GLOCK Hunting - Big Game With A GLOCK. - Keith Warren

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mullah amin: I don't know much about guns, but I keep hearing that a .45 caliber weapon is not powerful enough for big game - is that true?

Fourgore0: Hey Keith, serious question....Glock 20 or Glock 21 for hunting cause unfortunately I've heard a lot of critism for the Glock 20.

that guy: what a ranch queen.

Kevin Lempfert: 230 grain?

Jol'7 outdoors: Is hunting with a beeman .22 cal rifle as effective as a gamo?

Les Ashton: take that Rudolf ! 

shadowman3861: Nice kill!
Im wanting to start hunting here in Georgia with my G20.
Already have the lonewolf 6" and a few other setups.
But my question is what ammo is best for the hunt.
It looked like you were using jacketed hollow points?
Not sure about local game laws here on pistol hunting.
Was hoping it hardcast or fmj?
Watched a few of your kills.
Definitely no tracking after the shot. Keep em coming.
Love it.
Thanks Mike / North Georgia. 

Matthew Struven: Looks like that first shot broke its arm. I could be wrong.

Jared Flemke: Perfect shot placement, perfect kills, both of them. Hunting with a pistol is extremely more of a challenge than with a rifle and takes a lot of skill. I just saw an extreme amount of skill with these two hunters and so did you!

David Colomer: Have any of you guys been hunting in spain? I heard they have good boars...where is spain?

imthekingofrs2: Pinned 3 round mag?

Patrick Deloney: Keith, great video.  I have enjoyed all your videos that I have watched.  Could you tell me what .45acp round you use when deer hunting?  Thanks and keep up the good work.

Chris Charles: "why go with a longer barrel" is the question you children ask. Answer = You get more velocity/energy with a longer barrel. With pistol calibers it doesn't increase as much but you do get more. Slower burning powder will take better advantage of longer barrels compared to faster powders but there is still an increase in speed. when hunting larger game you want to squeeze as much power out of your pistol as you can.

Rebel Justice: Why extend your barrel if you're not going to extend your sights?

Oh I see, preference.

Jeff Ficquett: Nice video guys.

JJ Tucson: Really nice animal (#1)... I have a 6" KKM in my Glock 20 and it is super accurate... throated it just a "smidgen" as Uncle Obongo would say... for reliability... sweet!

602DeShizzle602: Why didnt it run after the first shot? Anyone?

eric perkins: It was a good shot but that elk wasn't DEAD on the spot- at 1:30 seconds you can see it trying to get up.  I'm not saying it didn't die but I wouldn't call it a clean kill either or ethical.

Johnathan Gilbert: do a squirrel hunting video

zac bernash: What are the sights that both you and Chad use?
GLOCK Hunting - Big Game with a GLOCK. - Keith Warren 5 out of 5

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GLOCK Hunting - Big Game with a GLOCK. - Keith Warren