fun and a great adrenalin rush. All you anti-hunters why take your time to watch the video and think of something to say that doesn't matter much?

eric perkins: It was a good shot but that elk wasn't DEAD on the spot- at 1:30 seconds you can see it trying to get up. I'm not saying it didn't die but I wouldn't call it a clean kill either or ethical.

ANTONIO GARCIA: junterdka: It never was! 45 makes big holes!

Jeff Gibson: Longer barrel improve velocity thus improves trajectory and kinetic energy.

JJ Tucson: Really nice animal (#1)... I have a 6" KKM in my Glock 20 and it is super accurate... throated it just a "smidgen" as Uncle Obongo would say... for reliability... sweet!

dolphinsattack: Here's the bottom line...99% of people commenting under this video do not have a gun and never fired a gun in their lives. They play violent video games to make up for the fact they're parents won't allow them to own a gun. Ask them to get on webcam or skype and show you their gun. lol Most people commenting on this video are between 13 to 23 years old. lol

M30B35: 1:30 LMAO ~15yd

Nate Harper: People hunt with revolvers all the time. It's not all that different. I mean, sure, a Glock can't shoot a .44 or a .454 or anything, but 10mm is pretty stout for a handgun round.

Cameron Jordan: Holy crap that's good

Tub Vwj: What grain bullet?

SlavicFMJ: WOW that was really COOL!!!! 45 ACP is no joke.

TheMango121: He can hunt with a pistol in his state.... But a .223 is illegal in my state for hunting... dafuq?

Leander: So wich way is the best? To kill a deer with one powerful shot, or kill it with 2 not so powerful shots ?

Mike McKee: Nice vid and nice shot!!!!!

Poodle Shooter: are you hunting or "Cappin' It's ass" and you can tell that the animal was not dead it was still trying to get up pathetic!

jeanmunn: Just freaking ridiculous hunting game animals witha semi-automatic handgun ,,, it's not the clowns here in the video to blame it's their " cowboy " state and federal officials that allow it. Thank Christ we have the hunting regulations that we have here in Canada ,,, ever figure out why we are NOT allowed to hunt with handguns here in Canada ???

Keith Warren: It wasn't struggling to get up. It's a reflexive response of the nervous system. The first shot took out his front shoulder and the second pulverized the heart.

TheMurphyy1: Good video

GohModley: Buffalo Bore makes a hard cast 255 gr .45 ACP +P. Give that a try next time and let me know how it works out. I can't go out hunting these days or else I'd do it myself.

Leander: Hmmmm. So the problem is money. But I still think that it is that worth. A deer should NOT get a painful death it doesnt deserve, just because some people dont have enough money to buy a good rifle.

slow417: Nice shooting Mr. Warren. I thought putting that elk down in its tracks would shut up the naysayers but there will always be critics i suppose. Keep on keepin on and bring us some more pistol hunting vids.

jljr23: Two words. Shot Placement. Put it in the boiler room and they'll go down everytime.

Bob Bo: you just have more room to miss with rifle calibers, If everyone used 10mm glocks there would be a whole bunch of inhumane kills, this guy obviously knows what he's doing, and if you can cleanly kill the animal then i have no problem with it

patrickray007: 1:29 you can see the buck struggling to get back up on on the left side of the frame. Not so sure this is humane as a 30-30.

bmister50: @ColtDeltaElite10mm....No it was the glock that killed it.. Colt delta elite won't do it ;)

airsoftcooldude781: how do u know that I believe if ur going to kill an animal u have to either kill it for selfdefense hunting, eating it or to make clothes out of it other than that I don't support it. in other words if u kill an animal u have to have a benefical reason, to kill an animal just to kill I don't support it

Scathius: Haha yep, that was an interesting reaction. I lol'd.

airsoftcooldude781: and ur a dumb ass its called hunting. we do these ever since the ice age and over time its been getting less brutal. before stonning them to death one shot kills them. during the ice age there was no such thing as brutal. u got to be a liberal. and if these videos bother you y are u commenting on them. so hunting is cruel. ok so tell that to a restaurant that has steak which is all of them if u had any meat I should smack u for being so stupid.

VicariousReality7: Yes, gun control is an obvious necessity, i think Stalin would agree

ChewstonIsBallistic: damn, cant use anything smaller than .357 in Ohio.

GLOCKATTACK10mm: You can get a 300 win Mag/30-06/7mm rifle cheaper than a Glock! You don't know what you are talking about..I sell firarms!!!

Tikka Koski: They shot them through the eye.

GLOCKATTACK10mm: Canada a.243, Natives .22 mag

LMAO123132: tough one.. took that first shot like a boss... or he was constapated.

Keith Warren: We use Panasonic HVX200 and HVX170. Occasionally we use GoPros as well.

hunterdka: Was this a 10mm or a .45 auto sorry if I missed it.

unlitdarkness6: Why JHP? I thought hard cast was a better hunting round

GLOCKATTACK10mm: You are a freaking Idiot...Never met a person as stupid as you ! I live in Canada crap for brains!...I know! Just google it freaktard!

Mako561: One well placed shot into an animals vitals will kill the animal, however the animal just dropping dead is uncommon and also unrealastic. The animal flees the area and depending on the shot placement will soon die from blood loss/mortal wounding. If someones using a game caliber rifle on a deer, why would they shoot it more than once? Thats cruel, not letting an animal die in peace.
GLOCK Hunting - Big Game with a GLOCK. - Keith Warren 4.2 out of 5

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GLOCK Hunting - Big Game with a GLOCK. - Keith Warren